Monday, August 16, 2021

UPDATE about My Happy Place Sew Along!!


I wanted to let you all know 
about an important update to the 
My Happy Place Sew Along

Because of what's been 
going on around the world...
we have had unforeseen shipping delays
and  the sew along will begin on
September 13, 2021

All of the information in my
 "BEE PREPARED" post that I did last Monday
 is exactly the same other than
 the start date and the schedule
 and I will update that.

if you have not read that post yet.

The schedule page has been changed
 on the free PDF of the 
Sew Along Guide
so you can copy off just that page
 to add to your binder.

The goal is to give everyone 
the opportunity to have their kits
 in plenty of time before the 
new start date so that they can 
Bee Prepared!!

I'm so excited to make the 
My Happy Place Quilt with you !!!

I will meet you 
right back here on 
Monday September 13th for Week One!!


Karen Goldie said...

Thanks for the update. This will be my first sew along with you. I'm really looking forward to it.

Mary said...

Thanks! This my first sew along, too. Been so excited to do it. Looking at past ones,too.

Unknown said...

So disappointed. But, I understand! Your directions are OUTSTANDING!

Pam Miller said...

I completely understand. Now it will start two days before my birthday! That's okay with me! It will be alot of fun! Pam

MichW4 said...

I’m so excited for this sew along. It will be my first one of yours, thought I have collected all of the others to do at some point! I’ll be at Gardwn of Quilts the week it starts, so maybe I’ll start it during the free sew time. I hope to see you at GoQ!

Desperatly Dissapointed said...

Hello Lori,
I am so excited to start this sew along with you. I have been following your you tube channel since last year and as i have only been quilting since March 2020 I have learned so much. I have now completed several pieced quilts and am looking forward to trying out the applique for the first time.

Happy Quilting! See you Sept 13th


Unknown said...

Hello Lori. Im new to all of things sewing and quilting. It has saved my life. U have taught me "sew" much. Thank u

CuddlyQuilter said...

Hi Lori. I’m so excited to get into learning and doing your appliqué technique. So neat and efficient. Much appreciated

Carla said...

It's crazy how the pandemic stuff has affected everything we do.

Firefly said...

Just had to leave a love note. This is my first sew along. My sister showed me this project and I had no intention of doing it but holy cow, it’s just too irresistible to pass up. So we ordered, waaaay more stuff than we’ll probably ever need and have been salivating ever since. I’m ready! Excited! Making design boards later today and just get ready for all the learning to begin!

Pam said...

Sept 2 2021 my kit is in the mail. Yahoooooo

CraftyE said...

hi Lori
Just got my kit from fat quarter shop so excited this is the first sew along with you and can wait to learn all you strategies. I am a recent retired teacher. Love everything you do. My fist question is there anything I need to prepare before September 13? Love ❤️ you

Amy said...

Lori, I just want to thank you for your beautiful work and for shining your light so that others might feel joy. I just recently discovered you and your farm girl vintage pattern books. I have not done much quilting in the past but thought I’d take a dive into your cute blocks and oh my goodness has it brought me so much peace, happiness, and fun. Your books are so simply written and I could follow the instructions so easily. I’m using your 12 inch blocks for different throw pillows for my porch, and a few accompanying 6 inch blocks to go in a picture frame. It will be so fun to switch these out monthly. It has been a long few years with the pandemic with much worry and stress. But finding your darling quilt block patterns has been the perfect little boost to wake up to each morning. Thank you!!

The Wooden Acorn said...

Sew excited Lori! My husband listens to me chatting about this up coming Sew Along daily. It will be my first one with you and looking forward to all the fun applique work. You're vintage style is like no other.

KathyK said...

I am loving this, it is so much fun and I look forward to each new post you make. Really is My Happy Place!

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