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Flea Market Flowers 

Welcome to Week Six of the 

We are using my latest 
fabric collection called
Flea Market
It's designed by me ... 
and produced and distributed by the amazing 
Riley Blake Designs:)

We are making my quilt
76" x 86"

We are using my 
to make all of the flower petals...

This set of my 
for all of the flower centers...

And we are also using my 
for all of the leaves in the quilt.

All of the other notions as well as fabric requirements are detailed within the 
Flea Market Flowers Sew Along Guide
for the free PDF Download

I also have a "Bee Prepared" blog post 
detailing everything that you will
 need to know about this sew along...
to go to that blog post 
if you have not read it 
or you need to be "refreshed"
 on any of the information!

As promised...
To kick off week one
 I did a video tutorial on my
 YouTube channel showing how to make 
Flea Market Flower 

to go to that tutorial...
 so that you can make this cute flower!!

I also did a tutorial during 
week one right here
 on my blog for
Block "L"
to go to week one and this block tutorial:)

As part of week two 
I did the tutorial here for  
Block "O"
For that tutorial

is also in the week two tutorial:)

Last week during week three
I did the tutorial for 

to go to week three for the tutorial

I also did the tutorial for 
during week three:)

During week four I did
 the tutorial for 
Block "K"

for that tutorial

And I also did the tutorial for 
Block "J" 
during week four as well.

During Week Five I did the tutorial for 

to read that tutorial

I also did the tutorial for 
during Week Five as well.

Today we are going to make 
You will need to make one - 
13 1/2" Flea Market Flower
and four -
6 1/2" Flea Market Flowers

To make Block "G" you will also need:

8 - small leaves
1 - 9" - circle
8 - 4" circles
4 - 2" circles

4 - 1/4" stems cut 4" long 
4 - 1/4" stems cut 2" long

Background cut - 26" x 26"

You will need one 5" x Width of Fabric"
 strip for the 13 1/2" flower petals.

Cut 16 petals like this...
using the 1" and 6" marks 
on the Pie Ruler and also 
alternating the ruler as you cut.

You will need one 5 - 3" x 21"
 strips for the 6 1/2" flower petals.

Cut 64 petals like this...
using the 4 1/2" and 7 1/2" marks 
on the Pie Ruler and also 
alternating the ruler as you cut.

Time to sew!!!

All 5 Flea Market Flowers 
are sewn and ready for pinning:)

I pressed my background in half both ways
 and also diagonally both ways 
so that I have those lines 
to guide me when laying out my appliqués.
 I also started out using one of my 
large BIMB (Bee in my Bonnet) 
Design Boards to first 
pin and glue the large center flower...

Like this.

Then I glued the stems.
I tucked them under about 1/4".

The 4" long stems go in the corners
 and the 2" long stems go on the top,
 bottom and sides.

This is where all of those 
pressed lines come in handy because 
you will glue your stems 
directly onto those pressed lines
 and now they are all spaced evenly.


After the glue had dried...
I took my block off of my large
 BIMB Design Board.

And grabbed 4 - Medium BIMB Design Boards.

I laid my block out 
on all four of them
 like this and started 
pinning the four circle flowers.

These should measure
 no more than 22" long from
 end to end like this.

After pinning ...use the Sue Glue!

Next up is to lay out and pin the
 6 1/2" flowers onto the corners.

Aren't they cute!?

From tip to tip...

They should measure about 30" long.

Pin and glue them into place...

And now its time to add the leaves:)

I placed them in the center 
of the stem and about 
7 1/2" wide from leaf tip to leaf tip.

After all of the pinning 
and the glue was dry...
I laid my measuring tape across
 the 6 1/2" flowers from 
side to side like this...

And it measured 22 1/2"

I hope all of this measuring 
helps you when you are 
laying out your own blocks!!

I super love this block 
and I hope that you do too!

She sure is a beauty:)


After appliqué you will need to
 trim your block down to 
24 1/2" x 24 1/2"

It will measure 24" square 
after it's sewn into your quilt.

Once again...
thank you for joining me 
for this weeks tutorial in the
Flea Market Flowers
Sew Along
I'll be right back here 
next week with a few more!!


Carrie B said...

so so pretty

Becky L. said...

Lori- your quilts, fabrics & notions are so delightful. I just ordered the granny chic house pillow kit and am so excited to give it a go! My daydream is to one day have everything you've designed-it brings me such joy! :) Thank you!

Becky L. said...

I really love your quilts, fabrics, and notions. I just ordered your granny chic house pillow kit and can't wait to try it! I'm crazy about your 'stuff".

ScrappyGirl said...

I really appreciate the details you provide here for placement on this block. I am feeling a little intimidated on this one! Ready to tackle it. (yes, I am running behind on getting this Sew Along done! )

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