Friday, October 7, 2022

Bee in my Bonnet Planner - 2022 into 2023!!


Are you a planner?
I have been a planner girl my entire life:)
Before there were publications
 specifically dedicated to "planning"
I was what you 
might have called a "lister" 

I used many things but mostly just 
a regular school notebook to write 
lists about everything 
that I was going to do...
everything I wanted to do and
 everything that I needed to do.

My favorite thing was to
 check them off my list when completed!

It made me happy and feel good
 and like I was accomplishing goals 
and learning and growing.

I still do the same thing today...
I use my planner for writing down my 
dreams and goals as well
 as my appointments....
and to keep track of 
my projects and sew alongs.

Another thing I do is to choose
 a word every year to focus on...
a word that aids me in 
setting my goals and keeping my 
thoughts in a positive and 
creative direction throughout the year.

You can see above in the photo 
the word that I chose for this year is
 on the introduction page of my planner.
 My word for this year is
Plant goes hand in hand 
with my word from 2021 which was

"To plant a seed...
 is to believe in tomorrow"
explains perfectly what the word 
means to me as well as the scripture 
2 Corinthians 9:6

Because fall is here...
it's the time of year that
 I start to think about
 my word for next year.

This is my 2023 Planner 
and this year it's
 pink linen on the cover!

I'm very happy with the
 quality of my planner...
it is top notch!!...
 from the linen cover to the spiral binding
 and excellent quality paper
 which I'm very particular about
and choose myself.
I want my planners to be very 
good quality to take me through 
the year of use and stand up to 
the test of time afterwards...
because it basically becomes my journal
 for that year and so I treasure
 my planners from past years.

I want to say a big thank you to
 all of you who pre-ordered my planner.
 I'm happy to say that it is now here
and available so that you can
 prepare along with me 
for the start of the new year.

If you did not pre-order 
you can get yours by clicking 
if you did not pre-order.

This is my January 2022 
calendar pages filled out...

And this is my January 2023
 planner pages ready to start 
filling out this week...
I mean of course I already have things
 on my schedule for next year
 that need writing down
and I'm sure you do too.

I did a tutorial last year on my
 YouTube Channel 
on how and why I use my planner...

How I set it up...
 and what things that I write in it.

I also give a few tips on decorating
 the pages if you are so inclined.
to watch my tutorial and to 
join me on my planner journey:)

Of course I'll be doing another tutorial
 on my new pink planner 
as soon as I've chosen my 2023 word!

I'll let you know of course:)
Chat with you later...


TP said...

This is really nice, keep up the good work.

A Fan

Arden Muse said...

Keep up the good work girl!

Anonymous said...

Loved the 2022. First time I started a planner and used the entire year. Have the 2023 already.

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