Friday, February 7, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Fifteen!!

Hello again!
Welcome back for week fifteen in the 

We are using my latest book

And using Farm Girl Fabric

to make two of the 
45 Farm Girl Blocks each week:)

Our first Farm Girl Block for the week is 
on page 96 of the book.

I thought it would be cute to
 add some yummy cupcakes to the photo!

These are my favorite kind...
and with sprinkles too!!

I made a 6" Mixing it Up Block 
and added it to my small 
Mix and Match Kitchen Quilt.

And as you know I am currently making 
another kitchen quilt using 12" Blocks.

I added 2 more for that quilt 
to my design wall this week.

from my first 
It's on page 17:)

I used several of my fabrics
 from a few different collections
 and I love how it turned out!
It was fun to fussy cut the fabric
 for the aqua jar. 
That print is one of my
 108" wide backs called Farm Life.

My mom and grandma's both canned 
and taught me how 
so I also do some canning every fall.

 I decided to add a block to represent
 the two fruits that I
 like to bottle each year...

I made this block with a mash-up
 from the first book and my current one.

The pear is 1/2 of the 
on page 32 of book one.
The peaches are 1/4 of the 
on page 47 of Farm Girl Vintage 2.

I used a Bee Basics print for the pear
 and Autumn Love prints for the peaches:)

It was a fun block to make and easy peasy! 
I love how the 
yellow and corals look together:)

I have 12 blocks made so far
 for my kitchen quilt...
I just need 3 more for a total of 15.
I'm using the large Mix and Match 
setting from page 156 of the book.

I'm doing it how I did the one with
 MAMA'S APRON without any alternate
 Mix and Match Blocks.
I'll continue showing you 
my progress as I go along!

The four 6" blocks that are on the 
left side of my design wall 
are for my small sampler quilt.
I need 12 blocks for that one and 
my goal is to add a few more
 onto the wall for next weeks post!
Tune in next week to sew 
if I was actually able to pull it off:)

Our next Farm Girl Block is
He is on page 99.
Also in the book on page 198...
I made the 12" size and framed it 
along with a 6" Rise and Shine Rooster
 and a 3" Quilting Day Block

I love him in the frame and so
 I'm keeping him in there 
instead of taking him out...

So I made another block for 
the photo for this weeks post!
I made him using my Autumn Love fabric.

I like to add a blush to his cheeks
 using my blush and a Q-Tip:)
He is sew sweet!!

I love Mr. Scarecrow so much!
I'm planning on making this block
 into a pillow this fall.

Speaking of fall decorating...
I bought this cute little
 metal wheelbarrow on Amazon...

And it originally looked like this and I wanted to add a little color to it.

After all...
I paint my real sized wheelbarrows 
all the time and plant flowers in them...
One of them I used for stacking quilts 
and put it on the back cover 
of my first

Of course my Farm Girl Paint comes in 
jars large enough for painting 
furniture pieces but did you know that 
it comes in small jars too?
Perfect for smaller projects!!!
This color that I used for the
 wheelbarrow is Kitchen Cupboard

It literally took 10 minutes...
I did a few coats and you can sew 
the last one is almost dry.
I just used a small wide flat brush 
and laid out a few layers of paper towels 
to protect my work surface.

Changing the colors of pieces whether
 they are small or large is a 
perfect way to personalize and 
freshen up your farmhouse cottage decor!!

I use my paint all the time 
for everyday and seasonal decor.

And continuing on the 
subject of fall decorating ...
don't forget about the 
OCTOBER SKIES QUILT in the book...
of course I added Mr. Scarecrow
 in there as well.
The setting is the same setting 
as the cover quilt and is on 
page 142 of the book.

Here is another full sized photo of my October Skies Quilt:)

I thought it would be fun to
 share another one of the photos 
from my first
These are quilts hanging over 3 
of my vintage doors that I painted.

I had to mix the paint to
 match my decor back then...
but now these paint colors have
 become part of my
 Farm Girl Paint collection!
From left to right is...
 Kitchen Cupboard - Baby Chick - Pasture

I also switched out the quilts 
for the
 3 large table runners 
in the first book...
sew fun!!

I think I've shown enough for this week
Thanks for joining me 
and I'll meet you back here next week
 with two more Farm Girl Blocks:)


Unknown said...

Love your books, and thanks so much for sharing more about your paint. P.S. your dog blocks are my all time favorites

Amandalee said...

I love Mr. Scarecrow!!😍

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for all of the great ideas for using the quilt blocks! Also, I love how you painted the wheelbarrow.

sewamyj said...

Wow! Thanks for all of the great ideas for using the quilt blocks! Also, I love how you painted the wheelbarrow.

sewamyj said...

WOW! Thanks for all the great ideas to use the quilt blocks! Also, I love the painted wheelbarrow.

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