Monday, April 1, 2019

Farm Sweet Farm Sew Along - The BIG Finish and a Farm Sweet Farm Animal Stack!!

Today is all about the 
big finish of the
 Farm Sweet Farm Quilt:)

I'm sew excited to 
show you my quilt finish...
I took a lot of photos at
 several different angles 
so that you could see how it
 looks all put together and 
also see the awesome job 
that my friend Juli Stubbs 
did with the quilting.
She always goes above and beyond 
and I'm thrilled with
 how it turned out:)

Scroll through each and every photo
 and when you get to the end
 I have a surprise tutorial for you!

I'm so happy that the weather 
was nice enough to take my quilt
 out on the deck for natural lighting.

I adore the yellow houndstooth
 print for the binding...

And I love how all of the little
 5" Farmer's Daughters blocks 
look so cute all in rows:)

I absolutely love how the 
BEEHIVE Vintage Trim looks 
tucked inside the binding.

If you haven't done this before...
check out this YouTube tutorial
 on how I do it.

Now for the surprise!
If you have participated in 
my other sew alongs then you know 
that I usually do a tutorial 
for a quilt label at the end...

And this sew along is no exception!

I used the 
to make a 
Farm Sweet Farm Animal Stack:) 

First I cut 
8 - 3 1/2" x 9 1/2"
scrappy Farm Girl Vintage prints.

Then I sewed them around a 
12 1/2" x 18 1/2" piece 
of the leftover linen background.

I made appliqués for the 
cow...pig and chicken 
just like we did in the quilt...

With the addition of a heart for the pig:)

I also decided to make 
this milk cow black and white 
and make hooves:)

I cut the piece for the legs
 5" x 7" and a strip for the hooves
 1 1/2" x 7" and sewed it to the bottom.

I pressed my seams open.

Then I simply traced the 
entire Sew Simple Shape legs 
like this and sewed them. 

After turning they look like this
 and are all ready to go!

I stacked my animals a little
 to the right of the block 
to make room for the 
embroidery on the left.

If you are not making your block 
for a label you could stack 
the animals more in the center 
and make an adorable 
mini quilt or a pillow!

I typed what I wanted my 
label to say and then
 printed it out.
I traced the embroidery on
 with a pencil and used my 

I think it's important to
 label your quilts...
even if you just simply put
 your name and the year.

Here is what it looks like 
with the appliqué 
and embroidery completed!

I love it it looks 
on the back of my quilt:)
To put it onto the 
back of your quilt just
 press the outside edges
 under about 1/4" and applique
 it onto the 
Farm Life 108" widleback.

I used the one in COTTAGE 
color for the back of my quilt 
but any of the 3 colors 
that it is available in would work!

I know that I always say this
 about each and every quilt 
at the end of a sew along...
but this is one of my very
 favorite quilts ever!

Thanks so much for joining me 
and as always...
the tutorials will remain on my blog
 for ever so just find the link
 for each week on the 
right sidebar here on my blog.
Remember that you must be 
viewing the full web version
 of my blog to see the right sidebar.

Even though this is the 
last tutorial for the
 Farm Sweet Farm Quilt...
I am still having fun and 
playing with Farm Girl Vintage fabric
 for another sew along 
that I have been doing called the
and it's perfect for 
using leftovers from your kit!

Here are the first four blocks
 and we are up to 
block 15 right now...
and I'll be posting block 16 this Thursday.

Each block is a free tutorial 
of a vintage block from my 
grandma's pattern basket and 
they will all eventually become a quilt.
for week one and to read all about it.

And some other exciting news...
You are invited to join my 
Granny's Garden Sew Along 
that will start at the end 
of this coming August.
We will be using my circle rulers 
and a new set of Sew Simple Shapes...

To make my new 
Granny's Garden Quilt 
(76" x 86") 
out of my Granny Chic fabric collection
 that will arrive this summer.

The quilt consists of 
42 - 10" finished blocks that we will 
first applique shapes onto circles.

It will be super fun and easy...
if you did my very first 
sew simple shapes applique quilt called
 "BLOOM" you will love this one too!

Thanks again for sewing with me.
If you want to know what is 
going on with me and my designs 
from day to day you can 
catch up with me on my 

Tune in right here this Thursday 
for block 16 of the 


Kerry said...

So beautiful! I wish I had grandchildren to sew for . . . yet! Always hopeful. But when I get the notification that one is on the way, I'll know where to come. Love the tractor with the chicken - heck, it's all fab! Thank you - I haven't been sewing along but enjoying seeing the progress. xx

Teatime Creations said...

What a wonderful farm quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

I Love this quilt and especially that label! How fun!! Thanks for sharing the inspiration!

Tina said...

This is just about the cutest quilt EVER!!! I love it! I have my fabrics and I'm ready to begin but I had health issue develop which derailed me. Thanks so much for leaving your Tutorials on your blog!!

Regina said...

Gracious, SO much eye candy! The quilt is so beautiful with the pieced strips separating the farm scenes, and the quilting is amazing! Lori, YOU out-did yourself again! I love the quilt label too.
I am so excited to see the remaining posts for the Vintage Block Along, and now ANOTHER new fabric line and quilt along to look forward to! I can't wait to see what you have in store!
Thanks so much for these tutorials!

Irene said...

Lori, you are such an inspiration! The love and adorable accents you incorporate in your quilt just is overwhelming to the heart! Then you to add your beautiful "label" on the back....all so breath taking...leaves me in ahs! Thank you for all your encouragement!!!

Polka Dot Pig said...

Oh my word I LOVE the stacked animals!!! I need to hurry and get going on mine! Thank you so much for the pattern and tutorials. And for designing such a cute quilt to make me set outside my box and try applique.

Barbara Thomas said...

Fabulous! Of course! Now I just have to get a my snail moving to finish before August! At this rate ol' snail should be ready!! Have to!! The whole family can't wait for the farm to be theirs! Slow & steady will get it done!! Thank you Lori for your beautiful work and inspiration!!❤🐌❤

Cary J said...

Love the quilt. It was so fun watching every month for the newest block. It is so darling.

Cary J.

Becky L. said...

Just...everything you do is good!

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