Monday, April 12, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week One - You're Invited!!


Hello again and welcome to my blog:)
Today is the day to 
announce my new quilt along...
And yes!...
of course you are invited to join me!

As you know by now ...
I love to make all kinds of samplers.

I have made many over the years 
and most of them I've made scrappy 
using my scrappy stash baskets.

I'm talking about the 
same baskets that I have been 
doing block tutorials about on my 

I've also made samplers 
using only one color...
however I still consider them scrappy 
I use several different prints
 from my stash baskets in one color...

 and sometimes just one print
 for the background or sometimes more!

This sew along is all about
 using scrappy red prints 
and several different backgrounds...
probably five or maybe six.

And the blocks that we will be making
 for the red sampler are from my books:

Farm Girl Vintage
Farm Girl Vintage 2
Vintage Christmas 
Great Granny Squared

All of these books have instructions
 to make either the 6" or 12" sized blocks 
and several settings that you can
 choose from to make your red sampler.

I'm going to be making 
6" and 12" blocks for my sampler 
because I'll be using the setting 
from the sampler quilt in my book
 Farm Girl Vintage 2
That quilt setting requires 
20 - 12" blocks 
30 - 6" blocks
for a total of 50.

I'll be choosing and sewing 
some of the 
more traditional sampler looking blocks
 from each of these books 
and sewing 3 blocks each week 
until I have 50 for my quilt.

Of course you are welcome 
to make 50 of my blocks and choose 
the same setting that I am doing 
or you can choose any of my other 
settings that I have in my books.

You can see here on the 
Table of Contents 
of my Farm Girl Vintage 2
 that the sampler setting 
that I am using is on page 138.

In my first Farm Girl Vintage Book
 there are so many 
setting choices to choose from.
Some only use 6" blocks 
(like the cover quilt) 
or some only use 12" blocks 
and some use both sizes together!

And remember that I am 
always telling you that 
"You are the BOSS 
of your own Quilt"
and so you can choose a setting
 that needs fewer blocks 
if that's what your time allows!

In my book Vintage Christmas 
there are many more setting choices 
for 6" and/or 12" blocks:)

The main quilt in my 
Great Granny Squared Book 
uses 20 - 12" Blocks 
and would make a fabulous sampler!

Now let's chat a little 
about my three block choices 
for this week.
I made one 12" and two 6"

This is my block called 
and it's on page 66 of my first
 Farm Girl Vintage Book.

This block is  
and it's on page 112 of 
Farm Girl Vintage 2

And last but not least 
is my block called 
and it's on page 90 of my book
 Vintage Christmas

I already love love and love 
how these three blocks look together
 and I can't wait to add more each week!
The sew along starts now!
I'll be posting my three 
Red Sampler Blocks 
here on my blog every Monday 
and I'm sure I'll show and tell
 them several times 
on my YouTube Channel as well.

The sew along will last for 16 weeks
 and will end the last week in July.

If I sew 3 blocks for 16 weeks 
that adds up to 48 and so I'll be 
sewing 1 or 2 more blocks extra 
during those weeks to make 50 total:)

I have something fun planned 
for the label of our Red Samplers
 and as a hint...
 I'll be using blocks from my 
Spelling Bee Book

Here I have 5 - one yard cuts 
of my Bee Backgrounds fabrics
 in my vintage red and white enamel bowl 
just waiting to be cut and sewn
 into cute Red Sampler Blocks!
 (the Chicken Tracks print 
is from my Farm Girl Vintage collection)

I may add one or two more backgrounds
 or just stick with these 5:)

As for the reds...
I'm using all shades from light to dark.
This is important when you are 
using only one color 
so that your block design isn't lost.

 This sew along will be a great exercise 
in color value placement 
and how it can make or break a block:)

Notice that within each block 
I have used prints that 
have contrast from each other...
either by a different shade of red 
or by using a print that has 
quite a bit of white in it 
such as the gingham.
Keep this in mind as you are 
gathering reds for your sampler.

I gathered some reds from my stash and 
placed them in another one of my 
vintage enamelware pans
 to choose from for this weeks blocks.

Because I'd like to use 
even more variety of reds 
than these... I know I'll need
 a bigger container!

I always keep a few extra 
scrappy baskets on hand 
just for projects such as this 
and this week I'll be going 
through my stash baskets in my closet 
and filling one of these up 
with even more reds.
I'm sure one of these 
baskets full will be plenty!

with all of this being said...
I sure hope that you are excited 
as much as I am about my 
Red Sampler Quilt Along 
and that you will be
 sewing right along with me.

Besides posting here 
weekly on my blog
 I'll also be posting 
my blocks weekly on 
And I would love it if you 
would too... and use the hashtag
so that we can all see your blocks:)
And as I've said earlier...
I plan on showing and telling
 my Red Sampler Blocks 
two or three times on my 

I can't wait!!


Unknown said...

Lori, this looks like so much fun. I’m in. Where can I get that terrific bundle of basic?

Little Quiltsong said...

I've been meaning to make another of your Barn Quilts all with red barns. This just might be the push I need. Looking forward to your lovely progress on this Red Sampler Quilt Along!

Melanie said...

I love a two-color quilt and your fabrics are just ideal. Such a beautiful start!! Can’t wait to see more.

Farmhouse Quilts said...

Oooh, I love samplers too! And I hope it won't offend you too much if I decide to make mine a blue and white sampler, seeing as I'm overrun with blue fabrics ;)
Thanks for hosting another sewalong. I love seeing the happy pictures on your blog always!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lori looking forward to do this sampler - thank you

Fran said...

I have wanted to do a Red and White Quilt for some time now. How fun!❤️❤️❤️

Susan B said...

Such a great idea! I love red samplers and red/white quilts but have yet to make one so would love to join your QAL. In order to gather the best fabric choices with the right color values, are you primarily going to use your fabrics that are named red and barn red and staying away from those that are cayenne, coral, jazzberry that are considered more pink or orange red? Chosing fabrics online is not always easy to identify. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Love doing your sew alongs ! They are inspiring and I learn something new with every block I finish! DecMany thanks!

http://thankfullga447 said...

I love the color of red. I remember years ago a museum in Manhattan had all red and white quilts hung from the rafters for their expedition.

Sarah Jane said...

Oh Lori,
Was just sewing my granddaughter's Strawberry Quilt for her big girl bed and watching Elizabeth Ann can stitch about your Red & White sew along....I am feeling left out. I have to finish Lily's and her new baby sister Cora's Quilt - due June 9th or 16th! Well I am sure that just possibly when I get back mid June, I will be able to jump on board. Gives me time to grab a couple of your books I do not have! Take care dear beautiful lady... Sarah Jane...

Judy said...

I ordered a red/white bundle but it has not arrived and my 2 books are in storage until May 10th I may just keep it for my sew your stash I make a wall hanging to put in my trailer, once everything arrives. Having only two books isn’t enough. I enjoy you “sew your stash ever so much!”

Judy said...

I only have two of your books right now. I have had rested fabric. I enjoy your sew your scraps so much I may just keep them for that!!

Vicki Sue O'Neill said...

Yes, that was a fabulous display.

BettyBoop said...

Enjoyed you and Kimberly this past Friday 7/23/21 you guys do have a special friendship. Lori I love your quilts a lot, my favorite was Autumn Love no one is getting that quilt from it too me awhile but I got it all done. I also finished Granny garden chic and it was given to my aunt who turned 101 she cried when it was given to her so beautiful she said . Thank you Lori from the bottom of my heart for creating all the books, quilts, patterns and more to come I’m sure. What a amazing and blessed person with so much talent.

Silvery Threads said...

Hello Lori, I've been watching your youtube and blogs since you started. I've been quilting and teaching quilt blocks now for over 25 yrs and I am still learning every day, especially from you. And wow the organizational skills you have are mind-blowing to me.
I just ordered the hot red Singer Featherweight! I can't wait!
Thank you for all you do!
Laura Ann, aka Silvery Threads

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