Monday, February 22, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along - Week 6 - Block Six!!

It's week six of our 
Sew Along:)

I am sew excited about how our quilt is coming along!
If you are just getting started...
to download my free pattern for the BLOOM quilt:)

If you still need my BLOOM
Sew Simple Shapes
I'm happy to say that the backorder has come in...YaY!
to purchase a set to make the quilt.

Today is block 6...
a sweet pink daisy:)

Choose your prints...
(I'm using Calico Days fabric)
We will be using
A-2   A-16   A-17
BLOOM Sew Simple Shapes

Cut the following from
 BOTH your fabric and Pellon:

7 - 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" for the petals
1 - 3" square for the center
2 - 2" x 3" for the leaves

From fabric only:

Cut 1 - 5/8" x 7" strip for the stem
Cut 1 - 9" square for the background

Trace onto the Pellon around
 each shape as usual...
except for A-17...
leave the bottom untraced. 

And when you sew these petal shapes...
Sew all the way down to the edges 
like this
 and backstitch when 
starting and stopping to secure.
The circle and leaves are sewn as usual.

Trim off extra on all pieces...
leaving an approximate 1/4" seam allowance.

Cut an "X" in the Pellon only 
on the circle and the leaves...
we are going to do something different
 with the petals.

Make a small cut at the bottom center
 of the Pellon only to make them easier to turn.

Turn them right side out and use the tip of your turning tool
to push out the top curve.
Remember to push ONLY on the fabric and
 not the Pellon so that you don't poke through.

Because the raw edges are being tucked under the circle they will never show!
Prepare your stem strip for basting:)

Press your background square in half...
and glue baste or pin the stem on the center fold...
  and even with the bottom edge as usual.

 Line up the first petal on the
 center crease and on top of the stem 
measuring 1" down from the top edge 
of background square like this.
Pin or glue baste into place.

Baste the two side petals next...
measuring 1 3/4" from the edge...
using the lines on the background fabric
 to make sure that they are straight.

Your block should look like this so far:)

This is how I layed out
 the remaining four petals.
I didn't measure in 
from the edges but placed them
like this until I was happy.

There is no right or wrong...
just try to make them
 symmetrical on both sides.
Pin or glue baste into place.

When I placed my circle on...
I measured 1 1/2" in from the petals.
Your measurement may be different 
according to how you placed your petals
 but just make sure to measure the same
 on both sides so that your circle is centered.

When I placed my leaves I measured 1 1/2" up from the bottom edge.

After your shapes are all basted...
appliqué using your chosen method.
I am doing hand appliqué for this quilt.

Cut your border strips and squares and sew your block together.
Don't forget to trim your block to 8 1/2" square after applique.
(this is before I trimmed mine)

Block six is complete:)

When yours is finished post it on
and use the hashtag 

It's so fun to sew everyones progress on our sew along!

If you are just joining us...
 and want to see each sew along post from the beginning
I have added these links below
for your convenience.
Just click on each title
 to take you to that post:


Little Quiltsong said...

Oh - this is so pretty. Love how the petals come together under the center circle.

Sewing By Water said...

Lori, I am so enjoying this "happy" quilt. Thank you for this free sew along. Every time I look at one of these blocks my heart sings with joy.

Carolknits said...

Looks adorable and quite simple! I like the precise detail you give about placement:) Thanks!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Just gathering supplies to start this Lori! Looks like a fun project and such a darling design!

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