Thursday, June 6, 2019

Vintage Block Along - Week 20 - Sparklers Block!!

Good morning everyone...
it's week 20 in our 
Vintage Block Along

I have another really fun 
vintage block to share with you 
from my grandma's pattern basket:)
I am traveling this week...

 I am in beautiful Idaho 
teaching a 
Farm Girl Vintage Retreat/Workshop 
but I have pre-posted this for you!!

I also wanted to let you know that It's Sew Emma just released a brand new Farm Girl Vintage 2 video
to watch it.

It's different from the livestream 
that we did from my kitchen 
during the photo shoot.
If you want to watch 
the livestream one as well...

I love these videos and love how
 they really show the projects 
well that are in the book.
Thanks It's Sew Emma! 
You sure do a fabulous job!

I'm using Farm Girl Vintage fabric...

And Bee Backgrounds:)

We are going to need 
2 of these SPARKLER blocks
 for our quilt...

And I'm going to show you
 how I made this one...
but first let me tell you why 
I chose to call these blocks 

It's June now and so that means 
that all of the firework stands 
are showing up everywhere
 and we can get our favorites
 to celebrate Independence Day 
here in the USA.

My favorite happens to be the sparklers!

Grandma always bought each of us
 our very own box for 
our 4th of July and 24th of July ...
(which is a Utah holiday)
celebration and we could not wait
 until our BBQ was over and 
it was dark so that we 
could light them up!

We had so much fun with them.
I remember that would always 
write our names with them in the air...
in fast as we could lol

Grandma would bring us the
 sparklers from her store.
This is something that I haven't 
told you about yet...
 grandma owned the only store 
that we had in our small town 
and it was called The Mercantile:)

I'll tell you more about that
 on another weeks tutorial!

I think these cute little blocks...
(they finish at 7") 
look like the tip of the sparklers...
sparkling against he warm summer night 
and  so that's why I chose this block 
from grandma's patterns for this week.

Are you ready to sparkle!?

You will need a background and 
4 different prints for 
this weeks SPARKLER blocks:)

From the background you will need to cut:
16 - 2" squares
4 - 1 1/2" x 2" rectangles

From this print cut:
4 - 1 1/2" x 2" rectangles

From this one for the center cut:
1 - 1 1/2" square

From this print cut:
4 - 2" squares

And from this one cut:
8 - 2" squares

Grab these squares and 
4 of the background squares 
and sew them into a four patch...

Like this:)
I pressed my four patches open.

Now take 8 of the background squares
 and add easy corner triangles
 onto each of the
 gray square corners...

Like this!
Now grab the remaining 4 of the 
2" square background and add an
 easy corner triangle onto
 the plaid square at the bottom.

Of course I chain sew all of them:)
You can either draw a line or use the
to add the easy corner triangles

This is what your segment looks like now...
you should have four total 
and they should each measure
 3 1/2" square at this point.

I pressed all of the 
easy corner triangles
 towards the background on these.

We are almost ready to 
finish our SPARKLER block... 
but first sew the two rectangles 
together like this:)

Now lay everything out on your 
design board and sew your block together
 just like you would a nine patch...
sew 3 rows first...
then sew all three rows together:)

Hello SPARKLER block...
you are so cute!!!

Now sparkle again for the second block:)

Your blocks should measure
 7 1/2" square before we 
sew them into our quilt.

These blocks are fun to make 
and I really love pulling 
different prints from
 Farm Girl Vintage 
together to make each block unique.

Thanks for sewing vintage
 with me today
 and join me here next week 
for another block 
and another chat:)

If you are new and just joining in...
Click on each one block
to go to that tutorial:

8. Humble
15. Memory
19. Picnic

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Sooo sweet, I am almost caught up just a the last 4 blocks to go!!

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