Monday, July 31, 2017

Bee Happy Sew Along Guide is Ready!!

You guys!!! 
In just 4 short weeks the 
Bee Happy Sew Along 
will begin right here on my blog:)

I can't even say how excited I am!
While we are waiting...
I'm going to be posting things about
 the sew along every week...
 so that we can all
 "Bee Prepared"

to read previous info about
 the sew along that I 
posted last month:)

Today's post is all about the 
Bee Happy 
Sew Along Guide

It's a free download so 
to get yours now!

The guide is 
VERY detailed at 24 pages...
YES!...I said 24!...
 and on the first page 
is the complete list
 of supplies for making the quilt. comes important prep info:

Because we will be using 
all 3 of my new collections...
that means there are a lot of different prints to keep track of...
so this is what you are going to do!...

Simply grab a box of 
gallon sized zip lock bags 
and label them with the name
 of each block in the quilt.

I like to use a sharpie
 or a label maker:)

On page 3 of the guide 
there is a list of 
all of the block names...
as well as where they go in the quilt...
and also FINISHED size for each.

As you cut each piece 
of fabric in your kit...
add it to the block bag 
that it belongs to...
and you will be ready to go!

I know what you are
 thinking right now...

"How do I know what fabric
 pieces to put in each block bag?

Read on to find out!!

Inside the guide...
 I have put a photo of 
each and every print 
that goes in the quilt.

 Along side each photo 
are all cutting instructions 
for that particular print...

along with what block that 
each piece you cut from
 that print belongs to.

That's how you will know 
which block bag to put 
each and every 
cut piece of fabric.


I know this will 
make it much easier 
for you to Bee Prepared:)

These cute vintage pans hold 
all of the fabric that
 you should have in your 
Bee Happy Quilt Kit.

They are from all 3 collections and 
each sku and yardage is listed
 in your sew along guide:)

I'm so super excited 
for you to play with 
all of the backgrounds 
together in one quilt!!!

If you have pre-ordered a kit 
from your favorite quilt shop...
they are just getting 
the last of the fabrics in
 and will begin shipping soon!

If you have not 
pre-ordered a kit yet...
simply check with your shop 
to see if they have them...

or do a google search
 to find one:)
Just google;
"Bee Happy Sew Along Quilt Kit"

Bee Happy
 Sew Simple Shapes

The new templates that 
we are using to make the quilt 
 have just arrived!!

You will for sure need a set so
to purchase

You will need 2 packages 
of the 
Sew In Interfacing 
to make Bee Happy.

to purchase

Something new that 
I have done for this sew along 
is tell you in the guide 
HOW MANY of each
 cut interfacing sizes 
are needed for the quilt.

Now you can precut these as well!

I used bags for this too...
I wrote a Sew Simple Shape
number on each bag 
and then put the cut sizes
 inside each one.

Easy Peasy!

With each block tutorial 
during the sew along...
 when I tell you which 
Sew Simple Shapes 
we will be using...
you will already have them cut.


Point to Point Turner

All of the other 
tools and notions 
needed are listed 
in the guide as well.

This one above 
is super important 
because you can't 
shape your appliqués
 without it:)

Sue Daley Glue

We will be using 
several sizes of bias tape 
throughout the quilt...
(all sizes of the 
bias tape makers 
are listed in the guide)

I use this glue 
by Sue Daley to baste ALL 
of the bias tape pieces
 in the quilt.

Starting next week...
and throughout this month
 up until the 28th start date...
 I'll be doing a few
of the pieced blocks
 and a few of the appliqués 
that go inside of them.

Doing so will 
just give us a little
 "jump start" 
if you are sew inclined:)

That was a lot of info:)
Are you still reading? 

I'm not sure if you
 know this by now or not
so I'll say it again...

I am so super duper excited
 about this sew along!

Talk to you next week:)


Holly S said...

Sew excited! My kit is on to download the packet, make a cuppa joe and attack this packet!! Here's hoping I can keep up!!

Libby said...

Yes, this is a lot of info.......thank you, thank you for putting this altogether. You are awesome !!!

Jane said...

Pre ordered a kit from Fat Quarter Shop! Cannot wait for this one.......I love it!

michelle h said...

LOVE this--all of it...and yes, I read every word!!! :):):) Thanks, Lori, for all of this. I can get started! YAY!!!!

Unknown said...

Beyond excited!!!! Patience is not my virtue!

Mom said...

I can't wait! It looks like so much fun! Thank you Lori!

Rosa said...

wow ,it`s just fantastic!

Rainy said...

Hemmed and Hawed about this one, I was half way sold on it because of the bright colors and beautiful fabric, but when the hubbie looked over and seen the finished quilt on my screen and said he really liked it, and then after I told him how much a kit would cost he said, and.... therefore I am now on order for a kit and cant wait to make this.....

Anonymous said...

Sew excited and can't wait to get started. I've downloaded your guide and have the additional supplies ordered yay!!!!

Clare said...

Looking forward to joining you in this lovely quilt and hope to get your Sew Simple shapes when we are on holiday in USA next month so when come home can catch up. I hope my friend can help me find a shop to purchase this.Happy Stitching.

Le Petit Atelier said...

Wooow! It looks amazing <3
I'm gonna try it (it will be my third quilt, the first one not for babies).
Congratulations for your blog, it's so "beetiful" ;)

Eleana said...

Ordered my things to start, i have finished one long and difficult project to be ready for yours. Thanks!

Donna S. said...

Looks like you need to be pretty experienced. It is lovely!!

Unknown said...

I am looking forward to getting started on the Bee Happy Quilt. Looking everyday for the fabric.

Susan said...

LOVE the fabrics!

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