Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spelling Bee Saturday - Week Nineteen!!

Well hi there!

Thanks for joining me during
 another week of our sew along...

If you are a new student...
This is the book that 
we are working from ...

How are you all coming along
 with your letters blocks?

Today we have 2 more.

Capital "O"

and Lowercase "o"

Let's play 
Tic-Tac-Toe during recess...
how fun!

I thought I would show this picture 
from the photo shoot because
 next week is Valentines Day:)

I hope you are able to attend school today and sew up your letter "O's!"
See you next week 
for two more blocks:)


Little Quiltsong said...

Love how the rows are slowly coming together Lori! The letter O for today is for 'Ooh' how I love each and everyone of your blocks. Thank You :)!!

Dorothy said...

Lori, You are sewing on "my machine" :-) It is a dream machine for piecing, so glad I found it in a 2nd hand store

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