Monday, February 19, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Five!!

Welome to week five in our sew along!

Let's Bake!!

The first block for today 
is the flour sifter:)

You will need E23 
for the sifter.

Run the aqua strip 
(cut on the bias) 
through the 1/4" bias tape maker and 
when you get to the end
press a curve into it for the handle.

Before sewing...
cut and glue two pieces 
from the bias strip 
onto the flour sifter fabric like this:)

Now go ahead a sew!
Trim...turn...shape and press.

Baste the handle and the sifter
 onto your background fabric like this.
Trace the embroidery lines 
for the sifter part inside the handle.

The pattern is on page 12 
of the sew along guide.
I used all 6 strands of 
gray Aurifloss 
and a backstitch.

After all is embroidered and appliquéd...
use the 4 1/2" Trim-It Ruler 
and trim the block down to
 4 1/2" square.
This is the size it will need
 to be to sew into your quilt:)

Now that the flour is sifted...
let's start on the cake!

You will need
 E15 and E16 

Trace two rectangles onto the 
for the cake layers.

1 1/2" x 4"
2" x 5 1/2"

Also trace a 1" square but only 
the sides and the bottom.

Pin coordinating fabric pieces
 with the interfacing...

And sew!
Backstitch where you stop and start
 on each side of the 1" square lines.
Trim off the stem allowances.

Clip the two cleavage areas 
in the cake stand bottom 
with one clip all the way to
 the sewing line but not through it.

Turn...shape and press.
Turn the square part using the 
open seam at the top.

Center and assemble the pieces 
onto the background.
Trace the embroidery line for the
 glass top using the pattern
 on page 13 of the sew along guide.

The top of the knob should measure 
3/4" down from the top edge
 of the background and the bottom
 of the cake stand should measure
 3/4" up from the bottom.

After applique...
use all 6 strands of gray Aurifloss
 to embroider.
I used the nutmeg Aurifloss
 for the cherry stems and 
two leaf buttons and two red buttons 
for the cherries.

I used matching Aurifloss to stitch them on.

The Layer Cake block should measure 8 1/2" x 10 1/2" BEFORE sewing it into the quilt:)

now it's time for some cross stitch!!

I used the red Aurifloss and 
3 strands for both of the blocks.

I also sewed scrappy 
2 1/2" strips around the fabrics...
just like I did for the 
cross stitch flowers on the 
gingham in week one.

It's important to find the 
exact center of these two pieces...
so press them in half both ways 
and place a small safety pin 
to mark the center before 
sewing the strips on and placing them in a frame of hoop.

Let's start with the 350 degrees block.
Use the pattern on page 15 
of the guide to do the cross stitch:)
Start in the center.

Normally you would use a 
tapestry needle to cross stitch 
but because this is cotton fabric
 and not linen or Aida cloth 
with holes in it...
you will need to use a 
needle with a sharp point.

I used one of my 
I would recommend the embroidery 
or the chunky:)

Instead of cutting the strips off 
like you did with the 
cross stitch gingham flower blocks...
use your seam ripper and "un-sew" 

You will need to press from 
the back and trim up your block.

Trim it down to 2 1/2" x 4 1/2".
This is the size it will 
need to be to sew it into your quilt.


Now to stitch the recipe:)

Use the pattern on pages 
17 and 18 of the guide.
because the pin is marking the center...
you know exactly where to start stitching.


"Un-sew" the strips after it's completed.

Press from the back.

I used an 8 1/2" wide ruler to center it.

Instead of using a
 rotary cutter for trimming ...
I opted to use the scissors for more control.

I used the ruler for marking the line that
 I would need to cut on and then used the scissors to cut right along 
that line on the fabric.

Both sides trimmed...

Now for marking the top...

Sorry for the dark photos 
but I had to cover the 
overhead light when
taking these pictures...
because the light just made a 
huge glare on the ruler and
 I wanted you to be able to see the 
lines on both the ruler and the fabric.

Now for the bottom.

Your block will need to measure
 8 1/2" x 16 1/2" BEFORE 
you sew it into the quilt:)

This is my Mom's basic cake recipe 
that was my grandma's and my
 great grandma's too!

I love it and I plan on 
stitching it again onto linen
 and framing it for my 
cozy little cottage kitchen:)

Thanks for tying on your apron 
and baking with me today...
Tune in next week for more
 "block recipes"

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Becky R said...

Lori this is my first time using your square up rulers and I love them. Thank you for creating them.

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