Friday, November 23, 2018

Vintage Christmas Sew Along!!

It's time for more 
If you are just joining in...
to find out all about the sew along:)

So grab your 

Your Cozy Christmas Fabric...

And let's continue having 

One of todays blocks is
I have memories of getting a
 new puppy under the tree 

and I also gave my kids 
a new puppy several years back...

I put her in the top of a stocking
 and boy were they surprised!

I just had to add a new puppy block
 in the book for these reasons:)

We always had one on the 
kitchen table for the centerpiece
 during Christmas when I was growing up...
my grandma always had a 
HUGE pink one on a round table
 in the corner of her front room.

So of course I needed a
 poinsettia table runner:)

Sew Pretty!!

Next up is
Oh how versatile is this block!!
So many ways to decorate
 with a gingerbread man:)

Here he is hangin out on a stack of Cozy Christmas Design Boards.
Don't forget the Cute Little Buttons 
and small 
Vintage Trim in CLOUD color 
for his frosting:)

Gingerbread bakery...YUM!

I have lots of Christmas Memories
 baking these cuties:)
The border fabric on this quilt
 is of course from Cozy Christmas 
and is a real recipe 
for my grandma's gingerbread cookies!

 Directions and ingredients 
are included on there so that 
you can bake some too:)

I even "baked" some out of wood
 for the photo shoot.
I used paint and my small Vintage Trim
 and my Cute Little Buttons to decorate.

And here we have none other than 
Isn't he jolly?
Ho Ho Ho!!!

Here he is sporting the 
latest fashion in placemats 
for all of your kids and grandkids!

Of course you have all 42 blocks
 from the book to choose from...
and I just used 3 of them 
for the photoshoot:)

These are so fun to make!

The napkins are made from the
 fat quarter panels in the
 Cozy Christmas Fabric Collection
and tied with large Vintage Trim.

Last but not least is

Here is is in a starring role...
chillin out inside the

And also starring in his own 
Christmas Memories Quilt!
You can choose any of the blocks 
to make this quilt...
you can choose from 
your own Christmas Memories:)

I used my Aurifloss and
 Cute Little Buttons 
to build Mr. Snowman:)

Now it's time to 
 to see the schedule and to 
visit this weeks guests
 for our sew along:)

Thanks for sewing with me this week:)
I'll see you next time and remember...
Have a Very Vintage Christmas!


Shuttergram5674 said...

How can I get that book?

Little Quiltsong said...

You are just amazing Lori! Tears come to my eyes with all your lovely patterns and fabrics. Thank you so much for the love that you share! Also when you share your early family memories - it is like a walk down memory lane for me too - and I again see my own home filled with cousins, uncles and aunts and grandparents - and hear the talk and laughter coming from all corners of our tiny home. Your lovely blocks bring it all back for me. What a joy that I can now 'paint' those memories into a quilt :)!

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