Monday, May 24, 2021

Red Sampler Quilt Along - Week Seven!!

Hello there! 
Welcome back to my blog:)

It's week seven in the 

If you are just joining us...
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As I told you last week...
I have three 6" blocks for you today!

I have 30 - 6" blocks and only
 20 - 12" blocks to make for my quilt
 so I thought that I would 
just do 6" blocks this week.

This week I worked 
from one of my books only...
all three blocks 
are from Farm Girl Vintage 2...
and here's why!

so remember that we have 
already made my 6" Starry Nights Block
 that you see on the 
right in my photo above?

Well then you also know 
that there is cutting for a
 12" block as well.
That 12" Block cutting 
consists of 4 - 6" blocks.

so...what I did was cut just one 
of the stars from the 12" block
cutting measurements
and sew it up.
Now I have a 6" block
 which consists of just one star:)
Starry Nights is on page 126

Now that you've heard my explanation
and have seen the 
3 blocks for this week...
Are you starting to 
sense a theme going on here?
I did the same thing 
for the other two 
6" blocks for this week.

We already made the 
6" Quilting Day Block
from page 112.

I used the 12" cutting measurements
from that Quilting Day Block 
 and only cut and sewed one 
 6" Churn Dash Block:)

And last week we made the 6" 
Cross Stitch Block from page 37....
which consists of four cross stitch's.
This week I made a 6" Cross Stitch Block...
and guessed it!
I used the 12" Block cutting 
and only cut one cross stitch.

It was really fun to make 
3 new 6" blocks that you 
might not otherwise have known
 were in the book:)

There are actually several blocks
 in my Farm Girl Vintage 2 book
 that we could do this with
 and I plan on doing more!

I hope that you will have fun
 sewing your three 6" Red Sampler Blocks
 for this week.

I'm still really having a good time 
seeing all of your blocks on 

I'm leaving you 
with a few photos from 
Farm Girl Vintage 2 
photo shoot at my house.

We took this one of the sampler
displayed on my backyard deck:)

This is one of my favorites 
because it shows all of the 
Farm Girl Vintage 2 Blocks 
hanging on the clothesline!

This is the Beekeepers Garden...

And this is October Skies:)

Both are made using the same 
quilt setting as the sampler quilt
 in the book and it happens to be 
the same exact setting that I am using
 for my Red Sampler Quilt!

I want to show you this picture
 from the doll quilt section
 of the book because these are 
the doll quilts made with 
three of the blocks from this week
 (and the other blocks in the book)
 that have little 3" finished blocks
 when you use the 6" block cutting measurements:)

I show my doll quilts and 
talk about them more on one of my 
recent tutorials on my 

if you would like to see more! 

I'll be right back here next week
with more Red Sampler Blocks:)

P.S. Here is a list of 
each week's blog post 
for this sew along so far:
Click on the week 
that you would like to visit!

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Loraine said...

Hello my name is Loraine and have just started quilting I love everything you do . Especially all the beautiful colours. You are a great inspiration . Many thanks ❤️😄

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