Monday, May 10, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Five!!

Hi there beautiful people and happy Monday!

Welcome to week five in the 

If you are just joining us...
 CLICK on the bold words 
above for my first
 blog post where I 
tell you all about it!

As usual I have three more blocks for you!

This week I worked 
from two of my books...

For the 12" Block I made my 
Evening Star Block on page 45 
of my book Farm Girl Vintage 2.

I used my Farm Girl Vintage
 gingham, honeycomb and also my 
chicken tracks for the background. 
I used my Calico Days Baby Chicks 
print for the center square 
and the corner triangles:)

12" Evening Star Block

I made my 6" Peas and Carrots Block 
from page 53
from my first Farm Girl Vintage Book.
This is another favorite 
and easy to make block...
you simply need two red prints
 that have good contrast from each other:)

I used my Flea Market Star Flower 
and my Prim Circles prints 
as well as my 
Bee Backgrounds "Clover" print.

6" Peas and Carrots Block

Last Friday I filmed episode #18
 in my Sew Your Stash Series
and because my block finishes at 6"...

I decided that it would be fun to
 make a block all in reds and to add it 
to my Red Sampler Quilt.
After all...
I need to make 30 blocks in the 
6" size and so I think that
 this one fits perfectly:)

It's called Granny Star 
and if you want to 
add it to your quilt
to watch my tutorial
and also to see a sneak peek
 of several more of my Red Sampler Blocks:)
This version uses a print for the 
center square instead of the background.

I used my Chicken Tracks 
background and 3 reds:
Flea Market Basket Weave
Bee Cross Stitch
Farm Girl Vintage Calico

6" Churn Dash Block

I hope that you will have fun
 sewing your blocks this week...
as for me...I'm having a blast:)

I'm really having a good time 
choosing fabric and sewing 
these blocks for my Red Sampler...
I just want to make more blocks every day!

Thanks for sewing with me this week!

This photo was taken of me 
sitting at my vintage teachers desk 
during the photo shoot 
for my book Spelling Bee.

Here are a few more photos from the shoot:

This setting is for 12" Blocks 
and would be another great choice 
for my Red Sampler Blocks:)

Well that's it for today folks!
I've shown you all of my blocks again...
now it's time for you to show me yours!

Go ahead and use the hashtag
when posting on your social media:)

I'll meet you right back here 
next week with 3 more blocks!

P.S. Here is a list of 
each week's blog post 
for this sew along so far:
Click on the week 
that you would like to visit!


Patricia D said...

Your quilts are all so beautiful. So glad I found you to follow. Thanks for all the inspiration!

Vquiltmaker said...

Thank you for using books and scraps we already have and not encouraging us to alway buy new supplies. I have so many things that I never get to because I am always buying more. I love the idea of using what I have. I love the RED!!!

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle ♻️

Vquiltmaker said...

Thank you for encouraging us to use the books and fabric we already have. I have so many things, but I never use them because I am always buying more. I appreciate the opportunity to use what I have - scraps and all! I love the RED!!!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, ♻️


Karen said...

Love your creative posts, Miss Bee! Your red and white blocks are sew cute!

Robbienae said...


You get an A+ on all of your beautiful designs and quilts! The picture of you at the teacher's desk reminds me of my 9th grade typing teacher, Mr. Rutledge. I think he broke about 10 yardsticks over his desk that year because of the bad boys in our class. You make me laugh!

Robin Plummer

Reba said...

Hi Lori, I love all your videos. Can you please tell me what starch you mix with water? I do not hear well and I played the video over a few times and I still can’t catch the name. I would appreciate it deeply if you can respond to my question. Thank you so much you’re a great mentor!💜

Jackson said...


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