Saturday, April 17, 2021

FlossTube No.9 - Show Notes!


I have something fun and 
what I hope will be helpful 
for you that I will be posting
 monthly here on my blog.

As you know I have a new 
YouTube Channel 
and each month I film 
a new episode of FlossTube.

Within each of those episodes
 I show my cross stitching 
that I have been doing that
 month and tell all about it.

I have a lot of color changes 
that I do so that my stitches
 match my decor style and many of you
 have been asking if I would 
share those color conversions.

So each month I'll be doing
 "show notes" 
and sharing my colors on
 each "finished" piece that I 
have shown in that particular episode.

Last night I filmed FlossTube No. 9 
and here are my show notes.

The Milk & Cream Company
Vintage Cloth used:
 25 Count FARMHOUSE Luagana
Stitched with 2 threads over two.

Chart is by Plum Street Samplers

My Color Conversion:
Called for is listed first-
 following is what I used:)
Classic Colorworks Black Coffee - same
Gentle Arts Tin Bucket - WDW Galvanized
CC Frosted Sage - same
DMC 632 - CC Deep Fennel
DMC 640 - CC Cherry Tomato
CC Prairie Grass - same
CC Eggshell - WDW Parchment
DMC 950 - CC Country Lane
CC Pine Needles - GA Chives
CC Joshua Tree - GA Green Apple
WDW Bark - same
DMC 3371 - CC Blackbird
DMC 3779 - CC Blushing Beauty
DMC 3857 - GA Ruby Slipper
WDW Baked Apple - CC Cherry Tomato 
DMC 3865 - WDW Whitewash
Note that these are the colors
 that I used but placed them 
differently within the 
milkmaids clothing:) 

Bushel and a Peck
Linen used: 36 count Beach Brew
Stitched with 1 strand of floss over 2.

Chart is by Notforgotten Farm

My color conversion:
Called for is DMC followed by my choice:
782 - Weeks Dye Works Chickpea
3021 - WDW Flatfish
3828 - didn't use
3852 - didn't use
732 - WDW Oscar
400 - Gentle Arts Pomegranate
733 - GA Chives
830 - WDW Teal Frost
975 - GA Mountain Mist
3829 - GA Harvest Basket
433 GA Apple Cider

Friendship Sampler
Linen used: 
36 count Tycho by Picture this Plus
Stitched with one strand floss over two

Chart is by Moira Blackburn

My color conversion:
(called for is DMC and is listed first 
and following is what I used)
839 - I didn't use this because 
I didn't stitch the border
642 - 3813
3012 - 3012
926 - 3816
730 - 730
407 - 347 
3779 for the robins breast
3022 - 07
613 - 3813
829 - 08

I also finished my Prim and Proper!
I show and tell many more projects
 and talk about my Red Samplers.
to watch my FlossTube No.9

You are welcome to use my 
color conversions and in exchange 
I would
 really appreciate that you 
give me credit when doing so.


babs said...

You do an amazing job with your color conversions. I really enjoy your You Tube videos.

Alison said...

Wow, your embroidery work is perfection as is your love for quilting! I love your blog and even visit the old files. I have read all books you recommended and love the past as much as you! Thank you for sharing your talents and preferences.

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Beautiful cross stitch designs and colors. I'm a total newbie heading off to heck out your new Floss tube channel, as I'm looking for tips and good projects for beginners.

Granny's Button Box said...

Oh my word, is there no end to your talents, these are great. When do you find the time? Will have a look at the Utube. Thanks for sharing.

Mama Jean said...

I love your videos.

suz said...

thank you for the conversion information! When I put this pattern into my inventory, I noted that I didn't like the colors...normally I list the called for threads so I'm ready to kit it up. This is very much what I would prefer and the new info (w/a note that it's your conversion) is in my inventory!

Patch Marian said...

Beautiful ! :)

diane said...

Ok. So the idea was when I heard about your You Tube channel and great tutorials, that I would save some money. Wrong. Why? Because I had to go and order the two books I didn't have and then decided I needed the book holder. Thanks so much for the really good videos. They are very inspiring to get moving and get something done.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori...I really enjoyed your video and watched it twice. Such beautiful finishes! I enjoy learning from you and gleaning tidbits of info like other bloggers or You Tube crafters. Thanks for the inspiration. Always something NEW! 💁‍♀️🧵✂️🪡❤️

micro said...

Thanks for sharing this. Its amazing.

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