Monday, February 24, 2020

Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Week Five!!

Welcome back!
It's week five of the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along

 if you need to download the 
Sew Along Guide and 
if you are just joining us and 
need to read the Bee Prepared post 
that tells you all about this sew along:)

We are using Vintage Happy 2 Fabric...

And my new Sew Simple Shapes

To make the 
Vintage Housewife Quilt
74" x 82"

These are the blocks that
 we have done so far:

And today we are making the 

Sew Simple Shapes 
used for this block:
You will need to have a small 
1/4" of gray about 1" long for the lamp pole.
Coral 1/2" Straight Bias-
You will need 2 pieces 1 1/2" long
 after pressing both ends under.
I cut 2 more pieces 2" long and
 pressed them in half for the phone feet:)

You will need to use small red 
vintage trim for the phone cord 
and 1/4" red buttons for the dial.

You will also need a small red button
 and small vintage trim 
for the picture hanger.
You will use the aqua lace 
for the trim on the bottom 
of the lampshade:)


Before turning these 3 shapes
 you will need to clip them:)

All turned and shaped and ready for glue!

BEFORE all of that though...
use the Easy Trace Light Box 
and trace the embroidery pattern
 on page 17 of the guide.

I embroidered mine first.
I used 3 strands and a backstitch for everything and used the colors in my
 Bee Basics Aurifloss Box Set.

A close up:)

Before glueing down my cord...
I traced the lines for placement
 using the guide on page 16.

I tucked the ends underneath the phone:)

Then I finished off with
 the straight bias strips:)

I pinned my lamp and then placed 
the lace on the bottom before glue.

I simply wrapped it around the bottom
 and tucked the ends under on each side.

All pins are in!
And then came the glue:)

ALWAYS do a quick check
 with the ruler BEFORE the glue dries
 to see if you need to adjust anything.

Here are photos for you 
showing how I placed my buttons...

Ready for applique:)

Appliquéd...bordered and all buttoned up!
should measure 14 1/2" 
square at this point

This is just what it was like
 in my house when the telephone rang...
all of us kids running to the phone 
to answer it first!

And most every time we picked up 
the phone to use it someone was
 already on it because we had a party line!

We shared it with 5-6 neighbors.
One was my grandma and 
3 were my aunt and uncles
Ahhh...good times:)

I still have 2 working rotary phones
 in my home because I love them.
I remember one time the babysitter 
had to ask me how to use it...
she couldn't figure it out...
apparently is was much too complicated.
This vintage chart above shows the 
ins and outs of the rotary dial:)

Let's celebrate vintage phones
 and how much the 
vintage housewife loved them too:)

I'll meet you right back here next week 
and we will watch some vintage T.V.!!


Tina K said...

I think all of us of a certain age lusted after a princess phone of our very own. Thanks for the memories.

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Oh, the memories in those photos! We had a party line when we first got our "rotary" phone and I remember getting to choose a colored phone for my first apartment. Then I worked retail sales for Sears in the department that sold phones so those are all old friends of mine! Even remember when the "tone" lines came out and we could just push buttons instead of turning the dial. WOW! How times have changed in one lifetime and I am not ancient yet

Natureluvr57 said...

I have an old rotary phone like the one in the first is super heavy! I'll have to make something....a little table mat or something with a phone on it because I retired from the largest phone company after 32 looong years. Started out as a "0" toll operator. Loving all the other designs too

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