Monday, February 12, 2018

Let's Bake Sew Along - Week Four!!

Hello cute people...
Are you ready to bake?

I thought so!
Here are this weeks recipes:)

First we are doing the
 Milk and the Cocoa.
These blocks are all ready 
to appliqué and embroidery:)

For the milk you will need to
 trace a 2 1/4" x 5 1/4" rectangle 
onto the interfacing.

For the cocoa you will need to
 trace a 2" x 3" rectangle.

Pair them up with the fabric
and grab your E-19
Sew Simple Shape 
for the Cocoa label.
Trace it and pair it up 
with it's fabric as well.

Stitch directly onto your traced lines.
Oh...I almost forgot!
Run both strips through the
 1/2" bias tape maker for the lids.

Trim...Turn and press your shapes.

Use the light box and trace
 the embroidery lines on 
using the patterns in the
 sew along guide.

The cocoa jar line has recently 
been added to page 14 of the guide...
You can just copy that page off separately.
Here's the link to the guide...

Press under the ends of the 
green strip to measure 2 3/4" long.

Glue baste it into place.

I like to do my embroidery first...
after that...
baste your label on for appliqué.

The gray line for the jar
 is done with all 6 strands of
 Aurifloss and a backstitch.

The word Cocoa is done with 
3 strands of red Aurifloss 
and a backstitch.
The stitches are done with 
3 strands of green.

The word milk is also done 
with 3 strands of red and
 the gray line for the bottle
 is 6 strands of gray Aurifloss.

Press the ends of the lid under...
it should measure about 2" long.

Glue baste it into place:)

Before embroidery and appliqué...


Your Milk Bottle block should measure
 3 1/2" x 8 1/2" BEFORE 
you sew it into your quilt:)

After your appliqué and embroidery are completed on the Cocoa block...
trim it down to 4 1/2" square.

Use the lines on the ruler
 to get it centered perfectly:)

Now lets gather some eggs!

You will need the
 E-17 and E-21
Sew Simple Shapes

Run the green strip through
 the 1/2" bias tape maker.

Sew the E-21 shapes like this...
leavig the top line un-sewn
 and backstitching on each side.

Now trim right on that traced line.

Trim remaining seam allowance 
and turn from the top!

There will be less bulk when 
glue basting the bias tape by 
sewing the carton cups this way.

and press the eggs:)

Place the bottom edge of the
 carton cups 3/4" up...
 and the eggs 3/4" down...
 from the background edges.
Pin or glue baste into place.

Press under the ends of your strip 
so that it measures about 11 1/2" long.

Dot the glue...

And put the strip into place!

All ready for appliqué!

Your eggs are gathered:)

Your block should measure 
4 1/2" x 12 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing it into your quilt.

Let's Bake!

Grab your background...
Trace a line down the center 
of each letter using the pattern
 on your sewing guide 
and the light box.

Cut several 5/8" strips on the bias 
...there's no exact number because 
it would vary according to each person
 and how much the trim off 
during the basting process.
You can always cut more if needed.

Run them through the 
1/4" bias tape maker just like I 
showed you in the video of week one.

I always save the leftover strips 
in my bias tape container...
you would be surprised how often 
I use those strips for 
other appliqué projects:)

Grab your Sue Daley Glue because 
it is your best friend for this block!

You can easily press/shape 
a slight curve
 in the strip if you have cut it
 on the bias.

I know I told you all about that
 in last weeks tutorials.

When beginning...
always press under 
the end of the strip.
I just use small dots of glue 
and work about this much at a time.

And I continue until I reach 
the end of a piece...
or in this case the end of the letter.

Keep in mind that your strips
 will not lie completely flat 
on those super sharp curves...
and thats okay!
See how the inside part is
 kind of gathered on mine?
That is correct...
 and after appliqué it looks great 
so don't stress over it:)

You will need to leave extra 
at the end for pressing under.

Your first letter!

I did the "e" all in one piece
 just like the "L"

Start this piece with the "t" 
and go onto the first part of the "s".

Keep a really good pair of 
small and sharp 
embroidery scissors handy...
they do a great job for 
trimming the bias strips 
as you are going along.

Notice that when the end of a strip 
is tucked under another strip...
  I just trim it to the line.

One more piece to finish off the "s"...

And now to cross the "t"...

Easy peasy!

I use a button for the top part 
of the apostrophe and embroider 
the bottom part using a backstitch 
and all 6 strands of red Aurifloss.

Each curve on the "B" 
are two separate strips.

"B" completed!

I did the line across the "A" 
first and then finished it 
with one piece.
starting on the "K" next...

Two pieces so far...

And finish it up!

Three short strips for 
the "E" lines first...
then finish it up with one strip.

Exclamation point!

And a button:)

Now you can appliqué your letters down:) 
I used jar #2 of my 
Cute Little Buttons
 for this block.

Let's Bake!!

Whew!! super cute and I LOVE it!

Your block should measure 
4 1/2" x 16 1/2" BEFORE 
sewing it into your quilt:)

Guess what?!!!
You can sew this row together now 
and add it to the first section...

I will be here again next week 
with more block "recipes"...
so stay tuned!!


cheryl said...

I am not able to do this quilt along but, boy! I sure can’t wait to get this someday. That egg block is everything!! 😍

Carla said...

Wow. This is awesome. I can't wait to see this all put together.

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