Monday, January 30, 2023

Calico Garden Sew Along - Week One!!


Welcome to week one of the 
Sew Along!
Join me here each week 
when I will be doing tutorials
 on the blocks for the quilt.

Of course because we are all sewing 
from all around the world  
we all have different time zones...
But I will be posting each Monday 
right here on my blog 
and you can follow my tutorials 
any time each week that 
 is convenient for you.

We are making the 
Calico Garden Quilt
90" x 90"
I've been prepping like crazy
so that I will be all ready
when it's time to begin...
and now that time is here!!

The quilt is made with my latest fabric
 collection called Calico...

I hope that you all have all 
received your 
fabric kits by now...
 and that we are all ready to begin!!

If you still need one ...
just do a quick google search for 
"Calico Garden Quilt Kit"
to find shops who still have some left.

We are also using the
Calico Garden
Sew Simple Shapes

I have already posted the
 post which details all of the supplies
 for the sew along and how it works.
I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to download the sew along guide
if you have not downloaded yet.

As per the sew along guide 
cutting instructions
 you should have everything for your
  Coneflower Blocks 
 all cut and ready to go!
*A note about fabric prep before cutting:
Of course this is all personal preference
 but I often get asked the same 
two questions
 so I thought I would answer them
 here again for you.
1. Do you pre-wash your fabrics?
Answer - No...I don't.
I used to years ago 
(I have been sewing for a long time lol)
but these days we have such 
good quality fabrics available to us 
that I don't find it necessary
 to pre-wash and I've never had any
 problems by not doing so.
2. How do you starch your fabric?
Answer - I lightly starch my fabrics
before I cut them for 
piecing or for applique.
I use Mary Ellens Best Press
and mix it with a little water in my 
spray bottle and spray my fabric 
right before I iron it flat to cut it. 

So in other words all of my starching
 takes place during my ironing process
 right before cutting.
And yes...
I always use vintage irons.
If you would like to know why and
 how I find them and use them...
to watch my YouTube Video
where I tell you all about it!

As per usual for week one in my 
Sew Simple Shape Sew Alongs
 the FIRST week tutorial is a video.

Because I now have my own  
 I have posted the 
 Blue Coneflower Block
Tutorial there.
to visit my channel and watch the 
tutorial and I hope that you love it!
Pretty please leave me a comment
over there and let me know:)

If you like what you see 
and my other videos there...
click on subscribe and click on the bell
 to be notified whenever
 I post another tutorial:)

Here's my Blue Coneflower Block 
that I showed you 
how to make in my video:)
It's all ready for applique!!!

The Purple Coneflower Block 
is almost identical to the Blue 
and so I'll show you how I made mine
 and give the necessary particulars!

Here is my Purple Coneflower Kit
 Everything is all cut...
all traced and ready to go!

Here is a list of the
  Calico Garden 
Sew Simple Shapes 
needed for this block:
1 - O-44
2 - O-58
2 - O-64
1 - O-85
1 - O-86

You will also need to cut
and prepare 1/4"
straight bias strip for the stem: 
1 - 5" long 

Cut your background  
10" x 10"
as it says in the guide
and press it in half for 
centering the flower and stem 
when pinning and glue basting:)

*Take note that on shape O-85
 that this mound will be the short one
 so that it fits on the block...
so just trace the top curve of the shape
 down to the line and then across
 like I showed you with the pot shape 
in the video for the Blue Coneflower.

All of the shapes were sewn...
trimmed...turned and shaped
just like I showed in my video.
Don't forget to clip the cleavage areas
 in the flower before turning.
Now I'll show you all of the 
measurements for this block 
after I glue basted and pinned it:)

7 1/4" - 7 1/2" tall

Large leaves are 7 1/2" wide...

And small leaves are 5" wide.

Purple Coneflower Block 
all ready for applique:)

Afterwards I will 
press from the back and then 
I will use my 8 1/2" Trim-It Ruler
to trim down the block before 
I sew it into the quilt.
I just love these rulers!
One reason is that I love to use 
during layout to make sure 
everything is centered:)

A few days ago I posted the tutorial
on how to make the
to read my blog post 
for those instructions:)

Thanks so much for sewing with me today
 and for joining me 
 for the very first week of 
Calico Garden
Congratulations on 
making your first blocks:)
YaY You!

I'll meet you right back here
on my blog next week for the 
Morning Glory Block tutorial...


Anonymous said...

Where do you get the yellow singer sewing machine?

Unknown said...

Can I buy complete instructions for the purple coneflower and other flower blocks? I want to make them separately and frame for my children and grandchildren. I love them.

Anonymous said...

She buys vintage and has them painted

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