Thursday, April 11, 2019

NEW Book!!!...Introducing FARM GIRL VINTAGE 2!!

I am sew excited because
 it's time that I can finally
 announce what all of the
 "secret sewing" 
that has been going on is all about!

Introducing my next book

If you want to see all of the 
quilts and projects inside my new book

It's a perfect companion to
 my first 

When I did this first book 
I had so much fun with it 
and I knew right then and there 
that I would eventually do 
another one when the timing was right.

One of the things that I wanted to do
 for it was to design a fabric 
collection specifically for the book 
and so now you know another reason 
for my current fabric collection
 Farm Girl Vintage

I made sure that there is
 a wide variety of prints...

In many of my happy vintage colors...

That reminded me of fabrics 
my grandma and her sisters
 made their quilts from.

I love this collection and I can
 tell you that I have used it for
 literally every project in the book...

And I've used my 
Bee Backgrounds
 prints throughout as well.

A little info about the book...
will be spiral bound 
just like my other books.

It has over 200 pages and 
will be released in September.
There are 45 Farm Girl Blocks 
in the book along with several 
other projects and new 
Mix and Match settings 
for you to play with!

The blocks also come in two sizes...
6" and 12" and can be used 
with all of my other books 
with the same size blocks:)

There are 50 blocks in the cover quilt
 and because there are 45 in the book 
I doubled up on five of them.

 I did that for this simple reason...
  I am hoping for the sew along 
that you will choose 5 blocks 
from my first book 
to pop into those 5 spots!

I said sew along:)

There will be an epic sew along 
and we will be bringing back
You can pre-order your copy 
from the publishers if 
you would like by clicking 

with all that being said 
I know today is Thursday and 
I have no vintage block for you:(

The photography for the book 
is taking place here in my home
 just like all or my other books...
and that will be in a few weeks.

As you can imagine...
I am super duper busy still sewing
 and getting everything ready for 
Kimberly and the girls to get here 
so I will have to skip a few 
Vintage Block Along 
posts until photography is over.

I pinky promise that the
will resume immediately afterwards!

Thanks so much in advance
 for your understanding ...
I appreciate all of your kindness 
and support that you always give to me
 and my designing schedule! 
In the meantime I will 
keep in touch with you via
and let you know everything that is
 going on here and show you pictures 
of the photo shoot as well!
Chat with you later...


Anorina @SameliasMum said...

YAY! Congratulations. Super excited for your new book.

Little Quiltsong said...

Oh Lori!!! Love how you added in all the companion blocks into your next lovely book with so many yet to see delicious patterns and more new blocks. You cannot imagine the joy of this. My husband was even ready to comment on your blog (to say thank you) - when he saw the excitement on my face :)!! So looking forward to your new book!!

Margie said...

Yes!!!! Thank you Lori! This is exactly what I was hoping you were up to!! So glad you made a horse block!!!! ❤️️❤️️❤️️ Love all the other additions as well! I can't wait to buy this book!!

mcpeakj said...

WOWWEEE! Love it!! Your wonderful creativity knows no bounds!!

joolz said...


Tori said...

Oh this is so exciting - congratulations Lori! I absolutely adore Farm Girl Vintage (and Spelling Bee) and use it all the time. I especially love how you can mix and match blocks and the different size options. I would love to join in the sewalong, so crossing fingers that the book will be available in the UK in time. Roll on September :-)

sandys7118 said...

OMG! AWESOME NEWS! So glad to have another fun filled Farm Girl Vintage! Will there be any of your templates for applique for this book?

Regina said...

Sounds wonderful, Lori! My, you must have a whole hive in your bonnet! I still don't know how you get everything accomplished! I will miss the Vintage Block each week, but hopefully, you will be able to get a break in between all the activity! Congratulations on another beautiful book! Looking forward! Blessings.

Cfrosty said...

I preordered and can't wait. I love your other books. Your blocks always make me smile!!

morethanmum? said...

Ordered my book! I'm excited about farmgirl fridays as my quilt blocks have been neglected for months!!

RhoniAnn said...

Yee Haw indeed! Super excited for you and the release of the new book can't wait. Please tell your suppliers to order extra material, some of us have a terrible time finding your precuts. (By some of us I mean this girl.)
Can not wait to see what you have in store for us with a sew along. As for the Vintage Sew Along, glad to hear you are taking a few weeks, I need to get caught up. Congrats again.

Pam L said...

I’m so excited for you Lori! I really don’t know how you do all that you do. I was just beginning my quilty adventure when Farm Girl Vintage came out and that book taught me SO much! Looking forward to the next session of FG Fridays😊

Unknown said...

YOUR first FARM GIRL VINTAGE was MY first quilt I ever made! Now I will make your second one! I LOVE YOUR FABRICS AND DESIGNS!

The Nugent Noise said...

SEPTEMBER!! You’re killing me Small’s!

Wendy said...

There is a cat in there! I love it! Got to have it, too bad my birthday is in July, hahaha. Maybe for christmas.

I am making my son a tractor Quilt from your first farmgirl vintage book, and he loves it, and can't wait for me to finish.

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