Monday, March 15, 2021

Flea Market Flowers Sew Along - Week Eight!!


Flea Market Flowers 

Welcome to Week Eight of the 

We are using my latest 
fabric collection called
Flea Market
It's designed by me ... 
and produced and distributed by the amazing 
Riley Blake Designs:)

We are making my quilt
76" x 86"

We are using my 
to make all of the flower petals...

This set of my 
for all of the flower centers...

And we are also using my 
for all of the leaves in the quilt.

All of the other notions as well as fabric requirements are detailed within the 
Flea Market Flowers Sew Along Guide
for the free PDF Download

I also have a "Bee Prepared" blog post 
detailing everything that you will
 need to know about this sew along...
to go to that blog post 
if you have not read it 
or you need to be "refreshed"
 on any of the information!

As promised...
To kick off week one
 I did a video tutorial on my
 YouTube channel showing how to make 
Flea Market Flower 

to go to that tutorial...
 so that you can make this cute flower!!

I also did a tutorial during 
week one right here
 on my blog for
Block "L"
to go to week one and this block tutorial:)

As part of week two 
I did the tutorial here for  
Block "O"
For that tutorial

is also in the week two tutorial:)

During week three
I did the tutorial for 

to go to week three for the tutorial

I also did the tutorial for 
during week three:)

During week four I did
 the tutorial for 
Block "K"

for that tutorial

And I also did the tutorial for 
Block "J" 
during week four as well.

During Week Five I did the tutorial for 

to read that tutorial

I also did the tutorial for 
during Week Five as well.

During week six I did the tutorial for 

for that tutorial.

During week seven 
I did the tutorial for 
Flea Market Flower 
Block "E"

for that tutorial:)

During week seven
 is the tutorial for 
BLOCK "D"...

As well as the tutorial for 
Block "C"

First up today we are going to make 
You will need to make three - 
6 1/2" Flea Market Flowers
using 3 different prints.

To make Block "B" you will also need:

6 - small leaves
  3 - 4" circles

3 - 1/4" stems cut 6" long
with one end pressed under 

Background cut - 14" x 20"

You will need to cut
 2 - 3" x 21" strips 
from EACH of the three prints.

From each print cut 16 petals 
to make the three 6 1/2" flowers.

Use the 4 1/2" and 7 1/2" lines
 on the Pie Ruler and alternate 
the ruler each time that you cut:)

Circles and leaves are sewn...

Flower petals...

And flowers!!

Press your background in half 
so that you can place the 
center flower right on that crease.

Lay your flowers out and then pin.

All three flowers together
 should measure 17" across...

Like this:)

And 11" tall:)

Add the and glue:)

Ready for applique!!

I love these 3 little flowers in a row:)

Flea Market Flower
Block "B"

After applique trim it down to 
12 1/2" x 18 1/2"

It will finish at 12" x 18" 
after it's sewn into your quilt.

Now it's time to plant another flower!
Block "A"
You will need to make
 one - 15 1/2" flower 
using two different prints:)

To make Block "A" you will also need:

4 - large leaves
1 - 2" circle
1 - 4" circle
1 - 6" circle

1 - 1/2" stem cut 11" long
with one end pressed under 

Background cut - 20" x 26"

You will need to cut 
2 - 6" x 21" strips 
from EACH print to make 
the petals for the flowers.

Cut 8 petals from each print 
so that you have a total of 16.

Use the top of the Pie Ruler and the
 6" line on the Ruler.
 Alternate the ruler 
each time that you cut:)

As per usual...
I sewed my circles and leaves first.

Now it's time for the petals:)

Petals are all sewn and pressed...

And flower is complete.
It's a big one!!!

I used one large 
and two small design boards 
to lay out the background for this block.

I pressed my background 
in half so that I
 could center the flower easily.

I made my flower 23" tall 
from the bottom of the stem 
to the top of the flower tips.

I pinned all of the circles...

And finally the leaves!
I made sure that my leaves 
were not wider than my flower.

After pinning everything into place 
I used the Sue Glue and let it dry 
before removing the pins.

I truly love this big beautiful flower!!


After applique trim it to
18 1/2" x 24 1/2"

It will finish at 18" x 24" 
after it's sewn into your quilt:)

Thanks so much for joining me 
this week for the very last
 of the block tutorials. 
It's been a lot of fun
 "sowing" these flowers with you!!

I'll be back here next week
and I will show you 
how I trim down a block or two
to prepare them for
 sewing into my quilt:) 

I'll also show you the label
 that I made for the 
back of my quilt and how I made it
just in case you 
want to make one as well!

I'll chat with you later...



Pam said...

Thank you so much for all your time and talents you share. This was my first sew along for me and not my last. It was great. Thanks for your tips too. I do appreciate everything. I learned from my grandmother and listening to you brings back wonderful memories. Thank you again. Love you material too.

mangosan said...

This is my first Lori Holt sew along and I'm having so much fun with it. I absolutely love this project! While I'm excited to have this beautiful quilt almost finished, I'm going to miss working on it.

Wendi said...

I started this quilt in the spring of 2022 and now as I approach Christmas I’m finishing it. I love this quilt, it been my psalm for quilting. When I get tired of piecing blocks or just a particular quilt, I turn to these flowers and my love of quilting is renewed. I’m going to miss this.

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