Monday, August 28, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along ...Week One!!

Good morning cute people:)
It's officially here...
welcome to week one:)

If you have been following along...
you know that I have already done several tutorials to get a good jump start.

All of those tutorials (as well as the ones to come for every block) will remain on my blog for when you are ready.

All you have to do is scroll down and look on the right side bar of my blog and click on the week you would like to view.

If you are just joining us...
for the introduction post
 about the sew along etc.

lets get started on this weeks tutorials:)

Cindy (from Riley Blake Designs)
 and I have a quick week one video tutorial for you on the Tulip Pot Block.
to see the tutorial!

P.S. Keep in mind that I always get nervous in front of a camera lol

After finishing...
add the Tulip Pot Block
to your fun and done pile:)

Your Tulip Pot Block should measure 
6 1/2" x 12 1/2"
at this point.

Two Trees Block:
You will need D-25 and D-24 
Sew Simple Shapes for this block.

Run the two 3/4" x 9" strips through the 
3/8" bias tape maker just like I showed you in the video.
*the Clover 3/8" bias tape maker looks a little different than the other 4. 
It is purple and has the word "fusible" in the title because you can use fusible tape with it. 
But no worries... 
you can just use fabric
 as well just like the other 4.

Okay...time to make the shapes. 
You know all of the steps by now...right?

For the tree trunks I didn't cut an "X" in the back because of the shape...
just one long cut.

Turn the largest end first then it's easier to do the top.

Shape by gently pushing out the corners.

I pressed one long side at a time 
to make sure
 that the interfacing was tucked under.

After turning and pressing...
you're all ready for basting!

I put rulers all around the block so that you could sew the placement.
By the way...just a note about my rulers.
Many of you have sent me messages.
Most of them have sold out in the last little bit because of y'all preparing for the sew along.
WOW!...thank you!!!
For those who can't find certain sizes...
just know they have been re-ordered from the factory and we are just waiting for their arrival.
I'll let you know when that happens:) 

After pinning the trunks...I left the top unpinned so that I could tuck the ends of the branches under.
I glued the ends that show under by about 1/4" just like in the video.
There are no exact measurements for these branches...
they are random just like real trees!

Easy Peasy!

Repeat for the other side and appliqué:)
Your Two Trees Block should measure
10 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
at this point.

Fun and Done!

Next up is the Sunshine Block.
It's an easy block that consists of two circles D-4 and D-3 
and lots of bias strips for the sun rays.

Cut this little gingham square 
into 1" wide strips...

And run them through the
 1/2" bias tape maker.
You can tell which bias tape maker to run the rest of the strips through according to how wide I had you cut them.
All you have to do is refer to the chart on the bottom of page 7 in the Sew Along Guide.

Sew your circles...
turn...shape and press.
Now for the basting!

Press your background in half both ways so that you can center the largest circle.

Center the middle circle and pin on top.
Sometimes its easier to press the ends of the bias tape under before gluing them:)

Refer to my photo for placement and use random lengths for the sun rays.
Place them before glue basting them down so that you know where you want them.

I kept them about 1" from
 the edge of the fabric.

Circles are pinned and sun rays are glued.
Ready for appliqué!

After applique...
Trim your Sunshine block to measure 8 1/2" square.

Remember that all of the square blocks in the quilt are cut a little larger to allow for trimming down with square rulers.

All of the rectangle blocks in the quilt are cut to unfinished size to sew into the quilt and will NOT need to be trimmed down.

On page 3 of the sew along guide...
all of the block measurements given are FINISHED SIZE after they are sewn into the always...each unfinished block measures 1/2" larger than finished size to allow for 1/4" seam allowance all the way around:) 

Another block "Fun and Done!"

Next week I'll show you how 
to do all of the butterflies...
the blue flowers block and the spools:)

Thanks so much for tuning in:)
 Remember that if you are able to
 make your blocks this week... great!
Post them on social media using the #BeeHappySewAlong 
so that we can all see and enjoy.

DO NOT worry if you are not able
 to start yet because of time...
 or because you haven't received your kit
 or all of the supplies.
There is no hurry! 
The schedule simply means that I will be doing tutorials
 for the quilt until Nov. 13th.

This does not mean that you have to adhere to the same schedule!
 All tutorials and info will remain on my blog always for your convenience!
Just relax and have fun with each and every block.
Don't worry...Bee Happy!


Glitterbee said...

Very excited my first sewalong - my quilt wint be perfect but I will enjoy the journey ❤️👭✂️❤️👭✂️

San Francisco Stitch Co. said...

Today is my birthday and I have to say this is going to be a tough present to follow! Good luck everyone!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited to start this sew-a-long! I've been cutting all the fabric and interfacing for the last couple weeks. I love the idea of cutting everything up front and sorting in storage bags. That is going to save so much time! Thanks for being so detailed in your tutorials. It really helps me get results I'm happy with. By the way, I totally love the blue nail tips and pink hair highlights!

Kathleen C. said...

This is so much fun! I love your colorful fabrics and the tools that make it easy instead of frustrating. Thank you for all your hard work.

Rosa said...

As always great tuto with fantastic photos.I love reading your post.Thanks you for the tips and tutorials

Jan said...

I have everything except the rulers and green wide backing. Now to just get my tomatoes all canned so I can start my quilt.

Letterpress said...

So fun--thank you so much. Lots of my supplies are en route, so thank for keeping these posts up so I can start when things arrive. Hooray for Bee Happy Day!
Elizabeth E.

Christine said...

It was really fantastic to reach for the tulip baggie and have everything there and ready to go! Cutting took nearly forever but was so worth it! This is going to be such a fun quilt and I really LOVE your square rulers! Now please create a really cool vintage repro iron just like the one you used in the video tutorial... maybe with a happy pink or green handle...

Paat said...

Thanks a lot! I love your quilt <3

Jolie said...

Up till here... The sunshine block took me a long time... but it was again a nice one...
Ready to go on...

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