Friday, January 3, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Ten!!

Good morning and welcome to 
Week Ten of the 

We are using my latest book

Farm Girl Vintage Fabric

And making 2 Farm Girl Blocks per week:)

The first Farm Girl Block
 for today is 
on page 67 of the book.

This block is included in the small
 Mix and Match Quilt 
that I made for my kitchen.
Ya'll know how much I love kitchen quilts
 and so I am making another one
 but this time I am using 12" blocks 
and adding some of the 
kitchen themed blocks from a 
few of my other books.

First I made the 
from my first 
You can find it on page 13 of that book:)

Next I made the KETTLE'S ON Block
 from the first book as well...
it's on page 39.

And then from my book 
I made the CAKE Block.

In all three of these blocks I used
 my new fabric collection 
and the chicken tracks print from 
Farm Girl Vintage for the background.

Shown in this photo above are some of 
the corals and pinks in the collection:)
I love how Farm Girl Vintage and
 Vintage Happy 2 
go together just like 
"peas and carrots" 

So far I have 9 - of the 12" blocks
 sewn for my new kitchen quilt...

I'll be adding 6 more for a total of 
15 because I'll be using the 
Mix and Match setting on page 156 
for this quilt too.
 I won't be using any of the alternate
 Mix and Match Blocks...
 just all 15 different kitchen blocks.

I'm going to continue to make some of 
them from my other books as I get time...
I'll show you each block as I sew them.
I'll keep you updated here on my blog 
during the sew along posts.

It's going to be a fun one!

The next Farm Girl Block for this week is 
on page 70 of the book. 

I know I've told you before LOL
 but flower quilts are another of 
my favorites to make because 
I love sewing flower blocks just as much 
as I love planting and growing actual flowers!

Of course I used this block in the 
Beekeepers Garden Quilt from the book!!

I want to show you something fun 
that I did with Happy Flowers Block
 using just a bit of simple quilty math:)

To start off...
I cut a 6" Happy Flowers Block and also a
 6" Cheerful Tulips from page 28.

These flowers are so easy and fun to 
make using my scrappy stash baskets.

This is a photo of my baskets from my
 Scrappy  Project Planner.
In there is where I explain my entire
 process of how I sew from these baskets
 each and every time that I sew!
Making these flower blocks is no exception.

When you are making scrappy flowers...
or any scrappy block really...
a tip for making them even faster
 is in the cutting.
I like to cut a bunch of backgrounds only 
for each block and put them a design board.

I then put a sticky note on it saying
 what block it's for...
what size block and how many.
For instance my sticky note might say:
4 - 6" Happy Flowers Backgrounds

Then I just need to grab out of my 
scrappy baskets the green prints 
and cut all of the leaves...
add then add them onto the design board 
with the cut backgrounds and then
 add the stems as well.

I cut the flowers themselves very last...
making sure that I use a lot of 
different happy colors for variety ...
and add them to the design boards too.

I stack the boards on top of each other
 and put them next to my machine
 for sewing when I get a few 
extra minutes here and there.
(photo above is when I am cutting
 and prepping several blocks at once...
I do that with both appliquéd and pieced blocks)

You may be surprised how efficient
 this method of cutting several first
 and then sewing is...
I use it all the time and it 
has worked well for me over the years.

 here is the something fun that I 
wanted to show you about the
 Happy Flowers Block...
and the Cheerful Tulips block as well.

Because all three varieties of 
individual flowers measure the same size...
which is half the block...
you can switch it up and 
sew them together like this!

By simply splitting up the tulips 
and sewing them to one of the
 happy flowers you have 2 new flower blocks:)

Because I love sewing these little 
flowers I've added more along with some 
6" Bright Zinnias to make
 another scrappy flower quilt.

I cut some 6 1/2" squares from my 
red gingham and laid them out with
 the flower blocks onto my design wall 
to audition for alternate blocks ...
I like it but I don't know if I LOVE it yet.

I may try one of my larger ginghams 
to see how that looks instead.

I've got plenty of time to decide
 as I go along because 
I'll be adding more
 Happy Flower - Cheerful Tulips - and
Bright Zinnia Blocks 
as well as 6" Pretty Dahlias 
from the book too.

I'll show you my progress on these as I go along as well:)

I hope you all are having fun making your
Farm Girl Blocks
I love seeing them on my 
keep posting them...they are so fun!

I'll be right back here next week with more Farm Girl Fun!!

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loulee said...

I love visiting your blog, there is always something bright and cheerful to see. I have to say the latest blocks are wonderful, especially that cake! Looks good enough to eat.

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