Friday, February 21, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girls Friday's - Week Seventeen!!

Hello and welcome to the 

Grab your book

And your Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And let's make some Farm Girl Blocks!

Our first Farm Girl Block
 for this week is 
on page 107 of the book.

Isn't she sweet? 
She has had a little bit
 of an adventure today...
and right now is just about to have a  
roll in the mud...
and this is after she got out
 of her pen and ran around the farm 
and then got into the tomato patch:)

These are some of the 
vintage tomato pincushions 
that I have collected over the years.
 A few were my grandma's and aunts 
and one is my moms!

And you know that I had to add 
Penny to the
 "Riding in the back of
 Grandpa's Truck Parade"!

if you need to see the 
tutorial on how to do this!

I'm having sew much fun making 
these parade of farm animal blocks:)

Our next Farm Girl Block is 
on page 110 of the book.

I have a bad case of spring fever!
I want to get outside and
 dig in the dirt but I still 
have to wait a few months for that:)

I have several 6" Pretty Dahlia Blocks
 to add to another flower quilt.

I can't ever get enough of sewing flowers...
or growing them either:)

I used this block along with all of 
the other flower blocks in the book
 for my 
Beekeepers Garden Quilt

Here is a full size photo 
for your convenience.
The setting for this quilt 
is on page 140 of the book.

I am having a ball making more 
Farm Girl Blocks during
 our sew along from this book
 and my first one as well.

My goal is to make each and every 
Farm Girl Block into a potholder 
using the pattern for page 120 
of the first book 
and I am well on my way!
That means 90!!!

Here are a few photo's from 
that photo shoot...
I can't believe it was 5 years ago!

Thanks for joining me on the farm today...
 we planted Pretty Dahlia's and 
rescued the garden from Penny Pig:)

I'll meet you right back here next week 
for more adventures on the farm!!


Tina said...

I'm having the BEST time doing this sew-along with you! Thanks you!!

Unknown said...

I just love doing this quilt! I am also working on Farm girl Vintage 1! Love your patterns!

Alison said...

I just LOVE your style Lori! Those blocks are adorable and your tomato pin cushions are a treasure, you brighten my day with your creativity! I have followed you for years and your only getting better. My health unfortunately has the better of me right now but you put me back on the right track with your relentless creativity, thank you ❤️

Perfect Stitch by angie said...

LOVE those tomato pin cushions. What a nice accent!Hope to catch up tomorrow on the flower block.
Still need to work through my roosters and chickens and eggs from your October visit to Phoenix.
What a talent you are. Thanks for sharing.

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