Friday, July 21, 2023

Bee Vintage Sew Along - Week Two - Vintage Scottie Dog Block!!


Welcome to week two of the 
Sew Along!
Join me here each week 
when I will be doing 3 tutorials
 on three blocks for the quilt.

Of course because we are all sewing 
from all around the world  
we all have different time zones...
But I will be posting each 
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 
right here on my blog 
and you can follow my tutorials 
any time during the week that 
 is convenient for you.

We are making the 
Bee Vintage Sampler Quilt
71" x 84"
I've been getting ready for
when it was time to begin...
and now that time is here!!

The quilt is made with my fabric
 collection called Bee Vintage...
and a few other prints from my basics collections as well!

I hope that you all have all 
received your 
fabric kits by now...
 and that we are all ready to begin!!

If you still need one ...
just do a quick google search for 
"Bee Vintage Quilt Kit"
to find shops who still have some left.

We are also using the
Bee Vintage
Sew Simple Shapes

I have already posted the
 post which details all of the supplies
 for the sew along and how it works.
I have also given the link there 
for the free PDF Download 
of the Sew Along Guide

to download the sew along guide
if you have not downloaded yet. 

As per usual for the first block in my 
Sew Simple Shape Sew Alongs
 that FIRST tutorial is a video.

Because I now have my own  
 I have posted the 
 Vintage Strawberry Block
Tutorial there.
to visit my channel and watch the 
tutorial and I hope that you love it!

to read my blog post too

for the tutorial on the

for the tutorial on the

for the tutorial on the 

Last time we made the
for that tutorial

Today we are making the scottie dog!

Here is my Vintage Scottie Dog Block 
 All cut...traced and ready to go!

Here is a list of the
  Bee Vintage 
Sew Simple Shapes 
needed for this block:
1 - P-23
1 - P-24
2 - P-31

That you will need to 
trace BOTH of the P-31 shape in reverse.
To trace in reverse...
simply turn the Sew Simple Shape 
over so that the right side 
(you can tell from the printing on the shape)
 is facing down and then trace!
Easy Peasy:)

Cut your background  
12" x 12"

All of these shapes have inner curves
 to clip before turning and the
 scottie has cleavage ares as well.

Turned ...shaped and pressed.
Easy peasy!!

This is a super easy block to layout 
because there are only a few shapes
 and here is my placement.

He is only as wide and tall 
as the shape so no extra 
measurement photos for you:)

And he is all ready for applique!

Once again after your applique 
is completed press from the back 
and trim down to 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"
 using the 10 1/2" Trim-It Ruler.


for the high res printable photo of the 

Thanks so much for sewing your 
scotty dog with me today:)

 Now we have finished week two 
and 3 more blocks for the 
Bee Vintage Sew Along
I'll meet you right back here
on my blog next time for the 
Vintage Umbrella Block tutorial...

1 comment:

Anney Parkin said...

Thank you so much for this Bee Vintage Sew Along. I'm having a great time. The instructional videos and the guide together are making this so fun.

I'm Canadian, so the Maple Leaf was extra great. My Mum was Scottish. I'm absolutely loving this Scottie Dog block. I'm making him traditional black with a tartan bandana for her.

Can't wait to get to the tea pot and flowers. Thanks again!

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