Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Free Sew Simple Shapes ReMix Blocks!!

I've happily introduced 
a new series called the 
Sew Simple Shapes ReMix
and I'm pretty excited about it 
because I get to design a new block
 every month using my 
Sew Simple Shapes!

The blocks will first publish within 
the Riley Blake Designs monthly 
newsletter which comes to your email 
on the third Wednesday of every month.
to sign up for the newsletter ...
it's completely free!

The following Friday of my 
ReMix Block newsletter release...
 I do a step by step tutorial on my 
showing you exactly how to make 
the block along with other 
information about my Sew Simple Shapes:)

We started in March and so 
we have two blocks so far...
and soon the block for May 
will be available!

This is the #1 ReMix Block from March.

For this block I used my 
PRIM set of Sew Simple Shapes...

And designed something completely
 different from the blocks 
that I designed for the
 Prim sew along quilt...
 such as the block one that 
you see in the photo above:)

That's why I named this series ReMix...
I wanted to take the shapes 
and use them in other blocks 
so that you can see just how versatile 
that my Sew Simple Shapes are:)

This is ReMix Block #2 from April.

I used my AUTUMN LOVE 
Sew Simple Shapes for this one.

This is a block from the Autumn Love Quilt
 for the sew along...

And it was so fun to use the shapes 
for a different kind of block 
that can be used in the spring as well!

to watch my tutorial and to 
learn more about my 
Sew Simple Shapes ReMix Series!!

Thank you so much to all of you 
who have already joined along with me 
in this fun new adventure...
if you have not joined in yet
I sure hope that you will!

I look forward to designing a 
new block for all of 
you each and every month:)
I'll chat with you later...


Unknown said...

I love using your sew simple shapes my favorite was the farm quilt and am excited to see them used more than Lori

R's Rue said...

So pretty.

Bev said...

I have almost all of the Simple Shapes so I hope you do this from now on permanently! Thanks!

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