Monday, January 6, 2020

Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Bee Prepared!!

YaY!!!...Today is the 
post for the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along!

We will of course...
be making the Vintage Housewife Quilt:)

The quilt consists of a rotary cut
 and machine pieced apron ...
surrounded by 9 applique blocks 
that represent things that the 
vintage housewife did 
while wearing her apron!
The scrappy squares border 
finishes it off vintage perfect:)

I'm so glad that you will be making 
the quilt and celebrating the life
 of the vintage housewife with me.

Here is how you
 "sign up" for this sew along:

1. Simply tune in here on my blog 
starting January 27th for all of
the instructions and step by step 
tutorials on making each block!

The sew along will start in just
 three weeks and will continue
 each Monday after for 12 weeks.

2. Follow me on 
for weekly updates on this sew along.

3. Post photos of your sew along 
progress along the way.
It's easy! Just take a photo and say 
a sentence or two about it. 
Photo things such as cutting...sewing...applique etc.

When you post be sure to tag me
 (@beelori1) and then use the hashtag

and your post will automatically go 
onto that hashtag page so that you 
are in the group and everyone 
sewing along can see your post.
Also...follow that hashtag page 
and Instagram will also show you 
all posts from the sew along.

The fabric that we are using to 
make the quilt is Vintage Happy 2.
If you do not have a kit yet 
and are looking for one...
simply do a quick google search
 typing in "Vintage Housewife Quilt Kit"
 to find one before the sew along starts.

We are using the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Simple Shapes 
to make the quilt and all of the
 other notions and supplies are 
listed inside the Sew Along Guide.

The quilt shop that you purchase 
your fabric kit from will also have
 the notions needed as well.

And speaking of the Sew Along Guide...
it is now available as a free PDF Download
to get yours now.
You will need to use this during the
 entire sew along and has very 
valuable information for you!

About the guide:
I always put my guide in a 
3 ring binder using sheet protectors 
for the pages.
This is the cover of my guide.

I decorated it using the
 "clip art" page (that I will tell you
 about later in this post)

I also scanned prints of my 
Vintage Happy 2 fabric and color copied
 them to use in decorating my binder as well.

I always like to load up my binder 
with clips and bookmarks 
that I use to mark my place 
throughout the guide.

I also used my Sew Handy Stickers 
and added the words "Sew Along"
 next to the vase of flowers...

Like this.

Now the cover of my binder says
 Vintage Housewife Sew Along!

I copied my Vintage Happy 2 fabric logo 
and glued it onto a piece of paper 
that I copied from scanned 
fabric for the front page.

Inside the sew along guide you will find
 the schedule of what block that
 we will doing each week.
Tune in here for the step by step tutorial.

The front of the sew along has a 
nice photo of the quilt and is 
sew handy for easy reference.

Inside you will find all of the 
cutting that you will need to do
 from each and every piece 
of fabric in your kit.

The guide will also tell you 
which block that piece is used for 
and which sew simple shape or
 bias tape maker that it's used with.

You will also find the information about
 each sew simple shape...
what size to cut the sew in interfacing 
and how many of each shape 
that we use in the quilt.

There are a few "bonus" shapes in 
the set and I will show you what they are
 and how to use them 
at the end of the sew along!

On pages 13 and 14 you will find 
the diagrams and basic instructions 
when it comes time to put the blocks together.

You will also find the embroidery patterns
and cord placement guides 
for those blocks that need it.

There is a super cute page for notes...
you can copy several of these pages off 
and write down tips from 
each tutorial if you would like!

And finally...
 included is the page of 
Vintage Housewife clip art for you:)

It's fun to have a a few designs 
from the quilt that you can 
make bookmarks...tags and labels from:)

I copy this page off onto nice cardstock...

and with just a few paper crafting
 supplies you can decorate your binder too.

The roller that you see is my new
 Quick Press Seam Roller...
styled after a vintage wallpaper roller 
and yes I use it when paper crafting too.

It works great to smooth papers after gluing. that we have the guide 
all sorted let's talk about making the quilt!

Vintage Happy 2 became available in
 December 2019 but during the 
second week of last October 2019
 I received some pre-yardage so that
 I could make my quilt to display
 in the Riley Blake Designs booth
 at International Quilt Market 
at the end of October.

I literally had 10 days to make 
(and document for tutorials)
the entire quilt...but I did it!

Normally my daughter Kassidy 
makes my sew along applique quilts
 for Riley Blake for market booth display
 and then I make my quilt right along
 with you during the sew along.

But Kass wasn't able to do it 
this time because she got married in August!

You can see my quilt here on display
 at market along with more of my 
projects made with Vintage Happy 2.

I did the tutorials for each block
 as I made the quilt just like I normally
 do and then pre-posted them for you.
They will be here on my blog on the 
date that is on the schedule:)
I loved making this quilt...
actually it was fun to just 
"lock myself in my studio" LOL
 and just sew sew sew!

I thought I'd show you just a few
 of the photos that I took 
while making the blocks 
so that you can get a peek
 of what is to come!

We will start with the Baking Block 
and I will be filming a video tutorial
 for you just like I always do
only for week one.
If you are new to my sew alongs...
to watch the week one video tutorial 
for my last Sew Simple Shape 
Sew Along called Granny's Garden.

It will give you good insight on how to
 make this quilt as the tools and process 
are exactly the same...
just a different quilt...
shapes and fabric is all.

Okay for more random peeks of 
when I made my quilt...
but not necessarily in order:)

I hope that you are as excited 
as I am about the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along
Go ahead and download the guide
 so that you can 
I'll meet you right back here
 on Monday the 27th for week one
 and the video tutorial!

Edited after this sew along ended:
to go to the last post of this 
sew along
to get the link to each
and every block tutorial:)


Little Quiltsong said...

This is soooo exciting Lori!! I meant to use other previous fabric lines of yours for this sew along, but.....:) just couldn't resist ordering the whole kit. Looking forward to this sew along - love it!

Tammy said...

Thank you for the sew along PDF! I love being organized for my sewing projects and your PDF’s are going to make a beautiful binder to keep me organized!! Can’t wait to get started on this sew along!!!

Rae Ann said...

This will be my first with you. I am looking forward to it!

dianarip1 said...

I always love your quilts. I love how you do your cutting guide and schedule everything out. Can't wait to get started!

Karen said...

Oh my gosh, your talent is endless, Lori! Your fabrics and sew along are SEW SWEET! I love reading your blog and seeing these adorable blocks come together! Someday when I have more time I would love to make one of your blocks/quilt! But for now, I will enjoy your talents! Congratulations to your daughter, she is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I have ordered the kit and it is going to be in my next year quilting projects. I cannot wait to start it... I have also bought the Farm Sweet Farm kit and shapes and this is going to be a lot of fun to make too..

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