Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sew Simple Shapes - How I keep them Organized!!

Hello cute people! 
I thought I would do a quick post 
to show you how I keep my

As you know...
they come in a bag like this.

But there are 24 shapes 
in all different sizes...
and I want to be able to
 get to the one that I want quickly.
So here's how I did it!

So...a while ago I was at JoAnn's and 
bought this cute little
 pink with gold polka dots binder by DCWV.

I bought it for Kassidy 
to make a little scrapbook
 using her Instax photos 

I bought the little photo pages
 that go with the binder there as well.
I liked the different divided sizes
 for the photos 
 and thought she could have fun with them.

It was about the same time 
that we started the 
and as I was looking at
 the little photo pages...
 I just knew that they 
would be perfect 
to keep my 
Sew Simple Shapes organized!

I discovered that they fit perfectly:)
So this is how I keep my 
Sew Simple Shapes.
I put them in the little photo pages according to size 
like this...

 I can see them clearly
and easily remove the ones needed
for each block.

I also kept the package header
 and put it in one of the pages.

I purchased this set of rings
 to hold the pages together.
I like how small they are.
I also got these at JoAnn's
in the scrapbooking section
 with the Tim Holtz stuff.

You could use bigger ones as well...
I'm sure you can find them 
at any craft store.
Just make sure they are
 the kind that open like these.

 These are the 3 different style pages.

Each photo page measure 4 3/4" x 5 1/2".
They have some that measure 4"x 4"
but they are not large enough to hold the large templates.

If you don't have a JoAnn's near you...
No worries.
You would not need to use 
the exact same ones that I have.

You can buy many photo pages and matching binders in the scrapbooking
 section of your local craft store.
You will just need to take or measure your largest template
 to make sure that it fits.  

These are by DCWV just like the little binder that I bought for Kass.

I purchased 2 packages of each style
 because I'm planning to use them for my
 up-coming set of 
Sew Simple Shapes called Cozy Christmas:)
Here is a sneak peek!

I suppose you are wondering why
 I bought those little rings to hold the pages together
 and not a little binder like the one I bought for Kassidy?

Well...that would work but I wanted a standard size binder 
so that I could hold the
 BLOOM pattern and other things
 for the sew along as well.

This is a Martha Stewart binder
 that I've had and used for a few years.
I love it and I'm sad that
 they are not available anymore.

But there are cute binders everywhere
 so I'm sure that you won't have a hard time
 finding one if you want to organize 
your templates and pattern like I did.

If your binder has inside pockets 
you could easily store 
the BLOOM templates there...

But I'm keeping mine in a 
binder pocket that zips closed.

I keep my pattern in sheet protectors
 for easy access ...

just turn the pages to
 the block you are working on:)

I also added lined paper for notes.

It's so easy to 
grab my shapes from the pocket 
when I'm working on each block and
 I know they are protected 
and best of all...
I won't lose any!!!

You could even keep your turning tool and
 bias tape maker in the zip pocket as well.

And your fabric and Pellon pieces 
for each block in the sheet protectors.

I love to be organized and
have fun at the same!
It makes each block for the
 BLOOM quilt easy peasy to make:) 

I hope you like how I organized my 
BLOOM Sew Along project and
 Sew Simple Shapes...
I shared it with you 
because it's working out so well 
and I thought you just 
might want to do the same thing!



mary gontjes said...

Thank you so much for this fantastic tip on storing your shapes. I love it..

NonnaD said...

Genius! I've been so worried about losing those slippery little things each time! Lol Gonna implement it ASAP!!

Hannah said...

I just bought a binder and sheet protectors for all the quilt alongs I am doing and I was trying to figure out what to use for the shapes. Thank you so much! Love this!!!!

Sherri B said... genius! This is something I need to do!

Laurel said...

Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing

Carolknits said...

That is so clever...and so needed. I thought I had lost a small template and went crazy until I had found it near my sewing table. It had slipped right out of the package when I was hunting for the templates for block 2. I'm headed to JoAnn's this afternoon to see what I can get. I also made a duplicate set of the templates just in case I did lose one of the originals. I can't wait for the Christmas set!

Phantom said...

I posted this tip on the Facebook page about the Bloom Quilt Along--I kept misplacing my templates because they are small and clear and blend in quite nicely with my carpet, clothing, dogs, etc... So I put a tiny piece of day glow tape that is used to mark off rulers for smaller sizes on each piece of my templates so if I drop them or set them aside, and I do, it is much easier to find them.

Unknown said...

Awesome idea. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Awesome idea. Thank you for sharing.

Little Quiltsong said...

Thank you for sharing Lori! This is such a wonderful idea. I too love to be organized and work better when I am. I will have to check around for these sheets.

Unknown said...

Did you find the binder pages that zip at Joann's too?

Unknown said...

Did you find the binder pages that zip at Joann's?

Billie said...

That's great! Thank you!

Mamallama2601 said...

I love this idea!! Thank you!!

Createology said...

I have always organized things in binders and your ideas are wonderful. Thank you sew very much for sharing. Embracing Creative Bliss...

krislovesfabric said...

I am planning to do the Christmas one so thanks for a great tip on how to keep track of them, I may have to see if I can find a Christmas-themed binder...hmmm...

Carolknits said...

I found everything at JoAnn's this afternoon and they were 50% off...what a deal! I organized my small one, however, did slip out the side opening of the photo page, so I will still be careful. I do love this idea. I even bought a cute album like Lori's to put the pages in.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lori. I loved your idea. I went to JoAnn's and found a different set of pocket pages to organize my shapes, but sadly my set didn't include one large enough to hold the largest shapes. So I put them in a zip lock bag and punched a hole in the bag and added it onto my ring! Great idea Lori!

ptmemaw said...

I had all my supplies in the clear RB bag I got your little basket table runner from Millie's Closet! It was good...but this is great and I love the preview of your next set. I got the notebook because I see I'll next something to store all my Lori Holt template in. Thanks so much for all your hard work...we love ya!

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