Friday, November 30, 2018

Vintage Christmas Sew Along!!

Well hello again!

I hope you have had time to 
fit in a little block sewing 
while you are busy as bee's 
shopping and decking the halls:)

If you are just joining us...
to find out all about this sew along:)

I for sure know that 
there are enough projects in 
to keep you busy during 
this sew along and after!

Today I'll be showing you the 
5 blocks for this week...

But first...
I thought you might want to sew
 some of the quilts up close! 
to watch me talk to Cindy 
about the book and the fabric
 for the sew along...
and several of the quilts.

Okay...onto the blocks!






The 12" Stained Glass Window Block is 
used in the bottom of this 
Holiday Expess Quilt...
look at all those vintage toys!

Snowflake Block in both sizes
 in the Aqua 2 color quilt.

Sparkle Block in both sizes here as well!

12" Shine Block on a new 
Cozy Christmas Design Board.

And here is Shine again in both sizes.

Snowflake...Sparkle and Christmas Star 
playing in the snow:)

More Snowflake blocks!
This is a quilt for winter...
not just for Christmas of course:)

Can you see the Reindeer Hooves Block 
behind this platter of vintage ornaments?

Sparkle Blocks in both sizes
 in front of the 
Christmas Star Quilt:)

Shine Block in 6" and 12"

Super cute 2 color pillows 
on my vintage church bench:)

Click HERE to visit 
this weeks guest bloggers!

Until next week...
I'm wishing you 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

You are one AMAZINGLY CREATIVE Gierl!!! I love your ideas and patterns. I have been sick the last 4 1/2 years and haven't been sewing or quilting much but now that I am feelin' a little more energy comin' in, I will be buying this Christmas book and whipping out some cuteness. Love to make placemats for all ages!!!
Thank you,
Caroline Hess

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