Monday, February 3, 2020

Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Week Two!!

Hello and welcome to week two of the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along

Today we are doing the 
Canning Block

If you have not downloaded the
 Sew Along Guide PDF
If you are just joining us...
to read the first post 
about this sew along:)

We are using my new fabric 
Vintage Happy 2

And my new Sew Simple Shapes

To make the 
Vintage Housewife Quilt
74" x 82"

So cute!!

Last week we made the Baking Block:)
to watch that video tutorial
 if you missed it.

Are you ready for some home canning?
Tie on your apron and let's do this!!

Your kit for block 2 should be 
cut in accordance with the
 sew along guide cutting.
Sew Simple Shapes 
needed for this block are:
You will also need to 
trace two pieces of the interfacing:
1 - 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" for jar label
1 - 5 1/2" x 6 1/2" for processor
(these instructions are on page 12)

Prepare all of your straight bias strips
 by running them through the 
size needed maker and then prepare:
Spoon Handle 5"-
 press one end under 1/4" 
3 Jar Lids - 
should measure 1 1/2" long AFTER
 both ends are pressed under.
Top of Processor - 
should measure 6" AFTER
 pressing each end under.
Processor Handles - 
should measure 1" AFTER 
pressing one end under.

 *When you run the red strip through
 that you cut on the bias...
press it into a curved shape 
as it comes out of the maker
 while you are ironing it.

This is for the handle of the funnel.
You can trim it down after
 you glue baste it.

Before sewing these two shapes...
You will need to trace 2 lines
 onto the interfacing using the 
Half Pint Jar Line.

Measure 2" down from the top of
 this processor piece and draw a line.
Draw another one 3/4" below that.
These lines are where you will place
 the small vintage trim.

I placed a small amount of glue
 on mine before I sewed it down.
I just used matching thread 
and whip stitched over the top.

*Take note* that I used Riley Aqua
 small Vintage Trim because back when 
I made my quilt the Songbird 
Small Vintage trim was not here yet:)

you could just glue down the trim 
before sewing the shape and
 then sew them down during the applique:)

Sew you jar label shape and then use the
 Easy Trace Light Box 
to trace the embroidery pattern.
You will find it on page 15 of the guide.

After sewing all of the shapes...
cut your "X" and turn.

You will need to cut the cleavage and
 inner curves on these shapes before turning.

Remember to cut right up to 
the thread but not into it.

Turned and shaped!!
Lay your background out onto a medium
 or a large design board and start pinning!

Funnel - 
I pinned my funnel part down first 
and then shaped the handle underneath.
It's a tight curve and will have
 a few tucks on the inside curve 
so don't's fine!

This is a close up of what mine looks like.
P.S.Even though this is a canning funnel
 this also makes a cute tea cup:)

Continue pinning and adding 
bias strips where needed.

I took several close up's for you
 to view while pinning your block.

I started on the bottom pieces and
 placed them 1 1/2" up from the bottom edge.

The entire height of the design 
should be 11" tall
and about 11 1/4" wide from tip of 
processor and funnel handles.

I used the yellow lace on the
 BEE CUTE Lace Card 
and pinned it across the top of the 
oven mitt and tucked each end under.
I folded a piece in half to use
 for the hanging loop.

Looks like this:)

You will need to embroider the label 
for the bottled cherries 
before you glue baste it.

I used 3 strands of my Aurifloss and 
added two tiny red buttons for the cherries:)

After everything is all pinned
 it's time for glue!

I take my pins out and quickly use the
 ruler and check if I need to 
change anything before the glue dries.
You can gently pull pieces off 
and re-glue if needed!
The Sue Glue is very forgiving
 and FYI is water soluble too.

All ready for applique!!

I love this block...
it brings back so many memories of 
canning with my mom...
 my sisters and my grandma's.
We canned all of the things
 from our large gardens that my dad grew!

I can still remember those sweet times 
and the sweet taste of those 
bottled fruits with toast.
We had them for breakfast on cold winter mornings before school...
by canning we kept summer in a jar!!

After your applique is complete...
trim up your block to 12 1/2" 
using the ruler and then it's time to
 add the red clothespins border:)

I showed you how to do this last week
 and it will be the same 
for all of the square blocks.

14 1/2" x 14 1/2" square 
BEFORE sewing it into your quilt.

Let's chat a little about canning:)
It's so rewarding and if you've 
never done it before...
it's easier than you may think.

There are so many tutorials and recipes 
on YouTube that will help you out
 if you would like to try it...
or even if you have done it for years!

You know that the original 
vintage canning jars were made with
 blue glass and eventually they were 
produced with clear glass 
like we use now.

But what you may not know is that
 Ball Canning has been releasing some
 vintage style collector's editions
 in several sizes.
You can order them online or pick them up
 at Target where I get mine.
They're so fun!

And for labeling your vintage style jars 
you can also find free 
vintage style labels on
Here are examples of just a few.

Just do a quick search and you will 
find several to choose from...

I like to print mine out onto
 sticker paper that goes in the printer
 and then cut them apart and keep them 
in my kitchen drawer to use 
when it's canning season.

I got this label a long time ago 
and have used it often:)
Isn't it cute!?

Another idea is that you could print
 the clip art page that I gave you 
in the guide right onto the sticker 
copy paper and use for labeling 
and tagging or decorating your jars!

Thanks so much for joining me this week...
and to celebrate canning 
with the vintage housewife...
Below are a few vintage photos
 and ads for you to enjoy.

I'll meet you back here next week for the Ironing Block!


Little Quiltsong said...

Love seeing all these canning advertising pictures - reminds me soooo much of home growing up and also when we lived in the country with our own family - and our 3 big gardens. We often had family canning days - and have wonderful memory pics of those times. We also had a huge fruit cellar in that home to accommodate all of our canning. Love your canning block design. It has taken a little longer to clear my sewing table, but hope to get to my blocks soon, with the Vintage Housewife :)!

dream quilt create said...

I love everything about this post! So cute and full of information!

Perfect Stitch by angie said...

I Just love the photos you added. Nice touch.

Unknown said...

I love this quilt but also love this block. You have some great photos that bring back a lot of memories. If more people canned fresh food today we would be a lot healthier. Thanks for sharing!

Samantha D. Sunshine 🌞 said...

Very soothing right now

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