Monday, February 15, 2021

Flea Market Flowers Sew Along - Week Four!!

Flea Market Flowers 

Welcome to Week Four of the 

We are using my latest 
fabric collection called
Flea Market
It's designed by me ... 
and produced and distributed by the amazing 
Riley Blake Designs:)

We are making my quilt
76" x 86"

We are using my 
to make all of the flower petals...

This set of my 
for all of the flower centers...

And we are also using my 
for all of the leaves in the quilt.

All of the other notions as well as fabric requirements are detailed within the 
Flea Market Flowers Sew Along Guide
for the free PDF Download

I also have a "Bee Prepared" blog post 
detailing everything that you will
 need to know about this sew along...
to go to that blog post 
if you have not read it 
or you need to be "refreshed"
 on any of the information!

As promised...
To kick off week one
 I did a video tutorial on my
 YouTube channel showing how to make 
Flea Market Flower 

to go to that tutorial...
 so that you can make this cute flower!!

I also did a tutorial during 
week one right here
 on my blog for
Block "L"
to go to week one and this block tutorial:)

As part of week two 
I did the tutorial here for  
Block "O"
For that tutorial

is also in the week two tutorial:)

Last week during week three
I did the tutorial for 

to go to week three for the tutorial

I also did the tutorial for 
during week three:)

Today we are going to start off with 
You will need to make one - 
13 1/2" Flea Market Flower
you will also need to make one -
7 1/2" flower
to layer on top of the 13 1/2" flower.


We are cutting a 7 1/2" flower
 from the Pebble Wallpaper print
 NOT a 9 1/2" flower

Also since we are working with this print 
today I just wanted to let you know 
that you will need to cut
 8 - 2 1/2" strips for the binding:)
The first draft of the sew along guide 
said seven but you will need 8.
No worries ...
you have plenty of fabric 
for this as the yardage called for
already planned for 8.

To make Block "K" you will 
also need a 4" circle 
for the flower center.

You will need to cut your 
background fabric 
16" x 16"

You will need to cut 8 petals 
from each print for the 7 1/2" flower.
Refer to your guide on page seven 
if you are not sure of the
 ruler lines that I am showing you.

I try to be as clear as I can 
with the photo but just know
 that you can always double check 
on page seven if you would like:)

You will also need to cut 
8 petals from each print
for the 13 1/2" flower.
Place your ruler like this
 when cutting the petals.

Remember to alternate 
the ruler each time you cut 
just like I showed you 
in the video from week one.

Now for the sewing!!

Petals and center circle 
are all ready to go:)

Remember that when you are 
sewing flowers with two prints 
that you will need to sew 
each set the exact same way 
when joining them together
to form the flowers:)

Flowers are are all sewn...
grab the center and lets go pin baste!

Press your background fabric 
in half both ways so that you can
 line up the flower on center
while you are pinning.

The points of the smaller flower 
line up on the seams 
of the larger flower.

I used my small ruler and measured
 as I went along so that everything 
was centered correctly.
*Take note that the points
 of the larger flower should 
match up with your pressed seams 
of the background....

Like this:)

No stem and leaves for this flower...
it shines all on it's own!

Flea Market Flower
 Block "K"
is ready for applique:)

After applique you will need to 
trim it up to measure 14 1/2" square.
It will finish at 14" x 14"
after it's sewn into the quilt.

Let's move onto planting
 two more flowers:)

you will need two - 6 1/2" flowers:) 

To make Block "J" you will also need:

4 - small leaves

2 - 4" circles

2 - 1/4" stems cut 4" long 
with one end pressed under

Background cut - 12" x 16"

Cut 16 petals from each print 
to make two - 6 1/2" flowers.

Leaves and circles are sewn...
making a flower petal chain:)

Petals are all ready to sew into flowers:) 

And just like that...
two flowers are finished
 and we are ready to pin baste:)

Before pinning...
press your background in half.

Notice that the side points
 on each flower are 
touching the center crease.

Pin and glue.
When glue is dry go ahead 
and remove the pins:) 

Together they should measure 
no more than 13" wide...

And no more than 9" tall.

Each set of leaves should not
 be wider than the flower they belong to.

Ready for applique:)

Flea Market Flower
Block "J"

After applique trim it down to
10 1/2" x 14 1/2"
It will finish at 10" x 14"
when it's sewn into your quilt. 

So far we have planted a dozen
Flea Market Flowers for our quilt!

Tune in next Monday
 and I'll be right back here
 to plant three more:)


Mary said...

I love your designs Lori! My daughter got me the first Farm Girl Vintage Book for my birthday last year and I am in the planning stages on a small quilt. I was so happy to find the Flea Market Flowers Sew Along here. So charming and delightful!

Angela said...

These are so pretty thank you ��

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