Friday, August 6, 2021

FLOSS TUBE #10 Show Notes!!


 I have a new Flosstube 
up on my 
Within each of my Floss Tube episodes
 I show my cross stitching 
that I have been doing 
 and I tell all about it.

I have a lot of color changes 
that I do so that my stitches
 match my decor style and many of you
 have been asking if I would 
share those color conversions.

So each time I'll be doing
 "show notes" 
and sharing my colors on
 each "finished" piece that I 
have shown in that particular episode.

Today I filmed FlossTube No. 10 
and here are my show notes.

The Bee Skep
Linen used:
 36 count Toasted Almond
by Fabrics by Stephanie
Stitched with 1 thread over two.

Chart is by Blackbird Designs

My Two Color Changes are:
Called for is listed first-
 following is what I used:)

Gentle Arts Dungarees - 
Gentle Arts Aged Pewter

Gentle Arts Mustard Seed - 
Gentle Arts Grecian Gold 

Oh Joyous Day
Linen used: 36 count Winter White
by Seraphim
Stitched with 1 strand of floss over 2.

Chart is by Blackbird Designs

My Two Color Changes are:

Weeks Dye Works Brick -
Gentle Arts Pomegranate

Weeks Dye Works Red Pear -
Gentle Arts - Old Brick

Summer at Cherry Hill
Linen used: 
36 count Latte by XJuDesigns
Stitched with one strand of floss over two

Chart is by Brenda Gervais

My six color changes are:

Gentle Arts Woodrose -
Classic Colorworks Cherry Tomato

Gentle Arts Apple Cider -
Weeks Dye Works Havana

Classic Colorworks Chili Pepper -
Classic Colorworks Cherry Cobbler

Classic Colorworks Avacado -
Weeks Dye Works Guacomole

Classic Colorworks Eggshell -
Weeks Dye Works Grits

Classic Colorworks Polliwog -
Gentle Arts Tin Bucket

Hannah's Brownstone

Linen used: 36 count Edinburgh Linen
Summer Khaki
Stitched with one thread over two

 Chart is by The Scarlett House

My two color changes are:

Weeks Dye Works Hazelnut -
Gentle Arts Old Brick

Weeks Dye Works Mascara -
Weeks Dye Works Molasses

to watch my FlossTube No.10

Thanks so much!!

You are welcome to use my 
color conversions and in exchange 
I would
 really appreciate that you 
give me credit when doing so.

I'll chat with you later!


Chris Rudy said...

Absolute "perfection"!!! I hope you know how very much you inspire all of us... we love and appreciate you, beyond words. God Bless You Lori Holt!

Unknown said...

I loved the floss winders . I am going to order a couple.

Unknown said...

Not sure the comment I wrote has been enable. I like the floss wonders and will be ordering a couple. Thanks for the demonstration.

Shelly Nichols said...

Love your stitching and creativity. Can’t wait to watch!

Linda Whaley said...

Just watched Flosstube 10. Love how you keep your floss on your floss keepers. I just started a cross stitch section in my quilt shop. Starting small but hope it catches on!!!

Cindy Shelley said...

Beautiful. The floss keepers llok awesome

Theresa Fisher said...

Thank you so much for posting your notes and for all the inspiration and fun everything! I really enjoy your videos.

Alimcd925 said...

Floss inspiration! Lori, just love you and your floss tube videos. I love stitching with friends. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next visit!

Unknown said...

I Enjoy your flosstube, you are so very talented!!
I will need to get a floss winder, love the painted ones.

DJ said...

Just recently found you on facebook and have watched many hours of your shows already. The hole punches you mentioned in this show are what I have been looking for. Could you tell me where to find them or at least the brand name. I like all three of them. I am totally in love with the fact that you crochet in the am, quilt or other in the afternoon and xstitch in the evening. This is something I am planning to try very soon. Might even get a project completed.

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