Sunday, July 2, 2017

Super Star Pillow Tutorial!!

YaY...its summertime!!
Are you ready for a tutorial?
If so...
I'm going to
 show you how I made my 
"Super Star Pillow" 
18" x 18"

I love using the good old
 "red white and blue" 
to decorate for summer...
and I especially love stars:)

These are easy peasy
 little blocks to make...
so let's get started!

I chose these 9 prints...
3 reds for the stars and 
6 blues for the squares.

The top 6 prints 
in this stack are from my 

and the bottom 3
 are from my 

For the circles and the outside border
 on the pillow I used 
this print from my 

I also used the D-4 Circle and
 the D-14 Star from the 
Bee Happy Sew Simple Shapes

They are due into
 the warehouse anytime now...
and I'll let you know
 as soon as they arrive!

I also used this 

Sew-In Interfacing:
Cut 9 - 3 1/2" squares for the stars
Cut 9 - 5" squares for the circles

Trace around each shape
 onto the interfacing.
This is your stitching line.

I like to use a 
mechanical pencil 
for a nice thin line:)

Okay...lets make a star! 

From each red fabric...
cut 3 - 3 1/2" squares.

Grab one and place an
 interfacing square on top
 (both with right sides up)
and stitch directly 
onto your stitched line.

Over sew a little where you 
start and stop 
to secure your stitches.

Trim an approximate
 1/4" seam allowance. 
You can clip off the points
 but not too close:)

You will need to clip each
 with just ONE clip.

Remember to clip right 
 "to the thread but not through the thread"

This is important because
 if you leave this step out...
your little red star 
will not lay flat!

Cut an X for turning
 in the interfacing only.

Turn right side out.
It looks wonky until you shape it...
 and thats when this essential 
becomes important and necessary:)

Gently push the points out
 using the pointy end:)


Now press from the front. 
One cute little red star
 all ready for appliqué!

Repeat the same steps
 and make eight more:)

The next step is to 
make them into circles:)

Cut 9 - 5" squares from 
the background fabric.

They will turn into circles
 after you appliqué the stars!

Center the stars and pin.
Appliqué by hand or by machine...
choose your favorite method or whichever strikes your mood:)

When your applique is completed...
press from the back.

Now place a traced circle interfacing 
on top and make sure that 
the star is in the center...

and pin into place.

Stitch directly onto your
 traced line like this.

Trim the seam allowance...

then cut an X in the interfacing only.

Turn...and shape!
Give it a quick press after shaping.

Repeat the steps until you have 9!

Cut 9 - 5 1/2" squares 
from the blue fabrics.

You can cut them 6" square and 
trim down to 5 1/2" square 
after appliqué if you want:)

Pin the star/circle exactly onto the 
center of the square and appliqué.

I love this little block!
It should measure 5 1/2" at this point:)

Make 8 more!

Sew them together into
 3 rows of 3:)

Cut 2 - 2" x 15 1/2" strips 
and sew to the sides
Cut 2 - 2" x 18 1/2" strips 
and sew to the top and bottom.

Quilt and bind!!!

I used an 18" x 18" pillow form.

This would make a 
super cute 
mini quilt or runner too...
but I wanted another pillow 
for my sofa this summer.

Thanks for tuning in to another
 "decorating for summer" tutorial.

In the next episode...
I'll show you how to make my
 "Movie Night" snuggle quilt!!!


Anonymous said...

Super cute, Lori! I have added this sweet pillow to my project queue. ~Kelly

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh Lori, this is so cute. Thank you for sharing such a sweet project. This would make such a happy gift for a sweet friend, don't you think?
Happy Summer

Carolknits said...

Absolutely adorable-can't wait for the new shapes to come out. Thank you and Happy Fourth!

robinnan said...

Oh. My. Gosh! Do I have enough time to make it before tomorrow? This will be sooooo cute on my red couch! Thank you Lori.💝

sewbee831 said...

Oh my stars!!! This is super cute! Still needing to get the templates! Thank you, Lori for all you do!! 💝💝💝

Unknown said...

Very cute pillow! Thank you for making the tutorial for us!

Lisa said...

Love this design you always make projects so easy! Happy 4th of July!

gibbygoo56 said...

So cute! I love your style Lori! I have to make a couple of these pillows.

Alice said...


Penny said...

Another cute patutie, Lori. I'm so excited for book, fabric and shapes to be out!

Susie H said...

Super-uber cute!!!

manos de chicureo said...

Bello!! Muchas gracias, excelente tutorial. (Beautiful. Thanks, excellent tuto.

Unknown said...

Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸
Love this pattern ❤️
And,as always,such great instructions!
Thank you said...

Tha k you a lovely pillows i hope to make for my friends will post a picture

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