Monday, April 19, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Two!!

Good morning all and Happy Monday!
This is week two of the 

This week I made one 
12" block and two 6" blocks
 just like I did last week:)

For the 12" Block...
I used my first 
Farm Girl Vintage Book 
and chose my 
Summer Star Block on page 63.

Did you notice that I 
got a little bit fancy by 
using 2 different backgrounds?
I thought that it would be fun
 to have my honeycomb print 
surrounding the center square.

I do often use two backgrounds
 in a block or a quilt.
I think it adds texture 
and even more interest
 in this star block!

I added a one yard cut of my
 Red Honeycomb Bee Background 
to my other Bee Backgrounds
 to use for my Red Sampler Quilt.

Because the setting that I am using 
requires each block to have a 
background border...
 I'll be using all of these
 for that as well.

I'll talk about adding those borders
 in a few weeks just in case you are
 doing the same setting that I am:)

The first 6" block that I chose
 for this week is my 
Reindeer Hooves Block on page 80
 of my book Vintage Christmas.

In the book...each "hoof" is a 
different fabric but for my Red Sampler 
I used 2 contrasting fabrics 
and placed them opposite of each other.

I think this block 
turned out really cute.
Gingham always goes well with
 another print that reads almost solid.
It's a classic combo!

I made my 6" Lazy Daisy Block
 from my book Farm Girl Vintage 2.
The directions are on page 81:)

*Take note that in the book 
2 different prints are used to make
 the flower petals 
but I chose to use 
just one print from my stash
for all four of the petals.

I liked how it contrasted
 with the barn red center square
 from my PRIM fabric collection.

This block would also be 
really nice with a light center
 such as the gingham 
and then darker petals:)

*My Trim-It Rulers are my 
best little buddies when 
I'm piecing my blocks.

I used these three sizes 
when sewing this weeks blocks:
2 1/2" - 3 1/2" - 4 1/2"

If you have been following my 
"Sew Your Stash Series"
 that I am doing on my 
then you already know 
all about my Trim -It Rulers.
If not...
I thought I would quickly 
explain why I use them.

Here we go!...
So in the book during the 
step by step instructions...
when you have finished piecing a segment
 I tell you what it should measure
 so that if needed...
you can check it and trim it up 
to the correct size 
before sewing your segments 
together to form the block.

When making the 12" Summer Star Block
 each of the 9 segments should measure
 4 1/2" square and so that is the
 size ruler that I use for that step.

Notice that on my Trim-It Rulers
 They have diagonal lines 
going both ways as well as center lines.

These lines are to make it easy peasy
 to center your blocks by lining up
 your seam lines onto 
the lines of the rulers.

The aqua outside of the ruler 
represents the 1/4" seam allowance 
and inside that window you will sew
 exactly what your block will look like 
after it is sewn into your quilt.
That was kind of a long explanation!

I used my 3 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
 when sewing the Reindeer Hooves Block
 because each hoof should measure
 3 1/2" square before you 
sew the block together:)

For the Lazy Daisy Block
 I used my 2 1/2" size because...
you guessed it!
 The 9 segments in this block 
should measure 2 1/2" each 
before sewing the block together.

I hope this info helps you out!

And just like that...
 I have 3 more super cute 
Red Sampler Blocks for my quilt.

These blocks were really fun to make 
and I just know that I'm going to 
love each and every step 
of making blocks for this quilt along:)

Here's how all six of my blocks 
that I've made so far look together.

They make me happy and I hope 
that they make you happy too!

Thank's so much for all of the
enthusiasm about my 
Red Sampler Quilt Along.

I have seen so many of you jump right in
 and start sewing and 
posting your blocks onto 
YaY!...they are sew fun to see!
Keep them coming and I'll be 
right back here next week:) 

Click below to visit week one:


Patch Marian said...

Una preciosidad! Saludos

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

For someone who doesn't normally love red and white quilts, I am absolutely loving how your red sampler quilt is coming along. Thanks for the inspiration :)

SewBella’s Quilt Cart said...

I love this Sew Along ❤️ It’s sew fun seeing everyone’s fabric choices!

Debbie said...

I am loving this quilt along. I am brushing up on my piecing skills

Nicole said...

These are beautiful, Lori! I love red and white quilts!

Denise said...

Got my fabric today and other book l needed. Can't wait to get started!

Carla said...

Love the red & White

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