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Farm Girl Vintage 2 Quilt Along - Farm Girl Friday's - Week Sixteen!!

Hello and welcome to the 

Grab your book

Get out your Farm Girl Vintage Fabric...

And let's make some Farm Girl Blocks!

Our first Farm Girl Block today is 
on page 103 of the book.

Because we lived in a small town
 everybody knew everybody and 
we all took care of each other 
in times of need and celebrated 
all the happy things together.

My grandma and her sisters would
 often have on hand pieced baby quilts
 made from their scraps from 
piecing larger quilts.
(waste not want not)
They were ready to put on the frames 
as soon as a new baby made an arrival.

Of course we would all quilt it
 together and we would 
have it done in no time.
That's just one of the things 
that I loved about 
being a small town girl:)

I took this photo on the very first day
 of the photo shoot for the book...
I hung eight doll quilts on the line 
and tried to get a good shot 
between the wind bursts...
but this is one of my favorite!
You can see that the first one is
 made with the New Baby Block.

The section about the 
Doll Quilts and Pillows 
begins on page 186 of the book.

Just look at these vintage doll beds!
I collected them over time
 from thrift stores...
garage sales and antique shops.

It was so fun to place the quilts 
onto each bed and even more fun to
 add the pillows and sheets made with
 Farm girl Vintage fabrics:)

I still love to play with dolls
 and that's okay!!

Instructions for this doll quilt 
are on page 191....
and here's a full shot of the quilt.

As I mentioned in the book...
I like to use flannel instead of 
batting when I make doll quilts 
because they lie on the beds better 
and are easier for little hands
 to wrap around dolls for easy snuggling:)

Make sure to pre-shrink the flannel 
first because it shrinks more 
than the fabric.

I had so much fun painting my 
vintage doll beds with  
using several of the colors.

The paint is a dream to work with 
and matches my fabrics and
 farm girl style decor perfectly.

All you need to do is simply make sure that 
the surface is clean and dry before painting.

No sanding or stripping is needed at all!

I painted two coats on each bed:)

Here's a photo that I took on the morning
 of the photo shoot while I waited 
for Kimberly and the girls to arrive.

You can see stacks of painted doll beds
 all ready to do their thing 
when it was time!
Our photo shoots typically last 4-5 days:)

P.S. I always roll my quilts onto
 pool noodles to keep them wrinkle free
 for their close ups!

I have been getting several requests
 to show items in my home
 that I have painted with my
so I'm showing this piece this week.

It's a vintage locker that I've had for a while and have painted several colors.
I keep in my sewing room ...

And right now it's painted
 in the color 

I love the Farm Girl Paint so much
 and I love these doll quilts!!!...
 and so you will be seeing more
 of both throughout the 
rest of our sew along:)

Our next Farm Girl Block 
for this week is 
on page 104 from the book.

Because we had a large family ...
we of course grew A LOT of 
peas and carrots in our large gardens.

  I particularly loved to shell the peas 
(and eat them lol)
and also loved pulling the carrots 
from the ground when Dad said that 
they were ready...
you didn't know how big they were 
until you pulled them out 
and I thought that was fun:)

I showed you the carrots that I made 
in the photo above when I used them
 with the Happy Horse block....
but I didn't have any peas ...

Or so I thought! 
...until I realized that I did! LOL

A while ago I had crocheted 
a little round ball
 from each color of my Chunky Thread yarn
 and so I grabbed the 3 greens 
from this platter that they are
 currently displayed on...
that's where they ended up because 
I threw them there when I was finished. haha

I'll probably put them in a jar
 or a vintage bowl or something 
for display later but for right now 
they remain on the platter.

I've recently started a new project 
using 11 of my colors...

I have 26 colors so far.
Can you see the 
Granny Square Pincushions?
I have a 3 part YouTube
 tutorial for those...

Right now they are part of the
 yarn wall in my sewing room:)

Here is my new project start...
it's a scarf right now as I 
test out my pattern but then I will make the pattern as a blanket ...and there will be a crochet along!!

I will also have a YouTube tutorial for that. It will be called the 
Ric-Rac Crochet Along
I will let you know when the date 
for that has been finalized.

P.S. If you would like to watch 
another crochet tutorial by me...
it's my Granny CIRCLE 
and is also a 3 part.

Okay...back to quilting!
Remember this photo that I 
showed you last week of my design wall?

I told you that I wanted to make a
 few more 6" blocks for my sampler.

 what I did instead was make
 a few more 12" blocks 
for my kitchen quilt.

I used my very first book
and made four of the 
Cocoa Cups Blocks 
from page 28 of that book.

For the sashing in-between I cut 
2- 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" 
1 - 2 1/2" x 12 1/2" 
and that made the block measure 
12 1/2" square.

Then I sewed the 1 1/2" border strips
 on just like all of the other blocks:)

Then I grabbed my 
and sewed the Apple Block from 
page 104 from that book.

But instead of using one print 
for the apple...I cut 
12 - 3 1/2" squares and sewed 
them together first.

I love how both of these blocks 
turned out and I think they will be 
fun additions to my Kitchen Quilt!

Here is my photo that I am 
showing this week from the first
  photo shoot...
on page 96 0f that book.

It's made with the 
Farm Girl Tractor Block and 
lots of pinwheels that are 
turning the soil!!

It's hanging out in the pasture
 with the horses:)

Well peeps...
That's it for this week...
thanks sew much for farming with me today 
and I'll chat with you again next week 
about more things on the farm!

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Little Quiltsong said...

You always make each of your blocks come more alive with your lovely stories. So enjoy hearing them :)! Love your beautiful paint colours - and now feel like painting many doll beds and added pretty doll quilts to each. Thank you for all your delicious patterns!

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