Friday, February 28, 2020

Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Eighteen!!

Hello and welcome to the 

Grab your book

And your Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And let's make some Farm Girl Blocks!

Our first Farm Girl Block
 for this week is 
on page 112 of the book.

I love this scrappy happy block ...
it has so many possibilities!
 I used it for several projects in the book:)

I made a pin pillow using the
 6" block size...

And I used the 3" size segments 
(from the 6" block as well) 
and of course made them into a doll quilt:)

I just love seeing all of the
 doll quilts on the vintage beds...
I just can't get enough!
You are never too old to play...
I guess I'll never grow up and that's okay:)

I played with some of my 
vintage dollhouse furniture 
by setting it up for this 
little photo shoot.

This is the
 "Small Alternate Block" 
Doll Quilt and the instructions
 are on page 188 of the book.

I love this little table and chairs 
and after setting it up I decided that
 the table needed a centerpiece...

So I grabbed a vintage spool of thread
 and tucked part of a cotton ball 
in the center to stick a few pins in
 for a mini flower arrangement ...
sew fun!!

I'm finished playing with dolls 
for now because it's time 
to play with chickens!

Our next Farm Girl Block for this week is
from page 113 of the book:)

Every morning when my dad would 
wake me up he would come into my room...
shake my big toe that was 
warm and tucked under
 the bed quilt and say 
"Rise and Shine!"
Of course I had to name my rooster block
 Rise and Shine because of my dad 
and also because we lived on a farm
 so we got up with the chickens...
no sleeping in for us!

I also wanted to sew a 
white rooster for the book 
and I used my Shabby fabric 
in the color STEEL for the background...

And then I made 8 of them 
for the large Mix and Match Quilt.
The outer border is my 
Farm Life 108" wide back...
also in Steel.
The pattern for this quilt 
is on page 157 of the book.

I used the Quarter Pasture
 Mix and Match Block for the alternate.

Today I have a surprise for you!!
I made another quilt for you 
and it's called 
"Farm Girl Chicken Quilt"

This quilt is made using the same setting
 as the cover quilt in the book
 and it's a mash up of book one and book two!

The setting and the 
Rise and Shine Rooster Block 
are in Farm Girl Vintage 2 Book...

Mama Hen Block
 is in my first 

As well as the 
Baby Chick Block

In the quilt there are -
ten total
 12" Rise and Shine Rooster Blocks

There are ten total-
 12" Mama Hen Blocks
There are eighteen total -
 6" Baby Chick Blocks

But wait...
you must be wondering about the eggs?
Well I designed a new 
Farm Girl Block for you!
To get the free PDF download:)

It's a pattern for my 6" 
and there are 12 of them in the quilt!

Here is a full quilt photo
 for your convenience.
Remember that it is the 
exact same setting that we have
 talked about often during
 this sew along which is the - 
Farm Girl Vintage 2 Sampler Quilt
Beekeepers Garden Quilt 
October Skies Quilt

The setting pattern is on
 pages 138-142 of the book.

I designed this quilt last fall 
and taught it in November to a 
large group of the loveliest ladies ever!

This quilt united us in the few days
 that we were able to spend together 
and I am forever grateful for your kindness...ya'll know who you are!!

This photo was taken during that time 
and my dear friend Shanna was 
holding up one corner of the quilt...
as I peeked around from the back LOL

I took a few close up photos for you
 in my studio so that you can see the quilting and the 
 large Vintage Trim in CLOUD color 
that I tucked into the binding.

I chose to use the red gingham from my 
Farm Girl Fabric collection for the border.

All of the blocks are scrappy happy 
and made using Bee Backgrounds and then prints from my fabric collections 
Farm Girl Vintage...Autumn Love 
and Bee Basics.

My dear friend and quilter Juli 
did an amazing job with the quilting...
a chicken wire pattern:)
Juli is always there in a pinch and I appreciate her so very much!
Hopefully these last two photos
 show her quilting off well!

we sure had a full day on the farm!

Thanks so much for joining me 
and I'll be back next week to
 talk about two more Farm Girl Blocks:)


Amandalee said...

I love the little spool flower arrangement!😍 I have some of my grandmother’s old spools...I’ll have to use ur idea!! Love all u do!!

Natalie said...

The Farm Girl Chicken Quilt is adorable! Thanks for sharing the egg block with us!

mamageese said...

I love, love, LOVE, these extra projects you throw in! I adore your creativity, and I’m grateful you share it with all of us fellow quilters!
Can’t wait to continue on💖

lovetostitch said...

The chicken quilt is the cuteness overload!! Love the eggs scattered around - just like chickens do!

MargieNell said...

I want that ckn feet fabric for my bacground!

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