Monday, June 29, 2020

Bee Patriotic Sew Along - The Big Finish!!

Hello there! 
Welcome to Week Four of the 

For this sew along we are
sewing patriotic things from the 
or of course you can use 
fabric from your stash:)

Grab your book
and let's do 
three more blocks this week.

This sew along will be 
easy to follow...
simply sew directly from the book!

You can make your blocks in the
 exact same prints that I did 
by of course looking at each 
block photo for placement 
or you can 
"bee the boss of your own quilt"
 and switch it up!

to download the schedule of what 
blocks that we are sewing
each week...
as well as the 
cutting guide for the 
smaller quilt 
setting if you are making the 6" Blocks.

(12" Block setting is already in the book)


All of our blocks are completed now 
and you can go ahead and sew your
 quilt top together according to the instructions in the book.

Of course you do not have to 
place the blocks in the 
order that I did...
you could do whatever looks best
 for your quilt!!

Okay lets's tank quilt label!

I wanted to use another block
 from my Vintage Christmas Book
 for my label 
and so I decided that this one
 would be so cute! 

I made it in the 12" size and 
of course used prints from the bundle.
For the window and the door window I used
 RBD Confetti Cotton solid in C120-CLOUD

 Gingerbread House Block 
 is on page 33 of the book:)

The reason that I did not use a print
 for the windows is that I wanted 
to leave this spaces to write on!

I always use a MICRON Pigma Pen 
when writing on fabric.
It does not bleed or smear.

Of course you could leave your block 12" 
or you can add borders like I did.
The measurements for the borders are
 the same as all of the other blocks:)

I decided to make the borders around 
my block scrappy prints 
instead of the background print.
By the way...
Wouldn't this be a super cute pillow?

You can piece your label right into 
your backing fabric or you can
 appliqué it on...
whichever is your favorite way:)

Okay...let's talk about the Vintage Trim
 inside the binding for a minute:)
Kimberly sewed hers last week
 and she put it on her livestream video.
It's super helpful so 
I would recommend watching it.
to watch Kimberly

I did a binding and ric-rac tutorial 
several years ago here on my blog 
that I always link to when it comes 
time for the binding in my sew alongs
for my binding and ric-rac tutorial

As my Grandma would say...
"I'm pleased as punch"
 on how my Bee Patriotic Quilt turned out.

I'm looking forward to 
using it every summer from now on!
I hope you love your quilt too:)

Now let's talk about a few things that 
I'm going to "bee doing" 
with the rest of the
 Bee Patriotic Bundle:)

I'm making log cabin blocks
 with some of the leftovers!

I'm using these fun 
by It's Sew Emma
I'm making the 6" size but
 the 12" would be super cute as well!
I cut a few strips from each print
 at least 1 1/2" wide 
for the 6" block size.

to watch how Kimberly uses these papers. 

This is what the back looks 
like before I trim it...

And this is what the front 
looks like after it's trimmed!
I'm not sure how many I'll make 
but I am strongly leaning towards
 making 16 blocks.

I'll put them in a 4 x 4 setting 
and make them into a 24" pillow:)

Sew cute!

I can use the pillow with my
 Bee Patriotic Bunting...
and table runner...
and flag LOL

I hope you will have fun
 with the "extra's" that I have
 done with the bundle...
and I still have one more!

Whatever is left after I
 make the log cabin pillow...
I'm going to cut the rest of the prints
 into 3 1/2" squares and make
 as many
as I can for another quilt.

It's the perfect block to use up
 the leftovers because it has 4
 different colors just like the bundle:)

I've had so much fun going back to my
 Vintage Christmas Book 
and taking another look at it...
and thinking outside of the box...
it's one of my favorite things to do!

Thanks so much for coming along
 with me on this fun ride!

I'll continue to do even more 
sew alongs right here on my blog 
and now that I have my own 
YouTube Channel I'll be using it 
to go along with them as well.
and subscribe to my channel 
and hit the bell next to it 
so that you will be notified 
each time I do a new tutorial.

I'll chat with you next time!!!


Heide said...

Thanks Lori, It has been super fun doing this sew along. So simple yet I would of never used the Christmas book patterns for a 4th of July quilt!

Unknown said...

Thanks Lori...the sew along has been fun!

Unknown said...

This has been such a fun project to work on theseBee Patriotic blocks Lori! Thanks for the leadership. I really enjoyed sewing the blocks, just completing them today❣️💁‍♀️🧵🇺🇸 Hugs to you and Happy July 4th!

Perfect Stitch by angie said...

I did not find time to sew along, but I love that I can come back and use this blog as a reference. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

Love your vintage pics. So fun!

Carla said...

One day I will do a sew along darn it. I love what y'all are doing now. Love the vintage pics.

mathangie said...

Thank you so much for this sew along! I started mine in February this year and finished it today as a Mother's Day present to myself:) I also made the table runner. I loved every bit of making this quilt. Thank you!!

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