Monday, June 8, 2020

Bee Patriotic Sew Along - Week Two!!

Welcome to my blog and 
welcome back for Week Two of the 

For this sew along we are
sewing patriotic things from the 
or of course you can use 
fabric from your stash:)

Grab your book
and let's do three more blocks this week.

This sew along will be 
easy to follow...
simply sew directly from the book!

You can make your blocks in the
 exact same prints that I did 
by of course looking at each 
block photo for placement 
or you can 
"bee the boss of your own quilt"
 and switch it up!

to download the schedule of what blocks that 
 we are sewing each week as well as the
 cutting guide for the smaller quilt 
setting if you are making the 6" Blocks.

(12" Block setting is already in the book)
Okay ...let's do this!!

First up we have the 
from page 39 of the book.

This is another block that 
all of a sudden looks so different
 with red and navy 
instead of red and green.
I think it looks like 
a big firework just exploded! 

Our second block for this week is 
on page 41 of the book.
Now that I'm thinking fireworks...
this could be one too!
Instead of Holly and Ivy 
we could call it the 
OOOOO and AWWWW Block because
 that's the sound everyone makes
 when fireworks explode LOL

Last block for this week is 
on page 59.

I really really really love this one
 and the color combination of it.
That gingham in the corners
 gets me every time because I love it so:)

I think I'll use my quilt 
to wrap up in during every 4th of July fireworks from now on:)

There are a couple of things 
that I wanted to share with you this week.

One is my 
that I did during my 
Bee Happy Sew Along.
It's super easy to make and
 I used my Sew Simple Shapes.
As you can see I also used the same
 Bee Backgrounds fabric and a lot of
 the prints that I'm using in this sew along.
to check it out...
I hope you want to make one!!

I also wanted to show you this block
 that I made during the
 Farm Girl Friday's Sew Along for my first 
My block is called 
and it's on page 47 of that book.
Of course it's in 6" and 12" sizes...
which makes it perfectly interchangeable
 with all of the blocks in my book 
Vintage Christmas!!

The remaining thing that I wanted to
 share with y'all this week 
is another summer memory that 
comes with another recipe or two!
I'll give you a recipe first:

*Hello Dolly's
2 cups crushed graham crackers
1 stick real butter
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 cup chocolate chips
1 cup coconut flakes
1 cup chopped nuts
(pecans or walnuts)

Melt butter and mix with
 graham cracker crumbs.
Press evenly into bottom 
of a square pan (9x9)
On top, layer the chocolate chips,
 coconut and chopped nuts.
Evenly pour the sweetened 
condensed milk entirely over the top.
Bake for 30 minutes in a 350* oven.
The top should be lightly brown.
Let them cool completely 
before slicing them into small squares.

I grew up in a camping family and 
mom did a lot of food prep beforehand.
One of the things that she ALWAYS made 
were Hello Dollys for as long as I can remember.
She made several batches to 
last throughout our trip! 
Mom layered them in tupperware between 
waxed paper and put them in the freezer 
until it was time for camping.
Then she kept them in the cooler so that 
the chocolate would not melt and 
they would slowly unthaw in there.

Another thing that she did was make what she called "Hobo Dinners" and they were for the first night of camping.
She would make these the night before we left ...refridgerate them and then put them in the cooler right before we pulled out of our long farm lane that us kids called "the rocky road" lol
Here's how she did them.
She would start saving soup cans before our trip so that she had plenty.
She would take the lids 
completely off and labels off too...
and wash them up good and 
put them away until it was time.
 Each can was for one individual dinner.
The night before was food prep...
who knew mom was before her time!!
Starting in the bottom of
 each can she would layer the following:
1.Sliced carrots 
(these go first because they
 take the longest to cook)
2.Diced potatoes
(peeled of course)
3.Diced onions
(she only added these for
 those of us who liked them)
4.Fresh sweet corn
and then about a tablespoon 
of butter or what she would call "a pat"
The final layer was a well seasoned
  5.Hamburger patty 
squished into the top until
it was even with the top of can.

She topped each of them with a
 double layer of tin foil and
 an elastic band to hold it on.

When we arrived at our campsite 
(which seemed to take forever to us kids)
the first thing that dad would do
was to choose the campfire site and build a fire. Then while he was setting up the rest of the camp...
it could be burning down to nice
 hot ashes to cook the hobo dinners.
Once the ashes were hot enough he took the elastics off but left the tinfoil and set each can in the to the side where he shoveled hot ashes.
It didn't take them long to cook and we would all pack a pair of mittens so that we could hold our own can and eat our hobo dinners around the campfire.
We all got a can of "pop" and afterwards we roasted marshmallows!

We would sit around the fire and talk...laugh and sing under the starry summer night.
 We were happy that we were there and we would begin a plan of all the fun things that we would do starting in the morning!!
We always had a great time and some of my fondest memories of growing up were camping with my family and friends.
I still love to go camping to this day...
but its not so rustic now
and instead of going camping I go clamping!

Well I hope this post wasn't too long 
for you and if it was ...
you can skip the boring parts lol

I will be back here next week with
 three more blocks...yay!


Unknown said...

Love the quilt. Wish I had some of those fabrics. The camping stories bring back the best memories of when my kids where little.

Edith said...

What a great post. It brings back so many memories of my childhood camping with my family. I am 84 and I really enjoyed this. thank you.

Unknown said...

I'm using fabrics from the Happy2 bundl since the Patriotic bundle was no where to be found. It won't be ted, white & blue, but a lovely star quilt none the less. Quilt on....

Unknown said...

Lori what a wonderful story....we never took vacations because we lived on an Apricot orchard and had to pick the summer crop. My father would take time off from his longshoreman job to do this so he never had more time to take us on vacations like yours.

Do you think your mom's recipe could be done in an oven? What temp and how long? She sure thought out of the box!

quilt chick said...

The camping trip sounds so wonderful!

Kat Carter said...

I love this story, and of course I love your books & quilts!

Mary H said...

I really love to read your posts, I especially loved this one about camping, we are also a camping family, and now we take the grandkids, so much fun and happy memories, my adult kids and now my grandkids love to make pie iron pizza's over the camp fire.

Love all your fabrics and have your books, I am a BIG Lori Holt fan

Thank You

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for sharing this post! The quilting section is great. I always enjoy a good recipe. The story of your family camping & your mom's cooking is heart warming! Thanks again! :)

OSUmommie said...

We used to make "hobo dinners" when I was in Girl Scouts.. great memories! Thanks for sharing yours!

Unknown said...

I experienced hobo dinners at my friends house. They made them in tin foil on the grill. I like the idea of making them in a tin can. They tasted so yummy! Your comments are never too long Lori...I love ❤️ reading every word of them😊. Thanks for sharing your memories. Off to sew my next three blocks. So enjoying this project❣️💁‍♀️🇺🇸⭐️🧵

Pam L said...

I always love your posts filled with stories from your childhood. My husband is about to retire and sounds like we will be doing some "glamping" ourselves! Keeping your recipes and starting on this pretty quilt to take along. Thanks Lori! Your talents never cease to amaze me! ps,,,I have recently become hooked on cross stitching and your patterns are the best!

Pam L said...

Lori I just love ALL the things you make and your generosity in teaching us how to do it so easily! I am enjoying this Bee Patriotic and having fun using my AccuQuilt to make these blocks! It's going to BEE so pretty here around the 4th of July and this summer! Thank you!
ps - I really enjoy your stories too....never skip over them!

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