Monday, September 11, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along - Week Three!!

Hello cute people:)


It's week three already.

If you are just joining us...
you can view all past Bee Happy block tutorials 
and info about joining the sew along 
by scrolling down and looking on
 the right side bar of my blog.

Just click on which post 
you would like to read!

After this weeks blocks 
you will be able to sew 
Row 1 of the Bee Happy Quilt together:)

That makes me happy!

This little cutie pie Bluebird block 
goes in Row 4 but the tutorial
 is today because...
 the other Bluebird is in the Mason Jars Block 
for this week...
 and I thought it would be easier
 to do them together.

He is easy peasy to make...
just a few pieces of fabric and two
 Sew Simple Shapes...
D-5 and D-17.

After sewing the Bluebird...
You will need to clip the
inside curve like this.
I clipped about 6 times.

This is how I cut the interfacing
 in the back so that I could turn him easier:)

I pin basted him and then traced on the embroidery for his
 beak, eye and legs.

I usually don't draw my stitching lines
 on the solid piece edges
 when I'm just doing a running stitch ...
but I wanted to show you how easy
 it is if you are someone
 who wants lines to follow.

I like to use all 6 strands of my
for this because I really like the texture that it adds.

After doing the wing embroidery...
I pinned it into place for appliqué.

The eye is a french knot and the legs and beak are a backstitch...
once again...all 6 strands.

After he is completed...
trim him up to 4 1/2" square:)

Set him aside in your
 "Fun and Done" 
until you get to Row 4!

Now lets move on to the 
Mason Jars Block:)

You will need Sew Simple Shapes 
D-1  D-5  D-6  D-7  D-9 
 D-12  D-17  D-26  D-27
and of course all of the Mason Jar Block fabrics 
from the cutting instructions.

Run the two 5/8" wide bias strips 
through the 1/4" bias tape maker.

Cut a 1" wide strip from the small gingham and run it
 through the 1/2" bias tape maker
 for the Jam Jar Lid.

Cut a 1 7/8" wide strip from the large gingham 
and run it through the 1" wide bias tape maker for the 
center of the aqua jar.

All for bias strips are ready!...
I had you cut the green stem on the bias
 and you can press a curve
 into it later when
 it's time to baste it.

Let's start with the jar
 that holds the daisy.
It's 1" shorter than the template
 so draw a line 1" from the bottom line.

This new line is your sewing line
 to make the jar shorter.

Glue baste the 1" wide gingham strip across the center of the jar like this.
Place the interfacing onto the fabric for sewing.

Now for the Jam Jar...
it's shorter than
 the template as well...
 by 1 3/4".
Draw a line 1 3/4" from the bottom line.
This is your new sewing line.

Pin baste and sew all of the four jars.

Trim them like this:)

Do 3 clips in all inner curves 
on both sides of each jar.

Cut the X in the interfacing ...
turn...shape and press.

Now to sew the rest of the appliqués:)

These three pieces have cleavage areas 
that will need a clip:)

And of course the bluebird
 has an inner curve...

The Honey Jar Top has 5 cleavage spots...

And the daisy has inner curves:)

All sewn...trimmed and clipped! 
Now cut the interfacing for turning:)

Here are a few photos 
to remind you how to do the daisy from my previous tutorial.

All turned...shaped...and pressed.

Baste the Mason Jars 1/2" 
up from the bottom edge of your background. 
Center the four jars across the block...the red jar should be about 1 1/4" from the side well as the aqua jar on the other side.

Cut your green stem about 2" long and press a curve in it like this.

Tuck it under the top of the jar and glue baste it down.
Pin baste the daisy on top like this.
The top of the daisy is about
 1" from the top edge.

Stitch your flower center before appliqué.

Also stitch your Honey label 
and the tie on the top before appliqué.

There is an embroidery pattern for the scallops 
around the gingham on page 8 
of the Sew Along Guide.

Close up:)

Next up is to baste the heart 
and the cute little banners.

The yellow banner is about 1/2" 
from the top edge of the fabric.

Now for the Jam Jar:)

Glue baste the lid like this.

Do the stitching on the blue bird wing and the label on jar before appliqué.

Yes...I used all 6 strands:)


Trace the legs and beak on the background.



You now have a cute Mason Jars Block:)
It should measure 8 1/2" x 16 1/2" which is what I had you cut it...
so that means no trimming down.

Now you can sew your
 Row One together using the
 diagram on page 3 of your guide.

Tune in next week 
and we will start on Row Two. 

And remember...
Bee Happy!


Paat said...

Ahhh! LOVE <3

Lacey said...

This is adorable! I can't wait to get to this. I just started cutting, but I'll get there...someday...

Lisa said...

It is all so cute!

Quilting Moesje said...

So nice and sweet to look at :o))

Lady Jane said...

Wonderful job you do and it is an amazing tute. LJ

sewinglady said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

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