Saturday, February 3, 2018

Spelling Bee Sew Along - Week 18!!

It's time for school to start:)...
aka - Spelling Bee Saturday

Grab your 
and let's get started.

Last week I didn't post because 
I happen to be out of town 
teaching a workshop...
but I hope you remembered 
to visit the 
to see which blocks we were doing!

They post every Saturday 
even when I'm not able to...
and also they have the list 
and the photos of each 
Show and Tell participant.

This week is the letter "N"...
 but I'm going to talk about the 
letter "M"...
 because I missed it last week:)

"M" is for MINI QUILT...
and I happen to have a lot of those
 because they are my favorite to make!

I've been showing you the 
picture block mini quilts 
that I made from Spelling Bee...

but I thought it might be fun 
to go through my stack of 
mini quilts from Farm Girl Vintage
 to see which ones started 
with the letter "M"

"M" is for MASON JARS

"M" is for MILK CAN

"M" is for MIXER

"M" is for MAPLE LEAF

"M" is for MAMA HEN

Did you know that all of the
 blocks in Farm Girl Vintage 
are 6" and 12" as well?
That makes them interchangeable 
with all of the blocks in

Don't forget to click and visit the
hashtag page on 
for all kinds of quilty inspiration:)
See you next week!
Miss Bee

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