Monday, February 5, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Three!!

Well hello there!
Are you ready to bake up a few more blocks this week?
Let's do this!!
Preheat your ovens...

Grab your kit...

Your supplies and 

And Let's Bake!!

After today...
and when you are finished
 with the blocks that I have
 given instructions for up to 
this point in the sew along...
you can sew section one together:)
With that being said..
sew at your own speed because
 it's more important to enjoy 
making each block...
 instead of rushing through 
and feeling like you are
 always trying to keep up.

We all have different schedules
 and different priorities 
depending on the week.
Just know that the tutorials
 are here for you 
when YOU are ready!

First up is the Rolling Pin Block.
I talked about this block
 in the cutting posts 
right before the sew along started.

If you have not done so...
you need to trace a
 1 1/2" x 8" rectangle 
onto the 
for the rolling pin part:)

Pin it to your fabric as usual...

And sew. 
Turn and press:)
Run the green strip through the 1/2" bias tape maker and cut two pieces 2 1/4" long.
Press one end under 1/4". These are your handles.

Place the rolling pin 
in the center of 
your fabric and pin into place...

 Place the handle under 
the left end like this.
The raw edge is underneath the 
rolling pin and the folded edge 
is on the outside end of the handle.
Use the Sue Daley Glue and 
glue baste into place.

Repeat for the right side as well.

Run the nutmeg striped fabric strip
 through the 1/2" bias tape maker.

Cut two pieces 1 1/2" long and
 press under each end 1/4" like this.

Tuck it under the rolling pin 
and on top of the handle...
 and glue baste.

Repeat for the other side 
and now you are all basted
 and prepared for appliqué!

For this quilt I have chosen to
 hand appliqué using the 
traditional appliqué stitch.

When I appliqué by machine...
 I just use a tiny zigzag stitch.
With either method...
I always match my thread to 
each appliqué piece.

With machine appliqué...
I only change the top thread 
and leave the bobbin white.

You can use your favorite method!

Your rolling Pin Block should measure
 2 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
BEFORE sewing into the quilt.

Now let's beat some eggs!

Use the embroidery pattern 
on page 11 of your 
Sew Along Guide and trace it 
onto your background fabric
 using a 

Grab a 1/2" green button from the

Run the widest strip through the
 3/4" bias tape maker for the handle.

Run the medium strip through the 
1/2" bias tape maker 
for the bottom bracket.

Run the smallest strip through
 the 1/4" bias tape maker
 for the center bracket.

Prepare the large strip for handle by
 cutting and pressing the ends under 
so that it measures
 2 1/4" long when finished.

The medium strip should measure
 1 1/2" long after cutting and 
pressing the ends under.

The smallest strip should measure
 1" long after cutting and pressing.

Glue baste the strips either
 before or after embroidery:)

I used a backstitch and 
all 6 strands of my gray 

Your Eggbeater Block should measure 
4 1/2" x 8 1/2"
BEFORE sewing it into the quilt.

now let's do the 
Large Apron Block...
or what I like to call 
Mama's Apron:)
You will need the 
E-1  E-2  E-3
Sew Simple Shapes

Run the 3 bias cut strips
 through the 3/8" bias tape maker.

Run the yellow graph paper print strip through the 1/2" bias tape maker.

Sew... trim...and turn your shapes.
There are no inner curves or
 cleavage areas in the 
seam allowance to clip...yay!

Use the turning tool to shape them
 and press to prepare for basting 
onto the background.

Start by placing the bottom edge
 of the skirt in the center 
and  3/4" up
 from the bottom edge 
of your background.

The top of the apron goes 
right above the bottom skirt...
just touching but not overlapping.

Finish up the pieces by basting 
the yellow top apron and 
red pocket into place.

I glue basted mine...
but not all the way to the edge
 because I wanted to leave 
plenty of space to tuck under 
the ties and the vintage trim.

At this point ...
grab your design boards!
When you are glue basting blocks
 that have vintage trim like this one...
you will want to do it
 on a design board so that you can
 pin straight down into it.
It makes this process SOOO much easier!

This is what the block looks like
 all basted and ready for appliqué.

You can glue baste your apron strings 
and neck down first before 
the vintage trim.
All raw ends are tucked underneath
 appliques and the ends showing 
are pressed under...
just like in the rolling pin block.

If you have NOT participated 
in my previous appliqué sew alongs...
 or if you need a refresher on making straight and curved bas tape...
to watch my video where I 
show you how in detail.

I do all of the bias tape 
in all of my quilts the exact same way:)
The video is from week one of my 
Bee Happy Sew Along.

So after placing drops of glue down...
I place the vintage trim on top
 of the glue and tucked underneath the appliqué piece like this.

I do about 2 inches at a time
 and pin straight down through 
all of the layers and into the 
design board to hold 
into place as I go along.

When doing the bottom edge of apron...
Trim the raw ends of the vintage trim
 even with the apron bottom sides and put fray check on them after appliqué:)

These are the pins I use when doing this.
They are the 

They are longer than my
 Mini-Applique Pins 
because I often need the extra length...
 especially for this step.
The heads are easy to grasp and 
they are strong enough to pin into
 the design boards without bending.

They work perfectly!

I continue working my way around ...
pinning and glueing as I go:)

I keep all of the pins in until
 the glue is completely dry...
about 10 minutes:)

Now you can appliqué! 
In the photo above you can sew 
the neck strap appliqué is completed.

 I'll bet you are wondering how 
to appliqué the edges where there
 is vintage trim...right?

I do one stitch right in-between
 each scallop of the trim 
and going into the background..  
 taking a bite into the 
appliqué edge at the same time.

This is what the back looks like.

I tried to take side views 
very close up so that you can see...
although the stitches are 
so tiny that it's hard to!

And that's the way it should be...
but no worries...they are secure!

Large Apron Block completed!!

It should measure
 8 1/2" x 12 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing into your quilt.

Now you can sew the 
first section together...
I'm sew happy!!

We will start on section two 
during next weeks tutorials:)

Have fun baking!!


Lady Jane said...

These are cute and so fun... hugs, lj

Unknown said...

I just found you on bloglovin and this is absolutely adorable. I really want to make it!

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