Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Fun with Cross Stitch!!

Today is a show and tell day:) 
I wanted to show you a few of
 the accessories designed by me 
and produced by the fabulous 
It's Sew Emma!

 Above you can see my new 
Any kind of stitching definitely
 makes my heart go pitter-pat...
which I why I chose to put 
this saying on there along with
 a cross stitched heart:)

This is The Beekeeper...
I like to keep all of each project
 floss colors on it when I'm using
 something other than my Aurifloss ...
because Aurifloss is already on a spool:)

I also like to keep individual colors 
of floss on my 

First let me tell you about 
The Beekeeper.
It comes with several cards
 so that you can write the projects
 and the floss numbers on one card 
for each project.

I like to use my Planner Pens...
or  you could use a pencil if you want
 so that the card could be re-used.

I've filled out the card...
listing the DMC colors 
that are called for in my...

cross stitch pattern.
Fat Quarter Shop is hosting the 
right now on their 
FQS Cross Stitch Channel.
to view and join in on the fun!

You will see several different 
fabrics that it's stitched on...
this is what it looks like stitched on my
I used Aurifloss 
and 2 strands over 2.

Each of the holes on 
The Beekeeper 
are numbered and so you simply write
 the color of the floss on the 
same number that you 
placed in the hole.
For example...
you can see that 817 is written
 on line number 1 and 
817 floss is in hole number 1.

I like to cut my floss about
 18"- 20" long before 
tying onto The Beekeeper.
Now they are precut and I just 
take them out and use them as needed:)

Another thing I wanted to show you 
about The Beekeeper is that 
you can put a 
needle minder in the center...

To hold your needles like this!

This is what the back looks like
 with a needle minder on it:)

When everything's is gathered
 for the project I can
 put it all in the bag.

It holds a lot!

I added one of my enamel charms
 to the zipper for extra fun:)

When I use the Floss Flowers 
I write the floss number
 on a sticker (they come with several)
 and wind the floss onto the flower...

Like this...

And the sticker goes on the back:)

I think they are so cute and fun to use ...

I love to be organized for every project...
you can place the Floss Flowers
 on a ring to keep them 
all together for one project:)

This is my brand new pattern set called
This is set A and includes
 4 cute little patterns that 
coordinate with the
 quilt blocks from my books:)

I will be releasing 
Sets B-C-D-E-F-G etc
and so on every quarter:)

I'll be doing all kinds of 
fun things with these 
cute little patterns:)  

After I have each project 
in my project bags 
I like to put them all into my 

It's large enough to hold 
2-3 project bags along with 
Q-snaps..hoop or frames:)
I love this bag!
It's very well made and
 it's a thick soft durable canvas.
if you would like to 
see all of my cross stitch patterns!!

I use it for my crochet projects too!
It holds a lot of
 and all my hooks and
 yarn bowl and accessories.

I can grab it and go 
so that I'm never without a project:)
My favorite thing to do
 in the summer is to
 stitch out on my deck:)

I also use my Floss Flowers to hold 
leftovers of Chunky Thread yarn.
That little bit you see there is
 enough to make a round in a 
granny square or granny circle 
so I wind it on my Floss Flowers to use.

The bag has a nice sized pocket
 with a zipper in the front that I love!

I just load it all up with yarny goodness...

Cinch it closed and I'm ready to go!

Thanks for joining me while
 chatting about cross stitch
 and also a little crochet...
I'll see you tomorrow for
 the next tutorial in our 


Anita Griffin said...

Love the Fit to Stitch Project Bag. Is this bag available for purchase? My daughter is an avid cross stitcher and this would be perfect for her! TIA

Amandalee said...

Everything you touch is magical Lori!! Thanks for being so inspiring!!!😁❤️🐝

Natureluvr57 said...

Love the designs and notions. I also love you and Kimberly but I don't watch her Flosstubes. Wish she would have picked a better Flosstube channel/person to sponsor but I'm sure they're bringing in the audience. I can hardly wait for Farm Girl Vintage 2 because I have my pre-order in.

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