Monday, June 1, 2020

Bee Patriotic Sew Along - Week One!!

Well hello there and 
welcome back to my blog:)
Today is June 1st ...YaY!! 

That means it's time for some 
summer sewing and we are 
starting off with Week One of the 

I've had a lot of fun 
sewing patriotic things from the 

I typically prepare 3-4 months ahead 
of time when planning and hosting 
my sew alongs like this and I simply 
cannot wait to show you other blocks
 and things that I have made way
 back in March from this bundle:)

Those things will come later during
 the sew along towards the end...
for right now let's begin by making
 blocks for the Bee Patriotic Quilt.

Grab your book
as you know that's what 
we will be sewing from.
We are doing a little twist on
 Christmas in July:)
This sew along will be 
easy to follow...
simply sew directly from the book!

to download the schedule of what blocks that 
 we are sewing each week as well as the
 cutting guide for the smaller quilt 
setting if you are making the 6" Blocks.

(12" Block setting is already in the book)

I took this photo of the 
design wall in my studio way back 
when I had made the first 7 blocks
 for the quilt...
I immediately fell in love with
 how they all looked together:)

You can see that two of 
today's blocks are at the top.

For this sew along I decided to 
do the blocks in alphabetical order...
which is how they appear in the book.

But.... because 
"you are the boss of your own quilt"...
when it's time to sew yours together 
you can put them in any order 
that you would like.

Also...because all of the patterns
 and step by step instructions are 
in the book already...
 you do not need to wait each week 
for me to announce the blocks...
 you can sew at your own speed!

You can use the exact fabric
 from the bundle as I did 
(you can easily see which prints that 
I put where in each individual block photo)
 or of course you can choose your own.

Just relax and have fun with them...
it's summertime sewing!!

Okay...let's get started:)

The first block is called 
and it's on page 22.

We can just call it the 
4th of July Star for this quilt:)

Coming up next is the
and you will find the 
instructions starting on page 24.

Summertime is a good time to be cozy...
cozy isn't just for winter!

Our last block for this week is the
starting on page 37.

The word glimmer also works 
for summer don't you think?

I just love these colors together...
they are some of my favorites and 
this quilt just says summertime to me:)
I'm looking forward to seeing your blocks on 

"Bee" sure to use the hashtag

Picnics and homemade ice cream 
are two of my favorite things 
about summer and I have very fond 
girlhood memories of both.

Our ice cream machine was a
 "hand cranker" and mom would mix it up 
and fill it to the brim.
 All of us kids would each take our turns 
cranking it until our arms were tired...
and at the end when it got so thick
 that we just couldn't turn the
 handle anymore then dad would take over:)

Mr.Honey regularly makes ice cream 
all summer long...of course we both
 have graduated to an electric mixer...although we do have an 
old hand cranker that we take 
in our trailer for glamping trips:)
For many years he has used 
the same simple basic recipe 
and it sure is yummy!

I thought you might like to try our recipe.
You don't cook it and there are no eggs.
You can make it as is or
 add fresh fruit or flavorings to it...
adding fresh peaches is our favorite
I hope you try it! 

Mr.Honey's Homemade Ice Cream

1 can sweetened condensed milk
12 oz. canned milk
2 cups heavy cream
2 cups half and half
1 Tablespoon pure vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups sugar
Approximately 1/2 gallon milk

You will need a box of rock salt 
and a few bags of ice 
and your ice cream mixer.
In a big mixing bowl stir all of 
the ingredients (except milk) together
 by hand and pour into mixer.
Add the milk up to the fill line
 marked in your freezer.
Freeze according to your
ice cream freezer directions.
Serves 10 -12

Thanks so much for joining me this week...
I'll meet you right back here next week
 with three more blocks
and more summertime memories!!


Amandalee said...

Thanks for the recipe!! Yummy!!😋

Libby said...

Can't wait to get started..............and yes, thank's for the recipe !

MaryH said...

This is my first sew along. Looking forward to it! Thanks so much for all the work that must go into one of these.

Megan said...

Looking forward to starting this Sew A Long. Waiting on my FQ bundle. Love the colors. Sew Summery..

Judy Y said...

Sorry I couldn't find the Be Patriotic bundle anywhere so I bought another vintage bundle from your line. It'll be a star quilt anyway. Can't wait to get home and dig in.

Kayleen Rich said...

Thank you sooo much for the recipe !!! I love collecting recipes!! This is just wonderful to focus on!!

Lorri Heffner said...

Hi, thank you for the fun summer project and recipe. I have no. 1 block done.

Kim said...

I love this quilt! Have the bundle and getting started. I am guessing we can use the recipe in an electric freezer also? I will be trying it!
Thank You Lori,
Kim :)

Beckahn11 said...

I just bought all 3 of the Vintage books. I couldn't decide where to start. Now I know just where to start. I'm so excited about all 3!! Thank you!!!

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