Monday, March 2, 2020

Vintage Housewife Sew Along - Week Six!!

Welcome back!
It's week six of the 
Vintage Housewife Sew Along

 if you need to download the 
Sew Along Guide and 
if you are just joining us and 
need to read the Bee Prepared post 
that tells you all about this sew along:)

We are using Vintage Happy 2 Fabric...

And my new Sew Simple Shapes

To make the 
Vintage Housewife Quilt
74" x 82"

These are the blocks that
 we have done so far:

And today we are making the 

Sew Simple Shapes 
used for this block:
Trace a 6 1/2" x 9" rectangle
 onto interfacing as per the ruler work 
on page 12 of the guide.
This is for the Television:)
You will need the small red Vintage Trim
 for the antenna.
You will need a prepared 
1/4" straight bias strip that measures
 2 1/2" long after pressing 
both ends under.

Sew your shapes and trim...
there are no shapes that have
 cleavage or inner curves 
so that means no clipping 
needed before turning...

So simply go ahead and turn...
shape and press them:)

This is a very quick block because
 there are only a few pieces!

Here are a few pics of my 
pinning and layout process.

Be sure to use the 
12 1/2" Trim -It Ruler 
when laying out your block because
 you do not want your 
antenna's to grow too high!

I used two of the 
Barndoor Cute Little Buttons
 for the top of the antenna 
and two for the smaller knobs.

There is no embroidery 
on this block either so...

Trim it up and add the borders:)
14 1/2" square BEFORE 
we sew it into the quilt.
Sew fun!
I think there is a commercial 
on it right now showing a 
tablecloth for the kitchen:)

I just had to add a vintage television 
into my Vintage Housewife Quilt because...
I just know that there must have been
 some good viewing during baking...
cleaning...ironing and  folding laundry:)

Thanks again for joining me
 this week and next week is the 
Cleaning Block 

In the meantime...let's enjoy
these vintage images:

The classic looking vintage TV

TV happiness shared by all the family!!

And don't forget about TV Dinners!!

I love vintage TV and two of my
 very favorites are 
I Love Lucy...

and of course the Andy Griffith Show!!

And last but not least of my favorites 
is  this lovely lady...
Doris Day
her's are my very favorite 
vintage movies to watch...
especially while I'm sewing!

I'll see you back here next week:)


Natureluvr57 said...

Love all these blocks! and the ads, wow. Now that's me today, sitting down to iron! I used to love those Swanson tv dinners...all those frozen dinners today just don't taste very good. I still love the Andy Griffith Show. I also watched Lone Ranger, Honeymooners, Leave It To Beaver, the Munsters, the Addams Family and Bewitched. In high school, I loved Dark Shadows right after school. Sundays we had to watch Disney and Bonanza/Ponderosa. All the kids watched the same thing because we had so little to choose from. In elementary school I ran home to watch Bozo's Circus, it was in Chicago so I don't know if other states seen it or not. Sew much fun

corners of my life said...

“Charming” is the word I utter at seeing each one of these blocks.

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