Monday, February 29, 2016

BLOOM Sew Along = Week Seven - Block Seven!!

Welcome to the 
If you are just tuning in...
no worries...
it's not too late to begin:)

This is the BLOOM quilt 
that we are making together.
to download my free pattern.

I designed this pattern to go with 
my latest fabric collection called

And my first set of 
Sew Simple Shapes 
called BLOOM

to get them and let's get sewing!

Today we are doing Block Seven.

These are my fabric choices for the appliqué shapes in this block.
There are a few different ones from the pattern
because I felt like doing a yellow flower:)

Of course you can follow the same fabric selections as in the pattern...
it will all work out!

Here is the cutting for this week.
Cut from BOTH Pellon and fabric:
1 - 5" square for flower
1 - 3" square for circle
2 - 2 1/2" x 3" for leaves

From fabric only:
1 - 9" background square
1 - 5/8" x 5" for stem
(this was before I trimmed mine down) 

Trace around the shapes
onto the Pellon...
easy peasy!!

Then sew and trim.
You will need to clip the
 four "cleavage"  areas
 in the A-23 flower shape so that it will
 lie flat after turning right side out.

Make one clip just barely short of your stitching lines like this.

Then cut an "X" in the Pellon only 
and turn right side out.

Press them flat from the front only.
Use the point on your Clover turning tool to 
push and smooth out along the edges at the same time.
This is one thing that helps to get your edges smooth...
the other thing is practice.

Just remember...
you are striving for progress...not perfection.
Most important is to enjoy the process of learning 
and making something fun at the same time!

I pressed my background fabric in half for  reference of center placement.
I prepared my stem just like I showed you in the 
Then I basted my stem right on the center crease.

I measured 1 3/4" down from the top
 of my fabric and placed mmy flower like this.

I placed my leaves 1 1/4" up from the bottom edge like this.

My circle goes in the center of the flower...
and now for the applique:)

After appliqué...
trim your block to 8 1/2" square.
Cut your border strips and squares...

And sew your BLOOM block seven together.

Remember to use the hashtag
when you post yours on social media:)

We all want to see them!

See you next week for block eight and until then
Where you're Planted:)


Tine said...

What a beautiful quilt! Perfect for your fabrics.

Carolknits said...

This one looks easy. I've almost caught up. I'm ready to applique block 5. Yippee!

Hscrap said...

I've applique before but never this method, loving it.
I have a tendency to try and work on only one project at a time, so I went ahead and cut mutiple strips of 2 and 3 inches and then subcut into 2 and 3 inch squares of the interfacings. Also a few 5 inch strips,to subcut into 5 inch squares, this stream lines the cutting of the interfacing.

Carla said...

Love watching the blocks bloom to life

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