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Flea Market Sew Along - Week Seven!!

Flea Market Flowers 

Welcome to Week Seven of the 

We are using my latest 
fabric collection called
Flea Market
It's designed by me ... 
and produced and distributed by the amazing 
Riley Blake Designs:)

We are making my quilt
76" x 86"

We are using my 
to make all of the flower petals...

This set of my 
for all of the flower centers...

And we are also using my 
for all of the leaves in the quilt.

All of the other notions as well as fabric requirements are detailed within the 
Flea Market Flowers Sew Along Guide
for the free PDF Download

I also have a "Bee Prepared" blog post 
detailing everything that you will
 need to know about this sew along...
to go to that blog post 
if you have not read it 
or you need to be "refreshed"
 on any of the information!

As promised...
To kick off week one
 I did a video tutorial on my
 YouTube channel showing how to make 
Flea Market Flower 

to go to that tutorial...
 so that you can make this cute flower!!

I also did a tutorial during 
week one right here
 on my blog for
Block "L"
to go to week one and this block tutorial:)

As part of week two 
I did the tutorial here for  
Block "O"
For that tutorial

is also in the week two tutorial:)

Last week during week three
I did the tutorial for 

to go to week three for the tutorial

I also did the tutorial for 
during week three:)

During week four I did
 the tutorial for 
Block "K"

for that tutorial

And I also did the tutorial for 
Block "J" 
during week four as well.

During Week Five I did the tutorial for 

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I also did the tutorial for 
during Week Five as well.

During week six I did the tutorial for 

for that tutorial.

First up today we are going to make 
You will need to make one - 
9 1/2" Flea Market Flower
using 2 different prints.

To make Block "E" you will also need:

2 - small leaves
2 - large leaves
 1 - 4" circle

1 - 1/2" stem cut 9 1/2" long
with one end pressed under 

Background cut - 12" x 20"

***Please read carefully*** 
These are the
special cutting instructions 
for the flower petals in Block "E"
that I told you about earlier:

You will need one 4" x 21"
 strip from each print 
to cut 8 flower petals from each 
to make the flower.
***NOTE for special cutting***
For the other 9 1/2" flowers you would
 normally cut your strips 
3" tall 
but for this flower you will 
cut the strips 4" tall instead.
 The reason is that because we are 
using a 4" circle for the 
flower center...
 we need the make the center opening
 in the flower itself smaller 
so that size circle will cover it.

So cut the petals like this
using the 3" and 7"
line marks on the Pie Ruler.
Alternate the ruler after each cut. 

***Take Note***
 that you will be using the 7" line 
 instead of the 6" line 
(as indicated in the guide) 
for this 9 1/2" flower ONLY 
so that the 4" circle will fit easily.

Here's a closer look:)
Repeat cutting for the other print 
for a total of 16 flower petals.

Now I'm all cut and ready to
 go over to the sewing machine:)

I sewed my leaves and the 4" circle...

And I also whipped up this 6" circle
 using leftover fabric from the kit...
because I am thinking that
 this is a good solution for you 
if you just happened to 
have been a "little overzealous" 
LOL and did not wait for my 
special cutting on this block 
and already cut your strips 3" tall.

Simply put a larger circle 
in the middle to cover the hole 
after sewing your flower:)

Okay now time to sew the petals!!

After I pressed my background 
fabric in half lengthwise so that I could easily center my flower...
 I began pinning.

I made sure that it not 
measure more than 17" tall
and the large leaves are no
wider than the flower. 

Now to pin the 4" center circle.

Or the 6" center circle if you need to...

Or actually both if you want...
after all  I always say that
"You are the boss of your own quilt!"

As for me...
I'm sticking with my plan on this one:)
But FYI sometimes I do change my mind
as you will see in 
Block D a little later.
I'm the boss of my own quilt too!!

All pinned and glued and waiting
 for a few minutes to let it dry 
before removing the pins.

All ready to applique!!!

I love this cute and simple aqua flower!


After applique trim it down to 
10 1/2" x 18 1/2" 
It will finish at 
10" x 18"
after it's sewn into your quilt. it's time for
For this block you will need to make one 
15 1/2" Flea Market Flower
using two different prints
and also one 
9 1/2" Flea Market Flower
using one print.

For BLOCK "D" cut your background fabric 
18" x 20"
There are no stems or leaves 
in this one but you will need 
1 - 6" circle 
1 - 4" circle 
(I decided to save this circle 
for a little later in the sew along)

You will need to cut 2 - 6" x 21" 
from EACH of the prints for the 
15 1/2" flower petals.

Cut 8 petals from each like this...
using the top of the Pie Ruler
 and the 6" line just like
 the diagram in the guide.

Make sure to alternate 
the ruler with each cut.

You will need to cut 
3 - 3" x 16" strips 
for the 9 1/2" flower petals.

Your strips will be 16" long 
instead of 21" long because 
you will need to cut a 
5" square from your fabric first.
This is for the flower center in
 Block "B" so set it aside for that.
From these 3 strips...
Cut 16 petals to make one 9 1/2" flower
 using the 3" and the 6" lines
 on the Pie Ruler just like
 the diagram in the guide.

I sewed both of my circles first...

And then both of my flowers:)

I pressed my background in half
 both ways so that I could
 use those creased lines 
to center my largest  flower first.

Take note that for this flower...
I placed my flower points
 on those creased lines.

Then I pinned and glued!

Next I pinned and glued 
the smaller flower on top.
I placed the points onto the seams
 of the large flower and used a ruler
 to make sure that 
the top flower was centered.

After pinning I glued:)

Then I centered and pinned the 6" circle:)

This is the point where I decided 
to save this circle to use for later.
I'm going to use it as the center 
for a special Flea Market Flower 
that I am going to make 
for the quilt label!
I'm excited about it and 
I'll do a tutorial on that
 during the last week of this sew along:)
Of course you can still put yours 
in this block if you would like...
no worries!

I think the block looks cute either way!

After your applique is complete 
you will need to trim your block to 
16 1/2" tall x 18 1/2" wide

It will finish at 16" x 18" 
after it's sewn into your quilt.

Okay now onto Block "C"

You will need to make 
one - 7 1/2" Flea Market Flower 
using one print only

You will need to cut 2 - 3" x 21" strips
 to get 16 flower petals.
Cut them like this using the
 4" and the 7" lines on the Pie Ruler.
Alternate the ruler with each cut:)

To make Block "C" you will also need:
1 - 4" circle
2 - small leaves
2 - large leaves
1 - 1/4" stem cut 12" long 
with one end pressed under.

Cut your background 10" x 20"

Sew your leaves and your center circle...

And your 7 1/2" flower.

Press your background in half lengthwise
 so that you can 
pin your flower in the center.

Because you do not want your leaves 
to be wider than your flower...
place the bottom of the leaves
 almost straight with the stem.

Here is a close up photo of mine:)

Pin everything else into place...

And make your flower to be 
no more than 17" tall:)

After pinning...
 glue into place and remove pins
 when your Sue Glue is dry!

I love this tall skinny flower:)


After applique trim it down to
 8 1/2" x 18 1/2"

It will finish at 8" x 18"
after it's sewn into your quilt.

That was a lot of tutorials for this week!

***Just a reminder...
that you do not have to 
make your blocks at the same time 
that I am doing each tutorial.
We all have different amounts of time
 that we can sew and of course 
this is a no pressure sew along.
Some of you are able to stay
 with my schedule and some are not.
As always...
I will leave all of these tutorials
 on my blog so that you can do 
each block at your own convenience.

The most important thing is that you
 enjoy planting and growing your flowers
 each and every step of the way:)

I'll be right back here next week
 with two more block tutorials.

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Unknown said...

Well I was the overzealous one and did Block E ahead of time. After trying to line up the 4" circle, which of course was a slightly too small, I started remeasuring and asking myself, did I cut wrong - oh no! I giggled when I saw your comment Lori and I was going to recut the flower but... you always have a solution. Thanks so much. This has been my 1st sew-along and I am enjoying it. I won't jump ahead next time.

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