Monday, March 7, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week 8 - Block Eight!!

I'm back for week eight of the 

I have loved seeing everyones progress 
as we make the BLOOM quilt together:)

to download the pattern

Thank you so much for all of your enthusiasm 
for my first set of Sew Simple Shapes...
I love appliqué and I'm so happy to be back doing it with you:)

If you want to do my easy method for appliqué..
to get a set and begin!

For the BLOOM quilt...
I am using my Calico Days fabric collection.
Many of you are as well...
and I have also loved seeing everyones blocks
 in other fun fabric choices:)

This weeks block:)

These are my fabric choices for the appliqués.
Just another word to those who are using Calico Days...
you may choose to use the exact print 
for each block in the pattern or 
switch them around to your hearts content.
It's all Calico Days and will all go together in the end.
Just have fun with it:)

We are using BLOOM shapes -
A-1  A-2  A-5  A-6  A-20 

Here is the cutting for this weeks block...
From fabric and Pellon both:
Cut 1 - 3" square for A-2
Cut 1 - 2" square for A-1
Cut 4 - 1 1/2" x 2" for A-5
Cut 4 - 2" x 3" for A-6
Cut 4 - 2" x 3" for A-20
From fabric only:
Cut 1 - 9" square for background
Cut 1 - 5/8" x 15" strip for stems

You all know my method by now...
Trace - Trim - Cut "X" - Turn and Press!
Now your cute shapes are ready for appliqué:)

Press your background in half both ways
 as well as diagonally both ways.

Prepare your stem strip and cut into two pieces 7" long.
Line them up centered with the diagonal lines 
and glue baste or pin into place.

Next up are the A-20 shapes.
Measure in 1 1/4" from the edge of background square.

Next place the ovals by measuring in 1 3/4" from the corners.

Place the smaller ovals in the center of the pink ovals...
Center the two circles as well:)

Glue baste or pin all shapes into place
 and appliqué with a happy heart:)

Trim your block to 8 1/2" square and
 cut your outside border strips and squares.

Snap a picture and share it on 
using the hashtag

I absolutely love 
how this block turned out...
but I know I say that about them all!

A few weeks ago I made this block...

And sewed it into my latest tutorial...
Quilty Zip Bag

to see my tutorial and 
to make one (or 
of your own.

I have another new tutorial 
for our sew along 
coming up this week...
so stay tuned!
Until then...

Where you're Planted!


Carolknits said...

Great block! I've caught up now and can start immediately. I did realize that I've been pressing my squares all in the same direction, so will have to alternate with the next row so I can "nest" the seams....a rookie mistake, but I guess I got carried away! Is anyone pressing their seams open?

Lori Holt said...

No worries!!!...I'm pressing all of my seams open:)

Carolknits said...

I wish I had started doing that...but I'll be fine pressing in the opposite direction. We were taught so long to press all seams to one side, that I just automatically did that.
I've got my pieces all picked out and cut out and ready to trace...couldn't wait!
Thanks for the response.

Naomi said...

I am a bit behind as I have a friend visiting for a couple weeks from Denmark. I can't wait to get caught up and with all the adorable projects you have been posting on, I can't wait to get back to sewing!

Lori - so sad to miss out on your retreats - missed last fall and this spring as I was/will be traveling out of the country at the same time. Please book more!! You spread a lot of joy and happiness!! I am grateful to have found you and your posts on your blog/IG always make me smile!

The Vintage Journal said...

This is just the cutest zip bag, I will be making one now and when I finish the Bloom Sew Along I will use the scraps to make more. Love them, and thanks for the extra tutorial to make it. I`m loving the Bloom Sew Along.

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