Friday, March 11, 2016

Dresden Plate Tutorial using Sew Simple Shapes

I love dresden blocks and if you do too...
 I'm going to show you something fun!

When I designed my BLOOM set of 
I made sure to design several of the shapes to do double duty.
Let me explain.

When appliquéing, this A-20 shape can easily be used for 
flower petals or a small vase etc.
But today I'm using it to make a cute little dresden plate:)

I used my 2 1/2" strips of Calico Days fabric and cut off a 
2" section from each strip.
In other words...
for one dresden blade you need
 a piece 2" wide x 2 1/2" tall.

The A-20 shape is 2 1/2" tall so just lay it on top...
 and trace down the two sides like this.

PS. There are 2 more fabrics under the yellow one...
I just trace the top piece but cut three at a time.

After tracing...I just lay my 2 1/2" square ruler on the lines and cut.
Using the pink rotating mat for this step really helps.

I just discard the 2 outside leftovers.

See? Now I have three A- 20 shapes cut already.

I just continued...

Until I had a bunch of them cut.
You will just need 18 shapes for one dresden.

I laid 18 out on my design board in the order that I liked and snapped a pic on my iPhone for future reference in case they got mixed up when sewing them together.

I sewed them in pairs and chain pieced
 to save thread and time and keep them in order.

Then laid them back out on my design board again...

After pressing the seams open.

Then I sewed the pairs together into sections of 4 with a two section leftover.

I just keep sewing until all sections are sewn together...

With seams pressed open.

It's important to use an accurate 1/4" seam allowance so that it lies flat...
BUT...if it doesn' worries!!!
You can easily take a few tiny bit larger seams on a few of the blades 
until it lies flat.

This one turned out perfectly flat so I didn't have to...
but I have done it before when needed:) to prepare those outside raw edges for appliqué!
I use my 6" finished Circle Ruler.
to get just this size...
to get the set of four different sizes.

I laid the ruler on the back of my dresden and used 
the lines on the ruler to 
line up with seams to get it centered.
Then I traced around the circle....

Like this.

Your line should be 1/2" in from the edge.

Now cut a piece of Pellon 7" square.
Make sure it is the lightweight Sew-In kind 
that we are using for the 

Lay your dresden right side down on the Pellon and pin.

Sew directly onto the line and backstitch when you start and stop...
or overstitch about 1/2" to secure for turning right side out.

When you stitch...keep this side up so that all of the seams remain open.

Now trim approximately 1/4" past your stitching line.

Now you can carefully turn right side out 
through the center hole...

Easy Peasy!!

This is what it looks like before pressing...
Use your Clover turning tool if you need
 to gently push out the curves on the outside.

Nice and flat!
Remember to PRESS not iron.
You don't want to distort the shape:)

Now for the center circle:)
Grab your A-2 Sew Simple Shape!

Cut a 3" square out of BOTH fabric and Pellon.

Trace A-2 onto the Pellon.

And sew them together on the traced lines and trim.
Cut an "X" in the back of the Pellon only for turning.

Turn right side out and press.
Now you have a cute center circle!

Place it right in the center of the dresden by measuring
 1 3/4" from the edges of the blades:)

Pin it into place and appliqué by machine or by hand...your choice!
This 6" dresden would look great on a 8" finished background square.
I'll be showing you another dresden with pointed ends next week.

I'm not showing you how I've finished these yet 
because it is part of one of the surprise projects that we will be 
doing in my Calico Days retreat/workshop the last week in April!

If you want to come and sew with me in beautiful Utah...
to register.
I have lots of fun things planned!
See you on Monday for block nine of the
 BLOOM Sew Along:)


Jan N said...

Yikes! Super cute- I've gotta sew me some today, thanks for all you do!

Carolknits said...

This is so beautiful and clever. I am a big fan of the dresden plate, too. I've finished Bloom block 8, I'm ready to make the zippered pouch, and then I'm going to try out one of these dresdens...gosh, there won't be any time for housework this weekend!!
Thanks, again, for sharing such a great pattern.

tejedoraencantada said...

muy lindo este trabajo y la explicación super.

Tine said...

Beautiful! I like your way of making circles ready for applique :)

liniecat said...

Inspired whichever way you look at it!
: )

Linda said...

Yay! My daughter and I just finished the zippered pouch. We each did one. As we sit at opposite ends of the craft room. We had a great day together. They are so cool. Now we have plans for another day and another pouch. I am doing the Bloom quilt, and have completed all 8, ready for next Monday. I am going to work on the dresden as soon as I finish dinner. Thanks Lori, its been great fun. looking forward to more. O and by the way, we are both going to order the Christmas Quilt and do it together also.

michelle h said...

Sooooo cute! I am excited to find some time to make one (or two!) this weekend!!!! Wish I could come to one of your retreats some day!

Carolknits said...

I am making the dresden now and you say to use the 6" circle in the written directions, but in the photos you are using the 7" circle. Why the discrepancy?
It will probably be evident when I finish sewing my pieces together...just would like to see the dimensions work out.

Lori Holt said...

The ruler is a 6" circle. It says on the ruler to USE a 7" square.
Hope this helps!

Carolknits said...

AH Ha!! Thank you for clearing that up:) I don't have your circle templates...probably should invest in a set!

thanks, again.

Joanne said...

Have to love a great Dresden! Thanks for sharing this!
Take care,

Juanita B said...

This is a wonderful tutorial and your photos are great. TFS

Nancy said...

Lori, Your ideas and artistry is so great.

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