Friday, December 21, 2018

Vintage Christmas Sew Along!!

It's almost Christmas!...
 so today we are
 "wrapping up"
 our sew along 
with a 
video tutorial...
 where I show you how I 
sew on my buttons and 
put the Large Vintage Trim 
into the binding:)
to watch the tutorial:) 

Even though this is the end 
of the sew along...
Keep showing your blocks on 
 and of course your 
finished quilts from the book.

We love to see Christmas sewing
 all year long
 so be sure and use the
 hashtag when you post:


If you are just new to 
this sew along and 
want to start now...
to find out all about it...
you can start anytime!

Okay...with that being said...
just have to say one more thing.
You guys.
I am so proud of this book... 
and I've had sew much fun 
creating it for you:)

Thank you so much for your 
kind comments on 
and messages to me about my
I hope you have loved 
sewing all of the blocks...

And look forward to sewing 
many more of the projects inside!

I also have to say that
 it's been a complete joy for me to
 work with my Cozy Christmas fabric again
 for the projects in this book.
 I'm very grateful to 
Riley Blake Designs 
for listening to your requests 
for a's been sew amazing!

Thank you to all for your kind messages
 and inquiries about the fabric!
 Because of the high demand even more is on it's way and will be arriving next month:)

Now for the last two blocks
 we have for this week:)



I named this the wool star 
because I knew I was putting it 
in my Warm and Cozy Quilt 
that I showed you last week.

I remember making these
 6" Wool Stars into scarves 
for the quilt in June 
while we were in our trailer
 fishing in Montana 
with family and friends.

 I do keep one of my featherweights
 in my trailer at all times...
especially when working on a book
 because I have to sew sew sew 
even while I'm glamping!

I super love the way that 
the scarves look in the quilt:)

About the wreath block...
I designed it to be very simple and
 to use lots of scrappy happy greens!

I knew from the start that
 it would be a perfect pillow
 with a gingham bow attached:)

I do love me a good pillow and 
especially at Christmas...
they make everything so cozy!

I loved sewing each and every block
 for the 
Vintage Christmas Sampler

I hope that you will 
keep sewing from the book all year...
there are many projects that
 would work for year round...
especially the 2 color quilts:)

Thank you from the bottom 
of my heart for sewing 
with me once again.

Don't forget to watch
before you bind your quilt.

Have the merriest...
most vintagey Christmas!!


Unknown said...

Your fabrics are so fun! I love this quilt!

Jean said...

I have the book and just enjoy looking through it. The sampler quilt is on my list for the coming year. Thanks so much for the amazing designs. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Little Quiltsong said...

We need to say a BIG Thank You to you, Lori - for being willing to share all your lovely blocks and quilt pattern designs with us - and for all your LOVELY fabric to do these with. You are putting so much Joy into our Hearts - that we now pass on to others, by making these quilts for home, friends and charity. Reminds me of our Smiles - the more we give them, the more we receive back. So THANK YOU :)!!

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! I love sewing your designs and enjoy your books so much! Can’t wait to see what you release in 2019, I’ll be there sewing along with you!

corners of my life said...

I want to be you!

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