Friday, January 17, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Twelve!!

Good morning!
Welcome to week 12 of our quilt along:)

We are sewing from my latest book

And sewing with Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And making all 45 Farm Girl Blocks 
from the book.
We are sewing 2 blocks each week.

The first Farm Girl Block is 
LAZY DAISY on page 81 of the book.

I designed this block after the
 embroidery stitch by the same name.

My Grandma taught me to do that stitch 
when I was in first grade...
and boy I sure thought I had it made!
 That stitch introduced me to embroidery
 and I still love making those
 "magic loops" lol

I styled this photo with 
some of my vintage daisy pins
 from the 60's.
I just love them!! 
They are so vintagey happy!

The jewelry box came from a thrift shop
 and I painted it in my 
Farm Girl Chalky Paint...
using my color PICKET FENCE

I teamed up with the amazing 
2 Chicks and a Toolbelt Company
 because I love their paint so much!

I have curated 18 colors 
that match my fabrics and what
 I call my unique
farmhouse/cottage decorating style.

I love to re-paint vintage finds!
I often go junking at 
thrift shops and flea markets...
I've found some really cute old 
jewelry boxes for just a few dollars.

It's so easy to bring them home 
and put a coat of paint on them...
when dry sand the edges and let the
 original stain color show through
 for that perfect vintage look.

Of course I keep vintage jewelry 
in my Daisy pins:)

I painted wooden spoons in all
 18 colors in my collection of 
Farm Girl Chalky Paint
I use them like you would 
a paint sample card:)
I've been known to take them 
to the furniture store for matching!!

Here are the 6 warm colors...

The 6 cool colors...

And the 6 neutral colors.

I love how they all look together
 and that I can paint small things 
as well as large pieces of furniture 
and all of my quilts match too!!

You can see my home and some of 
my painted furniture pieces 
in the photos of my book.

Okay...back to the LAZY DAISY Block:)

I made a 6" block and I 
made this one in daisy pink!

I'm going to be making a 
small sampler quilt using 
12 of the blocks from the book.

I also made a CROSS STITCH Block
 from page 37...

And an EVENING STAR Block from page 45.

I have 3 so far and I'm off to a good start!

I'll show you as I add more blocks.

I'm actually going to use a 
Mix and Match setting from my first
It's the County Fair setting 
and it is on page 112 of the book.

I made 2 versions of the small setting 
for the book photo shoot...
but there are many possibilities...
all you need are 12 - 6" blocks!

It's a simple setting and it 
really allows the blocks 
to take center stage.

One of the quilts that I made
 I used Nutmeg Solid for the background 
and 12 scrappy happy 
SPRING STAR Farm Girl Blocks.
Spring Star is on page 62 of my first
 Farm Girl Vintage Book.

I finished off this quilt with
 red gingham binding from my original
 Sew Cherry Fabric collection.

And yes...
I painted the mason jars and then 
added burlap and lace...
however back then I did not have 
my own paint collection so I had to 
mix it to match my decor...
now it's so much easier to have 
my colors already in the jar
 for my next vintagey re-do:)

Here is the other quilt that I made
 from that setting using my 
MILKING DAY Farm Girl Block.
It's on page 45 of the first
 Farm Girl Vintage Book:)
Scrappy happy little milk cans!

I love the Mix and Match quilt settings 
from both books...and I especially love
 that all 90 Farm Girl Blocks
 from both books will 
work in all of them:)

Our next Farm Girl Block is 
on page 83 of the book.

What a fun block!

I have always loved acorns 
and the English proverb...

"From Little Acorns Do Mighty Oaks Grow"

I could make these 
Little Acorn Blocks all day!

They are fast and easy to cut...

As well as fast and easy to sew:)

I used them in the 
October Skies Quilt...

And I am also making a small
 Mix and Match Quilt using the 6" blocks.
The pattern for this setting 
is on page 156 of the book. 
I'm using the Sixteen Patch Block
 for the alternates in this one.

I taped my blocks to the wall
 to show you because my design wall is
 currently "BUSY" holding
other projects right now LOL

Another idea is that you could
 just make 4 Little Acorn Blocks 
and 5 Sixteen Patch Blocks 
for a cute 21" square table topper:)

I hope y'all are having sew much fun 
with your Farm Girl Blocks each week.

In every post I strive to inspire you
 by showing all kinds of
 ways to use them...
as well as show you some of 
my vintagey re-do ideas:)

I'll be back next week with
 more ideas and two more blocks!

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