Monday, August 31, 2020

Prim Sew Along - Block Two!!

Welcome to week two of the

We are making the 
72" x 90"

We are also using the

And my newest fabric collection 
to make the quilt:)

I have already posted the
 post which details all of the supplies
 for the sew along and how it works.
I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to read that post.

Last week we made block one

to visit week one.

This week we will be making block two...

The PRIM Sew Simple Shapes
 used for this block are:
2 - K11
2 - K12
2 - K13
1 - K16
1 - K18
3 - K35
1 - K42
1 - K43
4 - K51
7 - K53
2 - K62
Of course all of this 
info is in the 
sew along guide as well:)

Before you sew the K18 Shape 
for the basket
 and the K42 shape for the bird 
you will need to sew 
these fabrics together first.
Press the seams open.

Now you can line up your
 traced interfacing onto the 
pieced fabrics like this 
before sewing:)

Easy Peasy!!

Run the fabric strips that I
 had you cut for the block
 through the 1/4" bias tape maker.

Press a super curvy curve LOL
 for the basket handle and a
 slight curve for the flower stems.

The bird leg strips are straight
 and you will use both of these strips
 for ALL of the birds legs
 in the remaining blocks.

Sew and trim all of your appliqués.
The shapes that you sew 
on my cutting mat 
(not the design board) 
are the ones that have inner curves
 and cleavage areas to clip.

Block two is all 
 and ready for pin basting!
I just love this part:)

Cut 2 bird legs 1 1/2" long and
 save the remaining strips.

Cut the flower stems 7" long
 and press one end under.
Each stem is curved in opposite directions.

Also from the long strip for the stems
 cut 3 pieces 1 1/2" long 
and press them in half
 for the strawberry stems.

Leave the basket handle the full length...
you can trim ends off after tucking
 under strawberries and glue basting:)

Lay your basket out onto your 
background like this for placement
 so that you can trace the 
line for basket handle.

Use page 15 of the guide for that
 and a light box.

I took pictures with my rulers 
so that you can see how far 
from the edge of my background
 that I placed these shapes...

Take note that the stars 
in this block are placed 
differently from each other.

Don't forget that your 
16 1/2" TRIM IT RULER 
is your best friend 
when laying out your blocks!

The last thing that I do before glueing
 is lay it on top of my pins 
 just to make sure my pieces 
stay within the window and
 will look nice when
 appliquéd and trimmed up.

Time for the Sue Glue:)

I remove my pins and lay my ruler 
on top with something heavy
 on top of that until the glue dries...
about 15 to 20 minutes.

*Have you ever wondered why 
I use glue and not just pin my appliqués?

Sometimes I do use pins if it's just
 an applique or two and a small block.

When I applique I like to 
scrunch my fabric up in my hands 
when stitching and the glue keeps
 the shapes into place perfectly 
and also I don't poke my hands 
with pins during the process:)

With each weeks tutorial 
I'm going to show you close up pics
 of my blocks before applique.

I'll show from different angles and 
one from all four sides so
 that it will help you with the placement
 of your shapes while preparing your blocks:)

I did a french knot for
 the birds eye like this:)
I'm using 3 strands of floss 
in the blocks that have some embroidery. 

Joy and Contentment 
is all ready for applique!
After the applique is complete 
press on the BACK of the block.... 

and trim it to 16 1/2" square using the
 Trim-It Ruler 
so that it will fit into the quilt!

Have fun making your 
Joy and Contentment Block
 and I'll be right back here 
next week for block three!

P.S. Don't forget to share your
 progress and your blocks on 


SonjaLoyd said...

Beautiful quilting

BlueEyes said...

Compliment on the organisation of the sew along. The first video is necessary to better understand how to proceed and the explanations for the rest are quite sufficient and sufficiently details along with the sew along guide to be able to complete the project. All the photos taken and the commentaries beneath them very helpful. As I do not have a long arm and will probably do the quilting block by block, it would be nice, if possible, to have a few pictures of the kind of quilting we can make to enhance the uniqueness of each block and yet try have some king of unity in the overall quilting.

Many thanks again for all the hard work and the planning.

Shelley Reville said...

I am having so much fun with these blocks! I especially like Joy and Contentment. I have learned that you like all things to be pretty as do I.

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